Developing business from a global perspective and contributing to the enrichment of people's lives through high value-added services

Business fields

Healthcare: Supporting the improvement of people’s physical health through the provision of Value Based Healthcare
Healthcare provider businesses including hospitals and clinics, and healthcare-related ancillary service businesses, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales and development businesses
Wellness: Supporting the maintenance and promotion of physical health through disease prevention and early detection of illness
Medical device manufacturing and diagnostic business, digital health and preventive care related business, Drug and healthcare information services
Hospitality: Supporting mental health and richer and brighter lives through health management
Contract food services, uniform rental, facility management, staffing, education, and human capital businesses in Japan and overseas

The future of “wellness” unlocked by merging offline with online (01:27)

Creating a better tomorrow where people smile and live healthy, enriched lives by driving transformation in healthcare

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Major activities

From a healthcare ecosystem centered on hospitals, to people-centric wellness

In emerging countries, mainly in Asia, growth in medical expenditure is accelerating alongside changes in disease patterns, such as an increase in chronic disease patients accompanying population growth, an aging society, an increasing middle-income class, and economic development. On the other hand, due to a shortage in the supply of medical services, demand-supply gaps in medical services are expected to expand further. In addition, we expect to see a spread in telemedicine due to COVID-19, and an expansion of the medical value chain into the wellness field. Efforts to improve customer satisfaction and operational optimization using digital technology will be needed.

Creating a better tomorrow where people smile and live healthy, enriched lives

In accordance with the above global trends, we will lead and accelerate a paradigm shift in healthcare from a treatment-centered to a prevention-centered approach, and from a hospital-centered to individual-centered value-based healthcare*, as the importance of everyday care increases.

*The concept of maximizing the value of care for patients, each stakeholder aims to maximize outcomes and optimize costs

Key projects

Provider & Clinic business
Healthcare provider business (hospitals and clinics) in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Turkey China, etc.
Healthcare-related ancillary service businesses (diagnostic and dialysis business) in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, etc.
Healthcare fund business in China
Healthcare market access business
Pharmaceutical and healthcare-related products/services, including supply chain management business, across the world
Financial solutions to support development and marketing of pharmaceutical and healthcare-related products across the globe
Healthcare data and diagnostic business
Medical device manufacturing and diagnostic business
Digital health and preventive care related business
Drug and healthcare information services
Hospitality business
Contract food services, uniform rental and facility management businesses in Japan
Human Capital business
Healthcare and IT staffing services (temporary and permanent) and other education-related services in Japan, U.S.A., UK


  • Expansion of healthcare business around Asian countries (01:27)

    Invests in IHH, a leading healthcare provider in Asia, which operates Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, etc.

  • The development and management of aquarium facilities (01:58)

    Opened an aquarium in the commercial area of the Port of Sendai. Contributing to regional economic vitalization

  • The Contract Food Service Business (02:46)

    AIM Services provides the contract food services, including baseball venue food service at Mazda Stadium Hiroshima