Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities Policy and Action Plan

With respect to social engagement, in addition to our business operations in countries and regions around the world, Mitsui & Co contribute to the sustainable growth of society and our company in accordance with our Sustainability Policy and this Policy. We will engage in dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders and aim to conduct social contribution activities with a view for resolving societal issues and building relationships of trust.

The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund

Supporting activities and research that contribute to solving global environmental problems and aiming to achieve sustainable society where the economy and the environment coexist in harmony.

Mechanisms to Facilitate Employee Participation

Mitsui & Co. encourages our individual employees to build personal connections with society through social spheres that are outside of their working lives in the company.

Disaster Relief Activities

When disasters occur in Japan or overseas, Mitsui provides various forms of support to minimize the damage and contribute to the earliest possible recovery in the affected areas.