Responsibilities to Customers

Policies and Basic Approach

Mitsui & Co. has identified "Secure sustainable supply of essential products" as one aspect of our materialities. We handle a wide range of products such as resources, materials, foods, pharmaceuticals, and products that are vital for the development of society. We recognize that some of the foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products that we handle carry the risk of harming our customers' lives. For this reason, we have established our own management standards. We make sure that the safety standards set by each country for foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products we handle are maintained, as ensuring customer safety is essential. As part of our work in this area, we have established our Consumer Product Handling Policy and our Consumer Product Handling Regulations. Not only do we seek the manufacture, importation and sale of high-performance and/or low-cost products; we also carefully consider the consumer's position. We trade in products that consumers can safely use, and we strive to prevent harm or injury to consumers.

The Consumer Product Handling Policy (PDF 87KB)

Food and Food Product Business Issues, Response Measures and Basic Approach

By securing and supplying food and food products, we contribute to the realization of livelihoods that guarantee diversity, convenience, nutritional support, economy, and affluence. In our distribution business, we are expanding not only in the supply and distribution of raw materials for processed foods but also in the retail and merchandising sectors in Japan and overseas. We are working to make our quality assurance system more visible and set up a quality assurance governance system on a group basis that will include our affiliated companies, to serve as a basis for various initiatives.

Key issues Initiatives
Ensuring food safety Ensuring the safety of processed and imported foods
Ensuring consumer confidence Providing accurate information about food safety, nutritional components, and food allergies, to protect consumer health
Providing information on preventing underage and pregnant women from drinking alcohol

Access to Highly Nutritious Foods

By 2050, the global population is projected to reach 10 billion. Ensuring that people get the nutrition needed to live a healthy life and ensuring the quality of their food are major challenges facing the world. At Mitsui & Co. we are contributing to the sustainable supply of food by building an optimal supply chain from upstream to downstream, involving procurement, production, and logistics. We are promoting the creation of societies in which people can live affluently by improving nutrition through the reliable supply of food and providing products and services with high added nutritional value.

Aiming to Provide Higher Value Healthcare Services

We recognize that it is important to create a better tomorrow where people smile and live healthy, enriched lives. Medical expenditure is growing globally, alongside population growth in emerging countries, population aging in developed countries, and changes in disease patterns such as an increase in chronic disease patients accompanying economic development. With the increase in the number of people in middle-income-level groups and the spread of the COVID-19, health consciousness is increasing. There are growing calls for burgeoning medical expenditure to be brought under control and for digital technology to be used to a greater extent. We recognize trends toward achieving improvement of access to healthcare and the quality and efficiency of healthcare in each country and region, introducing more telemedicine services, changing healthcare through the use of digital technology such as healthcare data and AI, and further accelerating the shift to a focus on outcomes for optimizing medical expenditure and the expansion of services in the wellness field including non-illness and prevention. In accordance with such global trends, we will lead and accelerate the paradigm shift in healthcare from a treatment-based and hospital-centered to a prevention-based and individual-centered approach, and expand high-quality and efficient "Value Based Healthcare*".

* In value-based healthcare, each stakeholder aims to achieve the best outcomes and optimize costs to provide high-value medical care to patients.

Responsible Advertising, Responsible Marketing

We are committed to carry out fair and responsible marketing and advertising, in full awareness of our social responsibilities, and in accordance with our Mission, Vision, Values, the Mitsui & Co. Group Conduct Guidelines –With Integrity, and the Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers. In addition, we always strive to listen to our stakeholders, to accept their views with humility, and to reflect them in an appropriate way in our business activities.


As for advertising and promotions, in consideration of the views of our various stakeholders, we make our best efforts to ensure accuracy and modesty without causing misunderstanding or discomfort, not to mention observing laws and regulations on relevant matters such as the Copyright Act and Trademark Act. When carrying out advertising and promotions, we implement proper risk management under our ringi (circular executive approval) deliberation system on advertising and marketing, which covers compliance risks, internal control risks, and reputation risks.


