Creating added value unique to Mitsui & Co. in every industry and business field by capturing trends in global ICT.

Business fields

Industrial business platform field
Data management software, IoT-related solution services
Consumer business platform field
TV shopping, broadcasting/content creation, dynamic pricing, fintech/payment services, integrated mobile network operator business
ICT services & solutions field
System integration, AI/data analysis services, cybersecurity, contact centers, digital marketing services

Transforming business through digital technology (01:00)

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Major activities

Utilizing ICT to creating added value unique to Mitsui as a Sogo Shosha

In our modern society, an immense amount of data, created through our everyday lives and business activities. The use of such data has the potential to fundamentally innovate any existing business and life. We focus on the power of data, by utilizing ICT for collecting and analyzing the data, and aim to deliver a new value to the world. Furthermore, by combining the ICT-related knowledge and business assets accumulated by the IT & Communication Business Unit, with the knowledge of several other industries and business possessed by other business units, we are working to create new added value that is unique to us as a "Sogo Shosha", a global investment and trading company.

Realizing business in three fields

In the industrial business platform field, we propose and sell solutions to collect and analyze data used in the workplace, such as in factories and power plants, and offer a wide range of services utilizing IoT technology. In the Consumer business platform field, we work to improve services by utilizing data in the TV shopping, telecommunications services business and so forth. In the ICT Services and Solutions field, we propose solutions for our customers' pain points together with our affiliates, as well as through investment in or alliance with companies with advanced technology, including AI and digital marketing. In this field, we also play a role of supporting the above two fields with ICT.

Key projects

  • Development and sales of data management software/data analysis services (US, Japan)
  • IoT solutions services (Japan)
  • Dynamic pricing business (Japan)
  • TV shopping, broadcast/content business (Japan, India)
  • Major mobile network operator business (Cambodia)
  • System integration business (Japan)
  • Cybersecurity business (Japan)
  • Contact center business, back office operations business (Japan)
  • Digital marketing business (US, Japan)


  • TV shopping business (01:51)

    Invested in Naaptol Online Shopping in India and supports its product development, program shooting and building logistics networks