360° business innovation

For the world. With the world.

We are Mitsui & Co., and we create value.
With the power of our imagination. With the strength of our will.
With the vitality of our spirit.

We drive innovation across geographical and industry boundaries,
connecting information, ideas, technology, and resources.
Addressing the key issues of our time to build brighter futures, everywhere.



Our logo embodies Mitsui’s determination to contribute to a better future. It symbolizes three elements—earth, sky, and people—derived from a Mitsui house seal that has more than 300 years of history.

The Mitsui & Co. Branding Project

Our branding project began in 2014, driven by our realization that at a time of unparalleled transformation in business models and people’s values in every field of endeavor worldwide, companies needed to change the way they communicate. The project is part of meeting our responsibility to society to clearly communicate our vision and build understanding of who we are. Our aim is to communicate more effectively with our stakeholders in Japan and around the world, earning trust, building our presence, and expanding our contribution to society.

The creative director for our project is Kashiwa Sato, an influential brand storyteller who has created some of Japan’s most iconic corporate identities. Here we explain the main initiatives we have undertaken.

Communication Concept

The source of the value we create at Mitsui is our people—the individuals who have worked together at Mitsui from generation to generation. These diverse individuals have built the trust and orchestrated the achievements that make Mitsui what it is today. They are the voice of the company and the most effective means we have to communicate our brand to the outside world.

Rather than relying only on traditional advertising, we believe the most powerful communication comes from our business front lines; from the individuals who embody our brand and can show our customers, business partners and society at large what it means to engage with Mitsui. Based on this belief, we created a new branding communication concept for Mitsui. One that mobilizes and motivates each and every employee to pursue branding as a personal mission, for internal and external audiences.

Refreshed corporate logo

Refreshed corporate logo Before 2014 Current

We refreshed and unified the Mitsui logo, bringing consistency to the multiple different versions that over time had evolved independently at locations around the world. By retaining the traditional elements of the design while modernizing the proportions and font, we constructed a stronger, clearer visual identity.

We also simplified the representation of our company name in the logo to “MITSUI & CO.” By eliminating the ‘Ltd.’, our aim was to focus attention on the original meaning of “MITSUI & CO.” as Mitsui and companies, and represent the ideal of Mitsui as an open-minded place of free enquiry where the company and its people can grow together.

Mitsui’s original font


We have created “Mitsui and Co Sans”, an original font designed to integrate our brand image and provide a clear expression of our corporate philosophy and values.

“Mitsui and Co Sans” is an elegant font that harmonizes with the Mitsui & Co. logo.
The new font will be rolled out globally and used in conjunction with our logo, and we expect it to contribute significantly to the enhancement of our brand image by creating a heightened sense of unity in our messaging and conveying our commitment to trust, sincerity, and accuracy.

New corporate slogan

360° business innovation

With a new corporate slogan, 360°business innovation., we expressed the aspiration embedded in everything we do. In every geography and industry sector, we transform business by bringing together innovative ideas, information, customers, and partners. And in doing so, we find solutions for the key issues of our time.

Advertising Project

Who makes the brand ?

Beginning in 2016, we implemented an advertising project in which frontline employees took responsibility for producing full-page newspaper advertisements. This unique approach to employee engagement in corporate identity was motivated by our ambition to have every employee able to verbalize the core of our brand. Project members from each of the 15 business units at the time held a series of sessions with Kashiwa Sato over a six-month period, exploring their respective division’s strengths, value-add, and direction. The three-year project engaged the entire company, from senior management to the front line, and culminated in a series of advertisements in Japan’s leading business newspaper, the The Nikkei.

Kokorozashi Project

In 2022, we launched a new initiative to deepen our approach to branding: the Kokorozashi Project. Kokorozashi means ‘the aspiration that each of us has to make a difference in the world, driven by an inherent desire to serve the common good.’ The Kokorozashi Project is based on the idea that Mitsui serves its stakeholders best when we function as a stage that brings together people with diverse aspirations. Through this project we want to motivate and support our people as they help resolve the increasingly complex and profound issues facing society today.

Mitsui has always strived to be a place where individuals can achieve their aspirations, without being held back by the organization. A place where the growth of individuals leads to the growth of our company. We want to strengthen this idea in every aspect of our business, from start-ups to long-established core operations.

Here we introduce people on our business front lines who are working to turn their aspirations into reality: