When disasters occur in Japan or overseas, Mitsui provides various forms of support to minimize the damage and contribute to the earliest possible recovery in the affected areas. Our support includes donations from the company and voluntary donations from our employees, as well as volunteering activities by our employees.

Recent disaster donation toward relief efforts
Australia Floods (Mar. 2021) AU$50,000
Hurricane Laura (Aug. 2020) US$45,000
Australia bushfires (Jan. 2020) AU$200,000
Typhoon Hagibis (Oct. 2019) ¥10,000,000
Cyclone Idai (Mar. 2019 in Mozambique) US$50,000
Earthquake on Sulawesi Island in Central Indonesia (Oct. 2018) IDR 500,000,000
Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake (Sep. 2018) ¥10,000,000
Torrential Rains in July 2018 (Jul. 2018) ¥10,000,000
Mexico Earthquake (Sep. 2017) US$220,000
Hurricane Harvey (Sep. 2017) US$300,000
Torrential Rains in Northern Kyushu (Jul. 2017) ¥2,000,000
Peru Floods (Apr. 2017) US$15,000

Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Response

We remember all those who have passed away because of COVID-19, and would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to those stricken by the disease. Through its offices, affiliates, foundations, and other entities throughout the world, Mitsui & Co. is supporting measures to combat COVID-19.

We have made donations of both money and medical supplies to medical facilities and practitioners in the Kanto and Kansai regions and Hokkaido, all of which are doing so much to combat COVID-19. Furthermore, with the support and cooperation of our business partners and affiliates, we have also donated box lunches, drinks, snacks, and other goods.

When a state of emergency was declared in Japan, 170 volunteers came together at our employees' own initiative and procured face shields from our affiliate Fictiv Inc., with its support, and delivered those to the Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health. Triggered by this activity many people started wondering if there was anything that they could do to contribute as individuals. In response to a growing call for such initiatives, an in-house crowdfunding site was launched as a place to connect the circle of support by volunteers. The site matches employees who have concrete support proposals with employees who want to make donations, and this has resulted in nine support activities. We have also promoted various efforts that leverage the ideas of Mitsui & Co. employees and its global network, such as holding online English classes for the children of medical practitioners.


In the US, we have provided support through our overseas trading subsidiaries and foundations. Mitsui USA participated in a project that provides free Japanese box lunches to frontline workers at medical facilities in New York City in collaboration with the Nippon Club and Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York. In addition, the Mitsui USA Foundation launched a total of US$100,000 (approximately 11 million yen)*1 in COVID-19 Community Relief Grants to support various frontline food banks, shelters and other non-profit organizations and funds that are providing relief to people and communities in vulnerable situations because of COVID-19.

In Brazil, through the Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation, we cooperated with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Mitsui & Co. group company SuperVia to donate sanitary products to approximately 10,000 people in 2,345 households in low-income communities along the Rio de Janeiro railway.

In Argentina, Mitsui & Co. (Argentina) donated 700,000 Argentine pesos (approximately 1.1 million yen)*2 to the City of Buenos Aires out of consideration of the pandemic's impact on the domestic economy.


In Italy, Mitsui & Co. Italia made a contribution of 30,000 euros (approximately 3.6 million yen)*3 to the Italian Civil Protection Department in response to the spread of the pandemic.


In China, we donated masks, protective gear, etc. to prevent infections to our affiliates, customers, and others during the initial spread of infections.

As for India, Mitsui & Co. has invested and participated in OMC Power Private Limited, a company that supplies power to people living in unelectrified areas. Through the company, we donated 3,000 food packs to local people whose lives have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calculated assuming the exchange rates below:
*1 Exchange rate of 105 yen to the US dollar.
*2 Exchange rate of 1.5 yen to the Argentine peso
*3 Exchange rate of 120 yen to the euro

Initiatives Launched since the Kumamoto Earthquake to Support Local Communities

Mitsui & Co. has continuously engaged in disaster support activities based on local needs, ever since we first offered support for the recovery of regions devastated by the Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016.

In June 2016, the Kyushu Office led the launch of disaster volunteer activities. With the cooperation of Mitsui & Co. group companies, our supporting network has expanded, and we have now entered the sixth year of such activities. During this period, Kyushu has been hit many times by flooding disasters caused by heavy rains.

Actually visiting the disaster-stricken areas in person to carry out volunteer activities has given the participating officers and employees a real sense of the importance of building closer relationships at the local level and providing continuous support.

Furthermore, we decided to grant subsidies of 7 million yen for a period of three years from 2017 through the Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund to an NGO that engages in mid- to long-term reconstruction assistance.

Mitsui & Co. values every opportunity for employees to contribute to the local community and society. In addition, we have set local contribution as one of the priority areas of our social contribution activities, and we aim to continue to "enhance quality of life" in partnership with local communities.

Examples of main activities
June 2016 At the disaster sites of the Kumamoto Earthquake, we worked to remove debris, blocks, etc., and assisted moving furniture from damaged houses.
March 2017 At Minamiaso Village in Kumamoto Prefecture, we provided support to transport waste materials and sort unusable items, etc.
October 2017 At Asakura City in Fukuoka Prefecture, which suffered terrible destruction from heavy rains in Northern Kyushu, we helped to clean household possessions that had been ruined by the floods and clear away the dirt and driftwood that had accumulated.
October 2018 Asakura City in Fukuoka Prefecture was struck by heavy rains for the second time in the West Japan area. We provided assistance to clear away accumulated dirt, etc.
November 2019 At Kinryumachi in Saga City, which was severely impacted by heavy rains in Northern Kyushu and Saga Prefecture, we helped dig out water channels and clear away accumulated dirt, etc.
November 2020 At Omuta City in Fukuoka Prefecture, which was damaged by flooding caused by heavy rains in July 2020, we filled around 1,700 sandbags as part of the flood defense.
Filling sandbags Filling sandbags
Disinfecting homes Disinfecting homes
A total of 1,700 sandbags were filled. A total of 1,700 sandbags were filled.

Our Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake