CEO Message

Mitsui & Co. has always strived to address global challenges and meet the needs of our customers and partners, when confronted by dramatic changes to the socio-economic environment.

We are now in the second year of “Transform and Grow”, our current Medium-term Management Plan.

Although the course of the global COVID-19 pandemic remains unpredictable, we are committed to making further strides, both as individuals and as a consolidated group, setting ambitious goals, while at the same time, acknowledging the realities surrounding our business.

By drawing on our core strengths and leveraging our global network, our business portfolio, our knowledge and our diversity, we will continue to combine insights and collaborate
across industries to create new value in this new world.

As a responsible member of the global business community, together with our stakeholders, we aim to contribute to building a sustainable future in harmony with the environment.

April 2021

Kenichi Hori
President and Chief Executive Officer