Our corporate mission is to "build brighter futures, everywhere". Based on this corporate mission, Mitsui & Co. has pursued sustainable growth not only for our company but also for society, by fostering trust among diverse stakeholders. We strive to solve social challenges through both business and social contribution activities, realizing a better tomorrow for the earth and for people around the world. Furthermore, we value employees' awareness on social issues and encourage their volunteer work contributing to community and society.

Priority Areas for Social Contribution Activities

In striving to realize our corporate mission to "build brighter futures, everywhere", we have identified five material issues that have a large impact on our business operations as well as that are important for our stakeholders. In our social contribution activities, we have set out the priority areas of "community contribution", "environmental conservation" and "human resources development", in accordance with our MVV (Mission, Vision, Values) and Materiality.

Community contribution:
We contribute to the development of local communities, aiming to build a globally sustainable society.
Environmental conservation:
We work to create an eco-friendly society, as a company that operates various business globally.
Human resources development:
We provide a variety of learning opportunities to develop talent leading to new value creation.

Through these initiatives, we particularly aim to achieve the following SDGs’ 17-Goals: No.4 (Quality Education), No.8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and No.15 (Life on Land).

Social Contribution Activities Action Plans

Materiality: Enhance quality of life

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SDGs Program Response to issues Target (assuming a date by 2030) Actions and performance indices for achieving the target KPIs Current Status / Progress

Scholarship Program for Brazilian school students

We will expand access to higher education and improve career opportunities for Brazilian school children in Japan by strengthening their Japanese language skills. Achieve integration into Japanese society by supporting Brazilian communities through role model human resources
  • Scholarships
  • Support to improve Japanese language learning environment
  • Careers guidance
  1. 70% JLPT pass rate
  2. Increase in percentage of students entering higher education
  3. Increase in regular employment rate
  • 398 students at 26 schools received scholarships
  • 317 JLPT entrants
  • 55% JLPT pass rate (17% increase from previous year)
  • Provided JLPT text books to 26 schools

Materiality: Develop talent leading to value creation

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SDGs Program Response to issues Target (assuming a date by 2030) Actions and performance indices for achieving the target KPIs Current Status / Progress

SASUGAKU Academy (Education for sustainable development)

Develop children's ability to create a sustainable future. Through the SASUGAKU Academy, Mitsui & Co will strive to develop executives and employees thinking more deeply about a sustainable society.
  • Develop young people with critical thinking and sustainability perspective.
  • Develop young people with the ability to solve social issues with innovative ideas
  • Implementation of SASUGAKU (ESD program using inquiry-based (problem-based) active learning methods)
  • Classes delivered by executives and employees
  1. Ability to respond to social issues by themselves
  2. Expansion in career opportunities
  • Held SASUGAKU classes (total of 165 hours, 180 participants)
  • 98% participants have grown greater awareness of environmentally friendly behavior
  • 62% participants have replied that the program had an impact on their career and future

Social Contribution Activities (Fiscal Year Ended March 2021)

The total social contribution expenses for the fiscal year ended March 2020 were 1.39* billion yen.(Charitable donations 12%, Community investments 41%, Commercial initiatives 47%)

* Figures include cash donations and monetary conversion equivalent of in-kind payments.
* However, activities such as personal donations by employees and/or volunteer activities as well as Political Contribution expenses have not been included.