Engaging in a wide range of businesses broadly covering the food and chemicals areas

Business fields

Manufacture and sales of agrochemicals and fertilizers, global logistics services for fertilizer resources (phosphate rock) and raw materials (sulfur, sulfuric acid)
Animal Nutrition
Manufacture and sales of essential amino acid/methionine, raw materials and products for feeds such as specialty/organic minerals, enzymes, and dyes
Human Nutrition
Manufacture and sales of food ingredients and raw materials, pharmaceutical and aromatic raw materials

Feed additives business (02:20)

Major methionine producer Novus. Its flagship product ALIMET helps promote efficient livestock growth

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Major activities

Leveraging agriculture, animal nutrition, and human nutrition to meet the changing needs of the times, and working to build new businesses utilizing existing assets and business partners

The rise in global population is impacting the structure of food demand. At the Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit, we are making preparations to respond to an increase in demand by expanding the manufacture of essential amino acid feeds and methionine in the animal protein resources market, which forms the foundation of nutrition. In crops, we are strengthening our involvement in the vast agriculture sector extending from individual farmers to the manufacture and sales of agrochemical resources, such as the development of fertilizer resources and phosphorus ore, and global logistics services for fertilizer raw materials and sulfur/sulfuric acid. As population growth is particularly prominent among the middle-income group, we expect to see a subsequent expansion in market size and demand for delicious and healthy food. Furthermore, as people become increasingly aware of lengthening lifespans, we also expect food to provide a gateway into a new market for preventative healthcare products. By leveraging the hybrid function of our chemicals and food businesses, we will continue to provide products that meet the diversifying needs of consumers.

Key projects

  • Manufacture and sales of essential amino acid/methionine, and raw materials and products for feeds in each specialty area at Novus International
  • Development, manufacture, and sales of high-performance supplements, provision of home testing services at Thorne Research
  • Phosphate rock and fertilizer business at Compania Minera Miski Mayo S.R.L (Peru)
  • Sales of fertilizers, agrichemicals, seeds, irrigation tools, and other agricultural supplies at Nueva Agroindustrias del Norte. (Mexico)
  • Manufacture and sales of Agrochemicals at Mitsui AgriScience International S.A./N.V. (Europe, North and South America)
  • Manufacture and sales of food, pharmaceutical, and chemical product materials at B Food Science Co., Ltd.


  • Innovation in Food and Agriculture (01:00)

    With our scientists, global network and business expertise, provides innovative food and agriculture solutions for a healthier global future

  • Phosphate rock project (01:25)

    Operates mining project of phosphate rock, used as an essential raw material for fertilizer, jointly with Vale in Peru