360° business innovation

For the world. With the world.

We are Mitsui & Co., and we create value.
With the power of our imagination. With the strength of our will.
With the vitality of our spirit.

We drive innovation: we find new ways to
connect information, ideas, generations and nations.
We're building a better future for people and planet.
And for you.

Taking Mitsui & Co.'s corporate DNA to the world. And to the future.

The power to innovate, generated by

- people with diverse talent
- dynamically connecting a wide range of businesses
- creating solutions that meet various needs

Customers and business partners often say that Mitsui is people, because they recognize Mitsui's heritage of diverse, creative people who envision new businesses and bring innovation to every arena. This is the corporate DNA that defines Mitsui. And we will leverage this corporate DNA as our foundational strength, to provide new value to the world.

People are the heart of Mitsui & Co.

Our corporate culture has a focus on human resources and valuing open-mindedness as challengers and innovators.

It's our strengths as individuals, brought together into a dynamic, purposeful group, that make it possible for us to innovate at every frontier. This, above all, is the source of everything valuable in Mitsui & Co.


Earth, sky and people: the three elements of a Mitsui house seal that has more than 300 years of history
Based on three horizontal lines within a rotated square of overlapping bars, this logo defines Mitsui's visual identity on the global stage.
We updated the design with crisp, modern proportions while retaining its unmistakable heritage. By using one unified global logo, we're presenting a consistent global image.
Simplifying our logo
We have omitted the "LTD." in our company name from the logo, in order to emphasize the '&' which express our philosophy of connecting people, information, ideas, technologies and nations, and creating new value.

The Mitsui & Co. Branding Project

All around the world, business is on the move. People's values are changing rapidly.
As society and our business environment changes, so does the way we need to communicate.

The Mitsui & Co. Branding Project is an ongoing initiative that started in 2014 with the aim of presenting a more unified image to the world, clearly showing what we can do and how our vision provides value to customers and communities.

Kashiwa Sato leads the project as creative director. We have continued to conduct a broad range of activities for further development of our brand.

The Mitsui & Co. Branding Project is all about communication. Our goal is to enhance our presence, becoming more valuable to our business partners, investors and all stakeholders while building deeper trust in Japan and around the world.