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Helping people thrive and nations grow.


Business Profile

Innovation & Corporate Development

Finance, real estate and logistics business (1:00)

Our professionals are driving change in finance, real estate and logistics. The sum of their innovations keeps Mitsui evolving, to offer more to societies worldwide.

Machinery & Infrastructure

Mobility Chain Concept (1:54)

Create new value with partners by combining and recombining group-wide functions and know-how, technology and ideas, from underground to outer space.

Machinery & Infrastructure

Container Terminal Business (1:50)

A new international container terminal at Tanjung Priok Port in Indonesia’s capital will contribute to the country’s prosperity.

Innovation & Corporate Development

Transforming business through digital technology (01:00)

Technology alone does not drive business innovation. You also need the passion, experience and imagination of people. Join us in innovating your business through digital technology.

Mineral & Metal Resources

Iron Ore Business (01:55)

Contributing to a stable supply of resources through the development and management of the West Angelas mine

Innovation & Corporate Development

Constantly evolving high-performance logistics services (02:15)

The distribution processing services of Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics, Ltd.


Innovation in Food and Agriculture (01:00)

With our scientists, global network and business expertise, provides innovative food and agriculture solutions for a healthier global future

Iron & Steel Products

Strengthening our auto industry value chain (02:01)

With Gestamp's advanced technologies (hot stamping) and global network, improve the vehicle safety and environmental impact


Grain collection and export business (01:50)

Leading North American grain accumulation and export company United Grain. Streamlines the supply chain with competitive operations


A stable supply of woodchips beginning with reforestation (02:09)

For stable supply of environmentally friendly materials, strengthen the value chain, from planting, processing and export


Aiming for zero-emission generation from coal-fired power stations (02:10)

Successfully completed test operation of oxyfuel combustion technology on Callide-A, currently working on commercialization


Tea product manufacturing and sales business (02:15)

Mitsui Norin offers "Nittoh Black Tea" and "Oriens" with rigor quality control from blending of tea leaves to marketing

Innovation & Corporate Development

TV shopping business (01:51)

Invested in Naaptol Online Shopping in India and supports its product development, program shooting and building logistics networks


Sanitary ware manufacturing business in India (01:51)

Invests in TOTO India. Establishes a business platform for bathroom equipment and develops sales and logistics network


Sakhalin II Project (01:48)

Produce oil and gas using off-shore platforms and the pipeline traversing Sakhalin island. Gas is processed into LNG and exported


Cameron LNG Project (02:25)

Invests in Cameron LNG with partners. Built new liquifaction facilities realizing exports of U.S. LNG


Expansion of healthcare business around Asian countries (01:27)

Invests in IHH, a leading healthcare provider in Asia, which operates Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, etc.


Ethical pharmaceuticals development, manufacture and sales business (01:47)

Invests in pharma products manufacturer, specializing in generic drugs, Fuji Pharma. Provides high value-added products

Development and sales business for new breed of onion (01:49)

Jointly developed Salasara Gold onion rich in quercetin. Supports sales and marketing of fresh onion and related goods

Innovation & Corporate Development

Logistics REIT Business (01:59)

Mitsui & Co., Logistics Partners established Japan Logistics Fund, the first listed Japanese logistic facilities REIT

Machinery & Infrastructure

The Paiton coal-fired power generation business (01:57)

Operates Paiton I and III coal-fired power plants in Indonesia. Supplies 10% of the electricity demands in Java Island


The development and management of aquarium facilities (01:58)

Opened an aquarium in the commercial area of the Port of Sendai. Contributing to regional economic vitalization

Machinery & Infrastructure

Smart City Development (02:12)

Utilizing ICT technologies, promotes safe, convenient and sustainable urban development in Medini Isskandar, Malaysia


Feed additives business (02:20)

Major methionine producer Novus. Its flagship product ALIMET helps promote efficient livestock growth


Global brand business (02:49)

Well-established luxury apparel retailer Paul Stuart aims to follow tradition and enhance its the brand value

Machinery & Infrastructure

Power-assist robot business (01:58)

Wearable power-assist robot suit that reduces physical burden
*ActiveLink Co., Ltd. has changed its company name to ATOUN Inc. with effect from April 1, 2017

Mineral & Metal Resources

The Australian coal business (02:19)

The Dawson mine produces approx. 7 million tons of coal annually, exporting to Japan and other countries across Asia

Machinery & Infrastructure

Port Operations Business (02:09)

Headuquartered in Singapore, Portek operates ports in Asia, Africa and Europe and conducts engineering services globally


The Contract Food Service Business (02:46)

AIM Services provides the contract food services, including baseball venue food service at Mazda Stadium Hiroshima


Overseas convenience store business (02:28)

Operates 7-Eleven stores in Chonqing with New Hope Group, China's leading private agribusiness firm

Mineral & Metal Resources

Chile / Collahuasi Copper Mine (02:26)

Stably supplies copper concentrates, copper cathodes, and molybdenum from Chile's Collahuasi mine to Japan and Asia


Green Chemical Business (03:29)

Produces chemical raw materials such as fatty acids and glycerin using RSPO-certified palm oil


Phosphate rock project (01:25)

Operates mining project of phosphate rock, used as an essential raw material for fertilizer, jointly with Vale in Peru

Machinery & Infrastructure

P.T. Bussan Auto Finance (01:58)

Provides finance for buyers of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Motorcycles throughout Indonesia

Machinery & Infrastructure

Water business (01:19)

Invests in Thailand's largest tap water provider and Mexico's largest water engineering company. Promotes water business


Salt business (01:07)

Committing to stable supply of quality salt for industry & food application from 2 salt fields located in West Australia