Promoting the development of transport infrastructure in the marine, aviation and aerospace fields in harmony with the global environment, utilizing new technologies and networks with global business partners

Business fields

  • Trade, ownership and operation of commercial ships; intermediary services for chartering vessels, sales of secondhand ships; ship equipment, DX and environment-related business
  • Sale, purchase, leasing and financing of airplanes, helicopters and aircraft engines, and other aviation-related business
  • Space-related business

Mobility Chain Concept (01:54)

Create new value with partners by combining and recombining group-wide functions and know-how, technology and ideas, from underground to outer space.

Major activities

Providing cutting-edge functions and services for customer needs around the world, flexibly responding to environmental change

In the shipping arena, using the general commercial ship sales business as a foundation, we aim to achieve a balanced business portfolio consisting of both business development and management-type investments, evolving our business models day to day. In addition to owning, operating, and chartering general cargo ships, petroleum product transport ships, car carriers, and container ships, etc., we are working to expand into new fields such as LNG ships and energy logistics related business, and FSRU, with the goal of further developing a stable future earnings base. In addition, we have expanded our business footprint through the whole maritime value chain by investing in a shipbuilding company in China and have also been making several investments in electrification related companies, especially in Northern Europe, with the aim of promoting improvements to onboard energy efficiency. We are also actively taking measures to reduce environmental impact, including the development and trading of next generation alternative fuel vessels, LCO2 ships, alternative fuels, as well as new initiatives using digital technologies.

In the aviation arena, we are working to further establish our presence as a global player in the industry and will aim to increase earnings by focusing on our aircraft and aero engine leasing, freighter conversion, import and distribution of helicopters and business jets, and satellite launch and rideshare services.

In the aerospace arena, we contribute to space development through services for satellite operators, including satellite launches and ground stations, and our low earth orbit development business centered on expanding the utilization of the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station. We are also taking on the challenge of solving issues in the ground-based industry by utilizing satellite data, which is expected to grow in the future.

Key projects

  • Orient Marine Co., Ltd. (Chartering and broking of ships, Japan)
  • Maersk Product Tankers A/S (Joint ownership of vessels with Maersk Group, Denmark)
  • Rosewood Shipping Pte. Ltd. (Ownership and operation of LNG carriers for the Cameron LNG project, U.S.A., Singapore)
  • Jiangsu Yangzi-Mitsui Shipbuilding Co. (“YAMIC”, Shipbuilding, China)
  • WE Tech (System Integrator, Finland)
  • BW FSRU II (Floating LNG receiving terminal business, Pakistan)
  • Bearing, Inc. (AI-driven platform for optimization of vessel operations, U.S.A.)
  • M&B Conversions Ltd. (Passenger to freighter modification business, Israel)
  • Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (Space transportation business such as rocket launch and lunar lander, U.S.A.)
  • ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. (Ground station service, U.S.A)