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This page describes our corporate governance and here you can find related reports and internal rule.

Corporate Governance & Internal Controls

We are making efforts to enhance our corporate governance framework and develop and improve our internal controls on a global group basis, to make sure that Mitsui & Co. is a company that is trusted by society.
We recognize that ensuring thorough compliance with respect to internal controls is a particularly important issue.

Status of Corporate Governance

In terms of strengthening corporate governance, Mitsui & Co. worked to improve diversity among members of the Board of Directors. At the same time, an even greater number of discussions were held at Board of Directors' meetings regarding Mitsui & Co.'s future direction and business strategies. In these ways, Mitsui & Co. has been moving forward with efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the Board of Directors.

Compliance & Integrity

Mitsui & Co. considers a sound reputation to be the foundation of business, and recognizes that compliance is the prerequisite for maintaining our reputation and trust from society.
In order for the Mitsui & Co. global group to become a truly trustworthy corporate group for society, we make serious efforts to heighten awareness among all officers and employees of the importance of upholding "Integrity" and to build a global-group compliance framework. "Integrity" here means more than compliance with laws, regulations and rules, and it refers to an employee's ability to act honestly and ethically with a high degree of dignity and respectability, to use good judgment in connection with his/her business activities, and to behave with common courtesy and in accordance with business ethics and social norms.

Risk Management

We identify company-wide material risks across organizational boundaries and implement a wide range of initiatives to hedge and control risks.