Using the power of chemistry to create new value in a multitude of business fields

Business fields

  • Methanol and ammonia
  • Olefins and chlor-alkali
  • Aromatics and industrial chemicals
  • Tank terminal business

Salt business (01:07)

Committing to stable supply of quality salt for industry & food application from 2 salt fields located in West Australia

Major activities

Serving customers and clients by utilizing our expansive global sales network

The Basic Materials Business Unit runs two core businesses—trading and business investment— in the chemical industry, an area which is steadily growing worldwide and is constantly evolving.

Utilizing our expansive global sales network, our trading activities offer high quality services that better serve our customers and clients amid a drastically changing environment. Our network functions as an antenna which closely follows trends in chemical markets and potential customer and client's needs, adding strength to our unit by enhancing our ability to pursue business.

Investing in businesses in response to structural change in industries with key partnerships

Our business investment is based on strong partnerships developed through trading businesses. We are actively engaged in creating businesses that demonstrate the unique comprehensive capabilities of Mitsui & Co., such as a chemical goods manufacturing business using shale gas, and supporting the overseas development of Japanese chemical manufacturers with proprietary technology and products. With these business investments, we aim to become more involved in local markets by creating locally produced, locally consumed business models, and we are actively developing businesses in the high value-added performance materials sector.

Under this structure, trading creates business investment that generates synergies, thereby further strengthening our trading function.

Key projects

  • Methanol production business at IMC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Salt business at Shark Bay and Onslow salt fields (Australia)
  • Methanol production business with Celanese (U.S.A.)
  • Tank terminal business (U.S.A. and Belgium)