Social Media Terms of Use

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mitsui”, “we”, “us” or “our”) maintains official accounts in various social media platforms (the “Official Accounts”; for the purpose hereof, all pages, contents, etc. that are posted to the Official Accounts shall be collectively referred to as the “Official Account Pages”), and has established the terms and conditions described below (these “Terms of Use”) for the purpose of facilitating valuable communications with each individual who accesses the Official Accounts (the “User”). By accessing the Official Account pages, the User agrees to, and complies with, these Terms of Use, as well as the terms and conditions of use that govern each social media platform with which corporate accounts are maintained.
The Official Accounts managed by Mitsui:

The Official Accounts managed by Mitsui are as follows:

  1. Mitsui posts official announcements and views on its corporate website, and through the timely disclosure of corporate materials to the stock exchanges, and through other means. Any content that is submitted to social media platforms by Mitsui, or any of its employees, does not necessarily represent Mitsui’s official announcements or views. Further, any user-generated content that is submitted to social media platforms by the User does not reflect the opinions or thoughts of Mitsui, any of its employees, or any parties affiliated with Mitsui.
  2. Mitsui makes no guarantees with regard to the accuracy or completeness of any information that is posted to the Official Accounts by Mitsui, or any of its employees.
  3. Mitsui assumes no liability under any circumstances for any content (comment, photo, video, audio file, music, etc.) that is submitted by the User.
  4. Mitsui shall not be responsible for any damage or trouble caused to the User in relation to changes or updates to the information provided and/or displayed on the Official Accounts. In addition to the above, Mitsui shall not be liable for any damage, loss, or disadvantage arising from the use of the Official Accounts under any circumstances, regardless of the legal cause of action.
  5. Mitsui assumes no liability under any circumstances for any dispute or trouble that arises in connection with any of the Official Accounts between the User and another User, or between the User and a third party. In the event that the User causes damage to a third party in relation to the use of the Official Accounts, the User shall, at their own responsibility and expense, compensate for all damages that he or she has caused to the relevant third party, or resolve all disputes with the said third party, and shall not cause any inconvenience to Mitsui in any manner.
  6. The User shall be deemed to have granted Mitsui access to his or her account or profile information that has been made available to the public, including his or her name and other profile information, profile photos, gender, network, user ID, and friend lists.
  7. Mitsui reserves the right, without any prior notice to the User, to delete any information, content, etc. that he or she has submitted to the Official Account Pages, block him or her from accessing or submitting content to any of the Official Accounts, or take other actions as necessary.
  8. Mitsui reserves the right to terminate, interrupt, or discontinue the operation of any of its Official Accounts without any prior notice. In addition, we assume no liability under any circumstances for any damages that may be incurred as a result of changing or making addition to the details of any of the Official Accounts, or terminating, interrupting or discontinuing the services thereunder.
  9. Mitsui is unable to make a promise that it will give response to all of the comments, etc. that may be submitted by the User.
Prohibited Acts
When using the Official Account Pages, the User is strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the acts described below (including posting any URLs of the link sites that facilitate any of these acts or contain any of the descriptions of these acts). Note that the wording “using the Official Account Pages” above refers to submitting content to the Official Accounts, and posting comments, or shared or direct messages to the Official Accounts.
  1. Impersonating Mitsui or any other third parties;
  2. Political activities, election campaigning, or religious activities;
  3. Conduct with the intention of committing a crime, or conduct that might invoke a criminal act;
  4. Conduct that might facilitate, implicate or provoke child abuse, violent behavior, unlawful acts, etc.;
  5. Submitting any content that includes pornography, obscene expressions, or any other content that is considered inappropriate;
  6. Conduct that provokes the use of dating service sites, casino sites, or adult entertainment industry services;
  7. Conduct that solicits or induces a relationship between opposite sexes, or sexual activity;
  8. Conduct that might have an adverse impact on the sound upbringing of youth;
  9. Conduct intended to meet with an unacquainted person;
  10. Disclosing the contact information of the User or others, or any other information that can identify an individual or can make it easy to contact an individual;
  11. Posting or transmitting a harmful computer program, etc., or hacking into a computer using the name or address of a third party;
  12. Performing analysis, de-compiling, de-assembly, or reverse engineering on the Official Account Pages;
  13. Making unauthorized access to the Official Account Pages, or any equipment or facilities installed by Mitsui;
  14. Duplicating, selling or publishing any information that has been obtained through the Official Account Pages, or using such information other than for personal use;
  15. Conduct that can, or may possibly, interfere with the operation of any of the Official Accounts, or cause any disadvantage to Mitsui or other third parties;
  16. Conduct that constitutes a violation of any law or ordinance, or is offensive to public order and morals;
  17. Infringing on any copyright, trademark, personal right, publicity right, image rights, or any other rights of Mitsui or other third parties;
  18. Spamming, multi-posting, or repetitive posting;
  19. Submitting any content that may infringe on the privacy of a third party;
  20. Posting defamatory messages about specific individuals, corporations, properties or regions, or nationality, race, ethnic groups, religions, and the like;
  21. Preventing other Users from using or accessing all or part of the services provided by Mitsui;
  22. Causing others to mistakenly believe that the User has an affiliation or partnership in a certain way with no supporting evidence, or misleading others to believe that a site that is linked to the Official Account Pages is recognized, guaranteed, supported or recommended by Mitsui, or any other third parties;
  23. Creating links between frames, or creating links in a way that causes the clarity of the Official Account Pages to be diminished; and
  24. Submitting any content that falls under any of the items described below (including content that is similar thereto):

