Our Business

Business Scope

Solutions and services for partners and customers in every country and region.

Value Creation
  • Marketing
    We make use of our powerful information gathering and analysis expertise to create new markets, drawing on sales capabilities developed in extensive experience aligned with various business practices and legal systems worldwide.
  • Business development
    We cultivate new business models and projects through the pursuit of new opportunities, effective project management, and utilization of our comprehensive capabilities and global network.
  • Project management
    We work to cultivate and develop projects by utilizing management resources. The sharing of management resources and capabilities across every company in our group leads to the creation of highly competitive businesses.
Value Creation
  • Logistics
    We offer SCM, DCM and other logistics solutions to meet a wide range of needs for both transportation and cost efficiency.
  • Finance
    We offer and advise on various financial functions necessary for the expansion, cultivation, and promotion of business, from fund procurement and financial structuring to trade finance.
  • Risk management
    By utilizing know-how accumulated over many years, we propose risk reduction and control methods such as hedging measures and various insurance systems.
  • Digital transformation
    We work to create a new era of business by utilizing AI and IoT to optimize processes and revolutionize company models.