Sustainability at Mitsui & Co.

Interactive Communication with Mitsui & Co.'s Stakeholders

Mitsui & Co.'s Stakeholders

Mitsui puts emphasis on interacting with and having dialogue with society. For this reason, we closely assess the effects of its diverse and global business activities on society, identifies and acknowledges stakeholders of particular interest, and strives to have interactive communication with them in all areas of its business operations.

In particular, we are committed to the development of relationships based on mutual trust with a diverse range of stakeholders, including local communities, NPOs & NGOs, government bodies, business associates & consumers, shareholders & investors, and employees, through proactive information disclosures and continual communication with our stakeholders.

Through interactive communication with its stakeholders, each of Mitsui's employees and officers is endeavoring to acquire a firm understanding of what society expects from and requires of Mitsui. Based on this understanding, we strive to respond to changes in market environments, and constantly evolve to create new value through our business activities by exercising our unique capabilities, and thereby contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Mitsui & Co.'s Stakeholders

Initiatives in the Fiscal Year Ended March 2018

Dialogue with Partners (Supplier On-site Surveys)

Mitsui conducts supplier on-site surveys each year under its Supply Chain CSR Policy. Any issues identified through on-site surveys and discussions are used to improve business operations.

In the fiscal year ended March 2018, we conducted on-site surveys at the plants of our supplier of oleochemical product in Malaysia, and palm plantation which is the supplier of the company. The company properly manage their operations in accordance with high standards in terms of labor practices and safety management, and through the introduction of a new system for quality management, they quickly conduct quality analysis and to enhance safety. The external expert who accompanied us advised on the importance of engaging in furthering initiatives for achieving a sustainable supply chain, including providing support for small-scale farmers.

Dialogue and Collaboration with NPOs and NGOs

A business corporation cannot find solutions to complex and multi-layered societal and environmental issues solely through its own efforts alone. There are NPOs and NGOs that engage in specialized frontline efforts to solve problems, and cooperation with these organizations is essential. Mitsui holds dialogues with these organizations to gain an understanding of their perceptions of issues and expectations toward the business activities of corporations, and considers those points in deliberations about changes to our activities, or other actions that may be required.

Through dialogue with NPOs and NGOs, we identify environmental and societal issues in the regions where we engage in or plan on doing business, in order to formulate a CSR program that leads toward business sustainability through mitigating challenging environmental and societal issues. From the fiscal year ended March 2016 onwards, we have been undertaking forest conservation initiatives in collaboration with environmental NGOs, with the aim of halting forest destruction, which is a cause of global warming, through the formation of a program designed to raise quality of life in local communities.

In November 2017, a "Sustainable Palm Oil Conference" organized by JaSPOC (Japan Sustainable Palm Oil Conference) was held in Tokyo at the United Nations University with the theme "Procurement of Palm Oil aiming for 2020". JaSPOC is a new organization established with the aim of achieving a sustainable palm oil market for Japan. Mitsui participated in a panel discussion, and therein, introduced the initiatives implemented by palm oil users in the Japanese market, and delivered a message concerning a model sustainable palm oil procurement which should accelerate as we approach the Olympics and Paralympics year of 2020.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

During the fiscal year ended March 2018, we held an Investor Day for the first time, as an event to explain company-wide, mid- and long-term strategies, taking the opportunity of the announcement of the Medium-term Management Plan. Also, in response to the increasing demands on companies to disclose their business strategies and future growth scenarios, including non-financial information about ESG and other areas, we exchanged views about the initiatives and disclosures required for companies, with the market through detailed dialogue from the perspective of ESG. We continue our efforts to maintain high standards of accuracy, timeliness, and quality in our disclosure of information, and to foster good communication with the investment community.

Dialogue with Academics and Other External Experts

Mitsui actively engages in dialogue with academic experts involved in sustainability research. In the fiscal year ended March 2018, we sought opinions about the disclosure of our initiatives, especially in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and obtained advice about the relevance of our identified Materiality to the SDGs, as well. We also received comments specifically about the need for the continual updating of our materiality in order to reflect opinions from a more diverse range of stakeholders. We are using this input to improve the disclosure of sustainability information.

Relationships with Stakeholders and Communication

The following items are not listed in order of importance or priority.


We contribute to sustainable development through our wide-ranging business activities and societal contribution activities in countries and regions throughout the world. We also aim to achieve harmonious coexistence with local communities through contributions in such areas as local industry development, creation of employment opportunities, and the improvement of educational environments.


We identify solutions for environmental and societal issues by networking and collaboration with various NPOs and NGOs. Through the Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund, we provide support for research and initiatives by NPOs and NGOs that are working to solve environmental problems.

Government Bodies

We are committed to compliance with related laws and regulations formulated by government agencies and local governments in the countries where we engage in business activities. Furthermore, through cooperation with governmental agencies and local governments, we propose and promote business projects that align with their policies and deliver the unique value that only Mitsui can offer.
  • Participation in policy councils
  • Participation in consultation and advisory meetings with government agencies and offices
  • Training programs for local government bodies
  • Activities through business and industry groups

Business Associates & Consumers

We contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our efforts to identify the needs and expectations of our business partners and consumers, supply safe and reliable products and services, and disclose accurate corporate information, and through initiatives to address problems in supply chains.

Shareholders & Investors

We strive for continuous improvement of our corporate value and appropriate market recognition by fulfilling transparency and accountability in management with timely and accurate disclosure of information, and by engaging in interactive communication with shareholders and investors.


We strive to carry out diversity management to enable each of our diverse individuals to reach their full potential to undertake new challenges, by promoting Work Style Innovation and enhancing workplace environment human resources development programs, personnel systems, etc.
  • Intranet
  • In-house newsletter of Mitsui & Co.
  • Roundtable Meetings, New Active Talk Wednesday (dialogue between managements and employees, as well as among
  • Diversity Cafe
  • Mitsui Environment Month
  • Activities under the Mitsui Global Volunteer Program
  • Volunteer Activity Leave
  • Training programs and seminars; Opinion surveys
  • In-house and external whistle-blowing channels
  • Discussions with labor unions