    • Content that includes a discriminatory expression;
    • Content including any statement that raises concerns from an ethical point of view;
    • Content that discloses private correspondence between the User and Mitsui, or a third party;
    • Content that is false, fraudulent, or misleading;
    • Content with an opinionated or declaratory expression, such as “shouldn’t buy this,” “should definitely stop it,” “worst,” “lowest of low,” etc.;
    • Content that includes personally identifiable information, or that discloses or divulges any personal information about any person without his or her consent;
    • Content that places an excessive strain on the server of any of the Official Accounts;
    • Content that does not agree with the objectives of any of the Official Accounts;
    • Content that constitutes a violation of the terms of use governing any of the social media platforms with which Mitsui maintains an Official Account;
    • Content that is commercial in nature, and is intended as advertisement, publicity, affiliate marketing, solicitation, etc.; and
    • Content that Mitsui deems may possibly disturb the peace and order of any of the Official Accounts.
Treatment of Intellectual Property
The User owns the copyright (including the author’s moral rights; the same shall apply hereunder) to any content that he or she submits to any of the Official Accounts, provided, however, that the User shall grant Mitsui royalty-free and nonexclusive worldwide rights to use the content (including processing, citation, duplication, public disclosure, and translation thereof), and shall not exercise his or her copyright or other intellectual property rights against Mitsui.
The User shall not use any information provided through the Official Accounts without the permission of the rights holder, beyond the scope of private copying by the individual user as permitted by the Copyright Law and other uses not restricted by the Copyright Law and any other applicable laws and regulations. Any use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
In the event of any disputes, controversies or troubles arising from a breach of these Terms of Use with the rights holder or any third party, the User shall resolve such disputes, controversies or troubles at his or her own responsibility and expense.
Personal Information
We manage the personal information of the User that we collect using the proper methods in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Guidelines of Mitsui.
We have no intention of collecting any personal information through the Official Account Pages, and do not manage or collect the name, profile photos, gender, network, user ID, friends list, etc. of any individual who registers as a User on these pages other than access to an account or profile information of the User that has been made available to the public.
Forward-Looking Statements
The information that is posted to the Official Accounts by Mitsui, or any of its employees, may contain forward-looking statements from time to time. Any forward-looking statements are based on the assumptions, judgments, expectations and views that are formed by the information that Mitsui or its employees possessed on the day of posting such statements. These forward-looking statements are susceptible to the uncertainty that is inherent to the said judgments and assumptions, as well as subsequent changes in circumstances, both domestic and international, and as a result actual future events may prove to be materially different from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. In addition, such forward-looking statements are not presented with the intention of making any recommendation of specific investments, such as our company stock, to the User. Therefore, the User is cautioned not to place undue reliance on such information when making investment decisions.
Mitsui may hold the User liable for the damages that it has suffered as a result of his or her failure to comply with these Terms of Use, and the User agrees to promptly indemnify Mitsui for such damages in their entirety.
Terms of Use for Social Media Sites

The Terms and Conditions for the use of Mitsui’s website shall apply mutatis mutandis to any matters relating to the use of the Official Accounts that have been not provided for in these Terms of Use.

Terms & Conditions

Revision of these Terms of Use
Mitsui reserves the right to revise these Terms of Use, without obtaining the consent of the User, by posting a notice to that effect on the Official Account Pages, or by using other methods that Mitsui considers appropriate. In such case, the revised Terms of Use shall come into effect when they are posted or displayed on this page. The User is advised to refer to this page for the most up-to-date Terms of Use.
Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. All disputes, controversies or differences which may arise between the User and Mitsui shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

December 20, 2021
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.