Providing new value in the global steel product industry, with high-value-added services and business investment as the core elements

Business fields

Iron and steel products and semi-finished products
Semi-finished steel products (slabs, billets, etc.), flat-rolled steel products (hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets, coated sheets, electrical sheets, etc.), bars, shapes, tubular products, wire rods, plates, automotive steel, special steel, stainless steel, others
Investments in iron and steel businesses
Steel manufacturing operations, steel processing service centers (processing and distribution operations), steel distribution business, automotive components business

Strengthening our auto industry value chain (02:01)

With Gestamp's advanced technologies (hot stamping) and global network, improve the vehicle safety and environmental impact

Major activities

Becoming a leader in the global steel distribution industry

The Iron & Steel Products Business Unit provides customers across wide-ranging industries both in Japan and overseas with services relating to the procurement and supply of iron and steel products. Additionally, we implement investments that consider the value chains of the infrastructure, automotive, and energy sectors, leveraging our strong partnerships with customers developed through our logistics business, and comprehensive initiatives that utilize our vast business assets. Through the combination of our logistics business and business investments, we aim to develop solid long-term earnings power on a global basis.

In the mature steel market in Japan, we are also actively involved in the restructuring of the steel distribution industry, and are providing our customers with sophisticated services and new added value beyond simple steel distribution, primarily through Mitsui & Co. Steel Ltd., which was established by the merger of four related domestic companies. In addition, we are strengthening our business alliance with NIPPON STEEL TRADING CORPORATION as we look to enhance our earnings base in the steel business, develop new business that fully leverages our integrated strength, and further improve customer satisfaction.

Through these initiatives, we aim to position ourselves as a leader in the global steel distribution industry.

Building value chains in our strategic domains

In the infrastructure sector, we expanded our operating base in Japan and overseas with the acquisition of shares of Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest independent electric-arc-furnace steelmakers, and continue to build a steel supply chain system for infrastructure projects in rapidly growing emerging countries. We will also benefit from the economic growth of Turkey and its neighboring countries through equity participation in Sarten, Turkey's leading integrated packaging manufacturer. We will create new business opportunities by helping Sarten to diversify its product range to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries. In the automotive area, we acquired a stake in the Americas business of Spain's Gestamp Automoción, S.L., one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive components, in 2013. In 2016, we invested in Gestamp Automoción, S.L., itself. By meeting customer's needs not only in Americas but also globally, we aim to provide high added-value in addition to supplying steel. In the energy field, we continue building steel supply chain systems globally for the oil and gas industry, which is expected to grow continuously. Additionally, in response to changes in the supply structure such as the increase in the use of renewable energy, we are leveraging our wind turbine tower and flange manufacturing business with Gonvarri Eólica, and continuing to strengthen the value chain in the process.

Through this process, we are strengthening our earnings base by building a network of business alliances with leading companies in Japan and overseas in our three strategic domains – infrastructure, automotive, and energy. Collaborating with other Mitsui business units to develop operations in other growth markets around the world, we continue to globally expand our business fields.

Key projects

  • Automotive components manufacturing business with Gestamp Automoción, S.L. (Spain, North and South America)
  • Expansion of steel processing centers throughout North America with U.S.A. Nucor Corporation (North America)
  • Steel processing and logistics business with Baowu Steel Group Corporation (China)
  • Special steel manufacturing and sales business with Mahindra Group and Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. (India)
  • Fabrication of offshore structures and the provision of repair and technical support services in the oil & gas and renewable energy industries with Global Energy Holdings Ltd. (UK)
  • Steel processing and sales business with ArcelorMittal Gonvarri Brasil S.A. (Brasil)
  • Electrical steel processing and transformer component manufacturing business (Canada)
  • Integrated package manufacturing and sales business with Sarten (Turkey)
  • Wind turbine tower and flange manufacturing business with Gonvarri Eólica (Spain)