In marketing, we comply with the relevant laws and in-house regulations and in-house training, and we carry out responsible marketing activities using content and expressions that do not infringe on the trust or sense of honor of others and do not cause misunderstandings or discomfort.

Goals and Targets

  • Improve access to nutrition through the stable supply of food.
  • Increase the ratio of certified materials we acquire and carrying out employee training programs to ensure the sustainable supply of safe and secure products.

Sustainability Governance and Oversight

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee works under the Corporate Management Committee to plan, formulate and provide recommendations on basic management policies, business activities, and corporate policies and strategies related to our responsibilities to customers.
The Sustainability Committee is structured so that its activities are appropriately supervised by the Board of Directors, and matters discussed by the Sustainability Committee are regularly discussed and reported to the Corporate Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

Officer in Charge Makoto Sato (Representative Director, Senior Executive Managing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee)
Administrative Office Corporate Sustainability Div., Corporate Planning & Strategy Div.

Please refer to the links below for more information on Mitsui's Sustainability Management Framework and the activities of the Sustainability Committee.

ESG Risk Management

For projects in which we invest that are considered to be highly relevant to our responsibility to our customers (food, pharmaceuticals, etc.), we carry out ESG risk assessments, formulate improvement plans when necessary, and conduct risk management.

ESG Risk Management

Quality Control Management Systems to Ensure Food Safety and Security

Our modern eating habits include cooking at home and the use of processed and prepared foods from around the world. Moreover, the routes and circumstances by which food reaches us have become more international and diverse. This requires us to ensure the safety and security of food both in Japan and overseas. In our Retail Business Unit, to further enhance our system to ensure food safety and security by preserving the quality of goods and services sold or provided on a group basis, we have affiliated companies appoint a quality assurance manager and set up a quality assurance governance system on a group basis, seeking to strengthen cooperation within the Mitsui Group.

In our Food Business Unit and Retail Business Unit, we have set up a centralized contact point for information sharing and crisis management in the event of an emergency. In 2002 the Units set up the Food Safety Management Committee in 2002 with the objective of firstly, studying food safety-related laws and regulations and how related industries have responded; and secondly, formulating codes of conduct. The Committee is chaired by the General Manager of the General Affairs Office of our Food Business Unit and Retail Business Unit and has one Food Safety Management Committee member from the Food Business Unit and one from the Retail Business Unit. In principle, Committee meetings are held monthly. The members share information about amendments to laws and any violations that have occurred. The Committee analyses the causes of violations and considers measures to prevent them from recurring. External experts are invited to attend Committee meetings and give advice relating to food safety. The Units has also set up a food safety database to enhance the level of self-management, and all imported foods are managed. The database is reviewed annually.

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, there were two violations related to pesticide residues, but no serious violations of the Food Sanitation Act.

Group Companies that Have Gained Product Safety Management Standards

HACCP Feed One, Super Discover Investment, The Kumphawapi Sugar, Kaset Phol Sugar, MITSUI FOODS
ISO22000 Feed One, Super Discover Investment, The Kumphawapi Sugar, Kaset Phol Sugar, GOYO Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
FSSC22000 Mitsui Norin, GOYO Foods Industry Co., Ltd., PRI Foods, Feed One, KADOYA SESAME MILLS, ADEKA FOODS, The Kumphawapi Sugar, Kaset Phol Sugar

Education and Training Programs to Ensure Food Safety and Security

Mitsui conducts risk management for food safety and security, promoting compliance with laws and regulations and encouraging proper labeling through its monthly Food Safety Seminar for employees of Mitsui and our affiliated companies. The seminar was launched in October 2002 and has been held a total of 220 times as of March 2022. The table below summarizes the content of the seminars that were held during the financial period ending March 31, 2022, and the number of attendees to each. A total of 698 employees from our company and our affiliated companies attended the seminars over this period.

