We contribute to the sound development of communities and aim to build a sustainable society.

Support for the Brazilian Community in Japan

As a company with extensive business operations in Brazil, Mitsui provides various types of support to foster reciprocal understanding between Japan and Brazil and find solutions to issues affecting the Brazilian community in Japan.

Scholarship Program for Brazilian Schoolchildren in Japan

Mitsui & Co. has been providing scholarships since 2009. The purpose of this program is to provide educational opportunities to children who would otherwise be unable to continue their studies due to economic reasons, and to help Brazilian children to participate more actively in Japanese society through their Japanese language education. By the fiscal year ended March 2022, a cumulative total of 4,664 children received scholarships. Scholarship recipients in elementary school grades five and above began taking the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in 2019. In 2021, 353 students took the test, of which 150 passed.

As part of the scholarship program, we also conduct career education seminars for Brazilian schools in Japan in cooperation with NPO AIDENSHA and NPO Service for the Assistance of Brazilians in Japan (SABJA) to provide information to Brazilian students in Japan on entering advanced educational institutions and making career choices.

We also offer an online program to prepare students for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in order to improve the JLPT pass rate, which is a prerequisite for entering advanced educational institutions and for full-time employment in Japan.

Social Contribution Activities Action Plans Materiality: Enhance quality of life

Scholarship Program for Brazilian Schoolchildren in Japan

Support for NPO Activities

Since 2011, we have supported for initiatives by NPOs, to foster multicultural coexistence among Brazilians in Japan (9 organizations supported in the fiscal year ended March 2022) We are working to provide solutions for educational support and career development centered on improving the Japanese language skills of Brazilians living in Japan in the local community.

Regional Initiatives

Promoting mobility-type off-grid power supply systems in Tanzania and Japan

The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund provides grants to "Class for Everyone", a non-profit organization that develops mobility-type off-grid power systems and provides environmental education on how to make and use them in off-grid areas of Tanzania and schools and communities of Japan. By promoting mobility-type off-grid power systems, Class for Everyone aims to expand access to electricity, promote collaboration among residents, and strengthen community resilience.

The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund: Providing environmental education with the purpose of spreading mobility-type off-grid power systems to areas without electricity as well as Japanese communities

An electricity-making workshop underway in Tanzanine

Korea: Supporting the National Japanese Drama Contest

Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd. supports the National Japanese Drama Contest for junior and high school students with the aim of fostering education and cultural exchanges that deepen understanding of Japanese culture.
First held in 2008, the contest is hosted by three organizations: Korea Japanese Teacher's Association (which has about 2,300 Korean junior and senior high school teachers of Japanese as members), the Public Information Cultural Center at the Embassy of Japan in Korea, and the Japan Foundation, Seoul. Mitsui & Co. Korea and Mitsui Group member companies, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Seoul Branch), Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (Korea Branch), and Mitsui-Soko Korea Co., Ltd., jointly sponsor the event. On the day of the contest, employees of Mitsui & Co. Korea participate as volunteers.
Junior and senior high school students from throughout Korea take part in the contest which covers various topics, including the culture, history, social issues, and other aspects of both Japan and Korea. Award-winning teams have the opportunity to travel to Japan for training — four days (three nights) for the junior high school teams, and ten days (nine nights) for the senior high school teams.
Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd. will continue to promote activities that contribute to the development of friendly relations between Japan and Korea by closely working together with the Korean education community.

Korea: Supporting the National Japanese Drama Contest

Other Support Activities

Support for the Improvement of the Educational Environment in Myanmar
Scholarship support for Myanmar students at the Tokyo University of Agriculture