Promoting ship, aerospace and rail businesses that contribute to the efficient global transportation of passengers and cargo

Business fields

  • Trade, ownership and operation of commercial ships; intermediary services for chartering vessels (time/voyage charters), sales of secondhand ships and ship equipment; ship management and technical services
  • Sale and purchase, leasing, and finance of aircraft and aero engines, freighter conversion, and sales of helicopter, business jet and small satellite launch services
  • Leasing of railcars and locomotives

Mobility Chain Concept (01:54)

Create new value with partners by combining and recombining group-wide functions and know-how, technology and ideas, from underground to outer space.

Major activities

Environmentally conscious and service-aware earnings enhancement

In shipping, using the general commercial ship sales business as a foundation, we are working to develop a stable future earnings base by evolving our business models for ship owning, operating and leasing, and expanding our Business fields to LNG ship and energy logistics related business. We will also pursue business opportunities resulting from new trends, such as the tightening of environmental regulations, and growth and change in seaborne trade.

In aviation, we will establish our presence as a global player in the industry and will aim to increase earnings by focusing on our aircraft leasing, aero engine leasing, freighter conversion, import and distribution of helicopters and business jets, and small satellite launch services.

In rail, our rolling stock leasing business, which we established in the U.S. in the 1990s, has now expanded into Europe and Russia. Demand is expected to grow for rail as an environmentally friendly logistics channel, and we aim to provide services that meet our customers' needs.

Key projects

  • Ownership and operation of bulk carriers and tankers; joint ownership and operation of LNG ships and other floating units for energy logistics
  • Aircraft and aero engine leasing business, freighter conversion business, import and distribution of helicopters and business jets, and small satellite launch services
  • Rolling stock leasing (USA, Europe and Russia)