Food Safety Seminar (FY Mar/2022)

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Month held Theme Number of Attendees
2021 April "Domestic and international trends in food safety — 1" 58
May "Domestic and international trends in food safety — 2" 58
June "Food habits and hazardous substances — considering chemical substances in familiar foods" 58
July "Food habits and hazardous substances — considering chemical substances in familiar foods — 2" 41
September "Food labeling violations and examples of leaks to governments" 81
October "Explanation of difficult-to-understand food labelling — 1: Food coloring and expiration date labeling" & "Food habits and hazardous substances — considering chemical substances in familiar foods — 3" 58
November "Explanation of difficult-to-understand food labelling — 2: Preservatives" & "Food habits and hazardous substances — considering chemical substances in familiar foods — 4" 60
December "Considering labeling from the standpoint of market trends of food labeling violations — food labeling rights and obligations you may have forgotten" 67
2022 January "Looking back on food violations last year — Understanding food labeling and issues based on questions received in December 2021" 79
February "Food habits and hazardous substances — 5" & "Explanation to questions about labeling raw materials' places of origin" 72
March "Food habits and hazardous substances — 6" & "Q&A session" 66

Quality Control Systems to Ensure the Safety and Security of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We export and import APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. We are also an importing agency and a domestic distributor. As such, we have prepared procedure manuals for API and intermediate export, import agency, and domestic distribution, to handle each step — from order receipt to delivery to the customer — safely, reliably, and promptly. In addition, we have established business guidelines and business procedure manuals, to ensure the proper management of APIs. We carry out regular self-inspections once a year to ensure that our business is carried out according to the procedure manuals, and we thoroughly comply with a range of commercial laws. Recently, in April 2020, a pre-license inspection of pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug sales businesses was conducted, but there were no serious points to be flagged, and a business permit was issued.

Education and Training Programs to Ensure the Safety and Security of APIs and Intermediates

At Mitsui, we have appointed a person to be in charge of education and training. We regularly give in-house training on important topics to staff involved in API or pharmaceutical intermediate work. These include the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and related laws, the operation of Good Supplying Practice (GSP), information about the APIs handled, business guidelines and business procedures established by the Company, and emergency situations that can arise in accidents.

Collaborating with Stakeholders

Participation in Initiatives

We are promoting and expanding our efforts to address our responsibilities to customers through participation in initiatives. Participation in each initiative is decided after confirming that it is consistent with our basic policy and initiatives for our responsibilities to customers.

Japan Processed Foods Wholesalers Association

In the area of distribution, we are working on supplying safe and secure processed food products in accordance with the guidelines and manuals set out by them. Japan Processed Foods Wholesalers Association.

Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Association

The Japan Pharmaceutical Traders' Association Co., Ltd. is an incorporated association whose objective is to support its pharmaceutical-importing member businesses. The Association works to promote pharmaceutical trade and ensure the safety and quality of imported medicines and their stable supply, to contribute to the improvement of public health. To ensure the safety and quality of imported pharmaceuticals, the Association operates laboratories that are officially registered with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as inspection facilities. The Association also holds workshops, seminars, and briefings on laws and regulations concerned with ensuring the quality, effectiveness, and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We have been a member of the Association since its founding in 1963, and play our part to ensure the steady import of outstanding APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.



Acquisition of Environment-Related Certification in Company-Owned Forests "Mitsui's Forests", Forest Resources Business, etc.

Handling Certified Materials (FSC®, PEFC, SGEF Certification, etc.)

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Acquired Certifications Coverage (Country/Region) Certificate Holder/Outline & Scale (Handling Volume)
FSC® certification is based on international standards established by the Forest Stewardship Council®, a non-profit committee-type organization that administers an international forest certification system.


