Our Business

16 Headquarters Business Units and 3 Regional Business Units

Our operating organization is structured around the two axes of "products" and "regions,"creating comprehensive strength utilizing the respective strengths of each unit while at the same time working in cooperation across units.

16 Headquarters Business Units and 3 Regional Business Units*EMEA: Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Note: China, Taiwan, South Korea, and the CIS region report directly to the Head Office.

The first axis is products, which are organized into 16 business units. Each business unit operates independently under its respective product strategy. Contacts across business units are also being deepened through mutual cooperation, to deploy our comprehensive strength through lateral business activities.

The second axis is regions, which consists of 3 regional business units. Overseas markets are divided into the Americas, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and Asia Pacific regions, for a tri-polar structure with each region maintaining its independence. Regional business units are the cornerstone of our global strategy, with experts who are well versed in each region building close cooperative relationships with leading local companies.

By fusing the product strategies of the 16 headquarter business units with the regional strategies of the 3 regional business units, we have achieved an organic global network.

As a new initiative, businesses in China, Taiwan, South Korea, as well as the CIS region began reporting directly to the Head Office from April 2011, to integrate their operations with those of the Headquarter business units. This is intended to facilitate decision making, accelerate our efforts in emerging markets, and capitalize on the growth of those markets.