Creating added value unique to Mitsui & Co. in every industry and business field by capturing trends in global ICT.

Business fields

Industrial solutions
Digital solutions for industry, cybersecurity, IoT/AI-related solution services, system integration
Internet & Media
AI/data analysis services, dynamic pricing, fintech, healthcare x IT business, broadcasting, TV shopping
Marketing & Communications
Digital marketing services, contact centers, telecommunications services, digital infrastructure business

Transforming business through digital technology (01:00)

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Major activities

Data-driven business

As society continues to digitalize, there is a growing focus on the value of data and an increasing array of tools available to collect, communicate and share information. Vast quantities of data are being generated through people's daily lives. Our aim is to make effective use of this data to grow business and reach consumers, for example by enhancing our existing operations in TV shopping and contact centers and developing marketing support business.

In industrial fields such as factories and power plants, a wide variety of data is generated from various types of equipment. We aim to create new business by partnering with worldwide companies that have the capable technology.

Through ICT, adding value unique to Mitsui as a Sogo Shosha

Digital transformation is required in every industry. Because Sogo Shosha are operating in a variety of industries, we have many opportunities to identify needs and issues for realizing digital transformation in each industry. Using our unique capabilities as a Sogo Shosha, we are working to create new value and business by combining the industrial and business knowledge of other business units with the ICT knowledge of the our business unit.

Key projects

  • Development and sales of data management software/data analysis services (US, Japan)
  • Cybersecurity business (Japan)
  • AI/IoT related business (Japan, US)
  • System integration business (Japan)
  • Broadcast business, TV shopping (Japan, India)
  • AI/data analysis services (Japan, UK, Indonesia)
  • Dynamic pricing business (Japan)
  • Contact center business, Back office operations business (Japan)
  • Digital marketing business (US, Japan, Asia area)
  • Telecommunications services (Cambodia)


  • TV shopping business (01:51)

    Invested in Naaptol Online Shopping in India and supports its product development, program shooting and building logistics networks