Supporting the foundations of industry and the stable supply of materials, and using the power of chemistry to create value and help solve challenges faced by society

Business fields

  • Gas chemicals
    Methanol, Ammonia
  • Basic chemicals
    Olefins, EDC, VCM, Salt, HCL, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Aromatics, SM, PX/PTA/MEG/PET
  • Performance monomers
    Coating materials, Acetone, Phenol, Bisphenol, MMA, High-performance resin materials
  • Tank terminal business
    Storages of Petrochemicals and Petroleum products

Salt business (01:07)

Committing to stable supply of quality salt for industry & food application from 2 salt fields located in West Australia

Major activities

We develop businesses with a strong local presence by leveraging our sales offices around the world, a wide range of products and a customer base.

The Basic Materials Business Unit's operations are centered around basic chemical feedstock, which supports a wide range of industry domains around the world.

Our trading business, which makes full use of the network of sales offices around the world, plays the role of an antenna function to capture a wide range of industrial trends, not limited to the chemical industry, while firmly responding to customer needs. The role of the chemical industry, which plays a foundational and fundamental role in technological innovation, is becoming more important than ever in the current tide of times as the population of emerging countries increases, QoL improves, and low carbon and recycling needs grow. We aim to capture new business opportunities by addressing social challenges such as the establishment of a recycling oriented society.

Creating new trading and investment cycles beyond industry boundaries

By utilizing the partnerships we have established with our customers and industry intelligence we have gained, we are working to create an initiative that demonstrates our unique collective strength. Through business investments, we strive to penetrate the domestic market by establishing a business model of local production for local consumption and develop new business in the field of high value-added function materials.

In addition to buying and selling products, we leverage our unique collective strength in providing solutions to industry challenges, adding value through activities such as logistics services, marketing support and initiatives to improve the value of affiliated companies.

Key projects

  • Methanol production business with Celanese (U.S.A.)
  • Methanol production business at IMC (Saudi Arabia)
  • Salt business at Shark Bay and Onslow salt fields (Australia)
  • Tank terminal business (U.S.A., Belgium)