We are committed to realizing a sustainable society by building value chains that contribute to a low-carbon / de-carbonized society and circularity, based on our diverse connections with the market and industry.

Business fields

Manufacture and sale of iron and steel products
Manufacturing and trading of iron and steel products that contribute to low-carbon / de-carbonization (e.g. electric-arc furnaces)
Steel product processing and parts manufacturing
Processing of iron products and provision of Just-in-Time (JIT) functions through service centers, and manufacture of automotive parts and other components
Provision of maintenance functions that contribute to the extension of the lifespan of structures and facilities
Development of a closed-loop recycling framework in collaboration with the Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit
Logistics digital transformation (DX)
Provision of a digital platform that contributes to the realization of a low-carbon / de-carbonized society and circular economy

Strengthening our auto industry value chain (02:01)

With Gestamp's advanced technologies (hot stamping) and global network, improve the vehicle safety and environmental impact

Major activities

We operate our business across a wide range of value chains, from steel manufacturing and steel product sales to steel processing, parts manufacturing, maintenance, and recycling.

Building value chains through material supply, processing, and manufacturing

In steel manufacturing, we are working to expand our business base in Japan and overseas through investment in Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd., the largest independent electric furnace manufacturer in Japan, and are building a steel product supply framework in emerging countries experiencing rapid growth. We have also established a solid sales network through Mitsui & Co. Steel, Ltd., MM&KENZAI Corporation, and Nippon Steel Trading Corporation, which engage in the trading of steel products.

In the field of steel processing services, we own approximately 30 processing centers in North America, which we acquired through investment in Steel Technologies LLC of the U.S. In the area of parts manufacturing, downstream in the supply chain, we invested in Gestamp Automoción, S.L., an auto parts manufacturer with over 100 locations worldwide, as well as in GRI Renewable Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of towers for wind power. Through these and other investments in the manufacturing industry, we are building value chains that extend beyond steel product trading and processing.

Developing new business toward realization of a low-carbon / de-carbonized society and circular economy

As aging infrastructure is becoming an issue for societies around the world and interest in circularity is increasing, we are strengthening our maintenance business to contribute to the extension of the lifespan of structures and facilities. We established SHO-BOND & MIT Infrastructure Maintenance Corporation in 2019, and Horizon Ocean Management, Ltd. in 2021, which provides inspection and maintenance services for offshore wind power generation facilities. We acquired all shares of STATS (UK) Ltd., which manufactures pipeline repair equipment and provides engineering services, and invested in Structural Technologies, LLC, an infrastructure repair company, in 2023.

To build a low-carbon / de-carbonized society, in addition to contributing to material supply, we are working to solve the problems faced by every stakeholder in the supply chain by providing LCA Plus, a platform that offers one-stop services for visualizing greenhouse gas emissions volumes at the individual product level.

We have teamed up with the Mineral & Metal Resources Business Unit to further expand the menu of services we provide, and are taking on the challenge of working with manufacturers and customers to build closed-loop recycling.

Key projects

  • Electric furnace steel manufacturing business with Yamato Kogyo Group (Thailand)
  • Automotive components manufacturing business with Gestamp Automoción, S.L. (Spain, Americas)
  • Expansion of steel processing centers throughout North America with Nucor Corporation (North America)
  • Development, manufacturing and sales of High-efficiency motors for industry and EV powertrains with TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. (India)
  • Steel processing and logistics business with Baowu Steel Group Corporation (China)
  • Steel processing and sales business with ArcelorMittal Gonvarri Brasil S.A. (Brasil)
  • Development of infrastructure maintenance business overseas with SHO-BOND Holdings Co., Ltd., (Asia)
  • Fabrication of offshore structures and provision of repair and technical support services in the oil & gas and renewable energy industries with Global Energy Holdings Ltd. (UK)
  • Wind turbine tower and flange manufacturing business with GRI Renewable Industries, S.L. (Spain)
  • Inspection and maintenance business for offshore wind power facilities with Horizon Ocean Management, Ltd. (Japan)
  • Pipeline repair equipment manufacturing and engineering services business with STATS (UK) Ltd. (UK)
  • Infrastructure repair business with Structural Technologies, LLC (U.S.A)