Our Business

Business Areas

Iron ore business/West Angelas Mine (Australia)


Through business development, investment and trading of steel products, mineral and metal resources, we work to develop integrated value chains which deliver a stable supply of resources, materials and products essential to industrial society. We also take part in resource recycling, developing industrial solutions that address environmental issues.

Passenger Rail Operation/West Midlands (UK)

Machinery & Infrastructure

We contribute to the development of countries and the creation of better lives through the long-term, reliable supply of indispensable social infrastructure such as power, gas, water, railways and logistics infrastructure. We provide sales, financing, lease, transportation and logistics, and investment in various areas, including large-scale plants, marine resource development facilities, ships, aerospace, railways, motor vehicles, and mining/construction/industrial machinery.

Agricultural Inputs Distribution Business/ANAGRA (Chile)


Our chemicals business encompasses trade and investment in a range of industries, from upstream and midstream chemicals such as basic chemicals and fertilizer and inorganic resources, to downstream chemicals which meet diverse market needs, including functional materials, electronics materials, fertilizers, agrochemicals, feed additives, flavorings, and specialty chemicals. We are also pursuing new initiatives in food science, tank terminals and carbon fiber.

LNG business / Sakhalin II LNG project (Russia)


Through upstream development, logistics and trading of energy resources such as oil, natural gas/LNG, coal and uranium, we contribute to the stable supply of energy vital to both industry and society. In addition, as part of efforts to achieve a low-carbon society, we are actively involved in environmental and renewable energy businesses.

Healthcare network providing full spectrum of healthcare services/IHH Healthcare Bhd. (Singapore)


Adapting to changes in consumption and lifestyles while meeting consumers' diverse needs, we provide value-added products and services, develop businesses and make investments in business fields such as food resources, food products, merchandising, retail, healthcare, outsourcing, fashion and textiles, life essentials, and real estate-related business.

TV shopping business/QVC Japan (Japan)

Innovation & Corporate Development

Through our IT, Finance and Logistics business, we work on a diverse range of projects aimed at developing innovative business and expanding our business field. We aim to strengthen our company-wide earnings base by pursuing new business, capturing changes in technology such as IoT and AI, promoting digital transformation, and providing advanced capabilities across multiple fields.