Supporting the foundation of industry and the stable supply of materials, and using the power of chemistry to create value and help solve the challenges faced by society

Business fields

  • Gas chemicals
    Methanol, Ammonia
  • Basic chemicals
    Olefins, EDC, VCM, Salt, HCL, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Aromatics, SM, PX/PTA/MEG/PET
  • Performance monomers
    Coating materials, Acetone, Phenol, Bisphenol, MMA, High-performance resin materials
  • Tank terminal business
    Storage of Petrochemicals and Petroleum products

Salt business (01:07)

Committing to stable supply of quality salt for industry & food application from 2 salt fields located in West Australia

Major activities

The Basic Materials Business Unit works to overcome challenges in our society, including the stable supply of basic materials, by creating new markets and new value from materials, and constantly innovating business models in the face of drastic changes in the chemicals industry and its regulatory framework.

Stable supply of basic materials

Based on a long-standing relationship of trust with our business partners, we are committed to providing a stable supply of basic materials with a sense of responsibility and mission. In addition to our salt and methanol manufacturing operations, we also have logistics assets such as tanks and chemical tankers, and are focused on supporting the foundation of industry from both a business and logistics perspective.

Creation of an Eco-friendly society

Our Business Unit handles a large number of basic materials made from primary processing of fossil fuels and raw materials for plastics. In recent years, plastics have become a focus of social concern, and there is now a strong push to reduce the overall amount of plastic used. As a member of the chemical industry, we are taking critical measures to prevent global warming and promote recycling. In addition to promoting the PET bottle recycling business, we are also developing business operations that can contribute to carbon management, including a new challenge by our U.S. joint venture company to utilize CO2 and bio-methane for the production of methanol. We will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions through our efforts in the blue and green ammonia business, which is expected to be used as a co-combustion fuel for coal-fired power generation, a marine fuel, and as a raw material for low-carbon chemicals.

Key projects

  • Methanol production business with Celanese (U.S.A.)
  • Methanol production business at IMC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Salt business at Shark Bay and Onslow salt fields (Australia)
  • Tank terminal business (U.S.A., Belgium)