Our Business

Five functions

Five functions
Successful business necessitates gathering and carefully analyzing in-depth market information. Through our global marketing networks and extensive business experience, we support our customers by gathering and analyzing information pertaining to business trends, market conditions and various financial products, and providing advice about legal systems and business customs in different parts of the world.
Procurement of funds is necessary for launching, maintaining and expanding new businesses. Using various types of financing methods, we propose transactions to customers requiring significant financing or customers doing business in countries and regions in which credit transactions are difficult. Transaction method examples include trade financing through letters of credit and other means, sales on credit for buyers, and underwriting of payment-on-delivery for sellers.
Five functions
Our logistics expertise is a major source of support for our customers' business. We propose the best solutions from the perspectives of both transportation efficiency and cost management. We also undertake transportation of products to all regions of the world, delivering the right products at the right time, in line with our customers' requirements.
Risk Management
A lack of information relating to country risk or the creditworthiness of business partners can be an impediment to doing business. We undertake pre-assessment of business risks, devise methods for managing or mitigating risks we have identified, and based on this provide customers with tailored solutions. We have a particularly important role to play in determining and managing the creditworthiness of business partners, so that our customers can conduct their business with financial peace of mind.
IT and Process Development Capabilities
Business efficiency can be improved by optimizing business processes using IT. We are exercising our business engineering capabilities by increasing the sophistication of four key functions - marketing, financing, logistics and risk management - using our IT and process development capabilities. In this way we can provide our customers with optimal solutions.