Today’s increasing trend towards globalization, advances in IT, and other developments in society have brought considerable diversity and change to the world we live in; as we pursue greater convenience and enrichment in our lives, we also face a broad range of issues, including global warming and other environmental problems, poverty, and educational inequality. Mitsui works to address local and global societal issues through various social contribution activities.
Mitsui's Operational Guidelines for Social Contributions Policy specify three areas of focus: international exchange, education, and environment.
Within these three areas, Mitsui utilizes its strengths and knowhow by focusing its social contribution activities on multicultural symbiosis, human resource development with an international perspective, and the global environment. By continuing our initiatives in these fields, working together and sharing them with society, we believe our activities will have follow-on effects that will lead on to solutions to larger-scale social issues.
In addition, we are planning and promoting volunteer programs with the hope of building interest and sensitivity towards social issues amongst our executives and employees and management personnel.

Social Contribution Concepts 

Social Contributions Policy

Guiding Principles

We will build a congenial relationship with our stakeholders by striving to create a harmony with the global community and local communities in accordance with the Mitsui & Co. Management Philosophy (Mission, Vision and Values), and we will actively contribute to the creation of a future where the dreams of the inhabitants of our irreplaceable Earth can be fulfilled.

Action Guidelines

  1. In order to respond in an appropriate manner to the needs of the global environment, and of international and regional society, Mitsui actively promotes social contributions.
  2. Mitsui will establish the three important areas of 'International exchange', 'Education' and 'Environment' for its social contributions, and will implement social contribution activities befitting of Mitsui & Co.
  3. In addition to the making of economic contributions, such as donations etc., Mitsui also aims to carry out proactive social contributions that involve the participation of its executives and employees.
  4. Mitsui promotes social contributions with an emphasis on transparency and accountability in respect of its stakeholders. It also aims for the continued improvement of activities through communication and cooperation with its stakeholders.

Social Contributions (Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018)

The total social contribution expenses for the fiscal year ended March 2018 was 1.49 billion yen.

*Figures include cash donations, payments in kind, activities by employees, free use of company facilities. However, activities such as donations and volunteer activities that employees personally did not include