Forest Management (FM) certification, and Chain of Custody (CoC) certification Company- Owned Forests "Mitsui's Forests" (Japan) Mitsui & Co. (License Code FSC®-C057355)/All 74 locations of Mitsui's Forests (approximately 44,000 hectares) throughout Japan
CoC certification Mitsui Bussan Forest (Mitsui subsidiary, License Code FSC®-C031328)/approximately 40,000 m3/year (sells timber and other products produced mostly from Mitsui's Forests)
Forest Resources Business (Australia) Forest Resources Marketing Dept., Living & Environmental Business Div., Performance Materials Business Unit, Mitsui & Co. (License Code FSC®-C104107)/ acquired for woodchips
Mitsui Bussan Woodchip Oceania Pty. (Mitsui subsidiary, License Code FSC®-C107463)/ acquired for woodchips
Procurement and sales of pulp, paper, paperboard, and paper products (globally) Mitsui Bussan Packaging Co. (Mitsui subsidiary, License Code FSC®-C009939)/certification obtained for pulp, paper, paperboard, paper packaging materials such as corrugated carton box, household paper, and paper stationery.
Biomass Fuel Trading Biomass Fuel Dept., Fuels Div., Energy Business Unit I, Mitsui & Co. (License Code FSC®-C140620)/acquired for wood pellets trading (accredited materials).
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes
Forest Resources Business (Australia) Forest Resources Marketing Dept., Living & Environmental Business Div., Performance Materials Business Unit, Mitsui & Co./ acquired for woodchips
Biomass Fuel Trading Biomass Fuel Dept., Fuels Div., Energy Business Unit I, Mitsui & Co. (Certificate no. SGSJP-PCOC-2026)/ acquired for wood pellets trading (accredited materials)
SGEC certification system was developed by the Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council, a general incorporated foundation, by adapting the global sustainable forest management philosophy (known as the "Montreal Process") to the situation in Japan. SGEC and PFEC have agreed to the mutual recognition of respective forest accreditation systems since 2016.


Forest Management (FM) certification Company- Owned Forests "Mitsui's Forests" (Japan) Mitsui & Co. (License Code SGSJP-031)/All 74 locations of Mitsui's Forests (approximately 44,000 hectares) throughout Japan
CoC certification Mitsui Bussan Forest (Mitsui subsidiary, License Code SGSJP-W088)/approximately 40,000 m3/year (sells timber and other products produce from mostly Mitsui's Forests)

Acquisition of Environment-Related Certification in Food Business

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Acquired Certifications Coverage (Country) Certificate Holder/Outline & Scale (Handling Volume)
Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (Organic JAS)

Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (Organic JAS)

Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (Organic JAS)

Organic Japanese Agricultural Standard (Organic JAS)

A system for accrediting agricultural produce grown with the lowest possible impact on the environment, in accordance with the Japanese Agricultural Standards Japan Feed One Co. (Mitsui affiliated company)/manufactures and sells organic JAS-certified feed materials
Japan Mitsui Norin Co. (Mitsui subsidiary)/sells organic JAS-certified products


An accreditation system by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council for "responsibly produced aquaculture products" meaning that consideration for local communities is taken and the environment is not significantly harmed Japan Toho Bussan Kaisha (Mitsui subsidiary)/imports and sells products in accordance with buyers' requests

Chile Chilean salmon farming, processing and sales company, Salmones Multiexport S. A. (Mitsui investee company; Salmex)/ has acquired certification at three aquaculture sites. Preparations are underway to acquire additional accreditations (as of the end of Dec. 2021)
MSC An accreditation system by the Marine Stewardship Council for marine products harvested through sustainable fishing, with appropriate processing and distribution Japan Toho Bussan Kaisha/imports and sells products in accordance with buyers' requests
USA Mitsui Foods, Inc. (Mitsui subsidiary, MFI)/Imports and sells canned tuna. MFI has also obtained MSC Chain of Custody certification for its thorough management at the distribution stage


An accreditation system by American NGO, Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), to certify sustainable aquaculture businesses based on five key aspects: environmental conservation, social responsibility, animal welfare, food safety, and traceability Japan Toho Bussan Kaisha (as an Endorser)/imports and sells products in accordance with buyers' requests
Chile Chilean salmon farming, processing and sales company, Salmones Multiexport S. A. (Mitsui investee company, hereafter Salmex)


Please check the status of our progress at:

The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is an accreditation that stipulates the legal, economic, environmental, and social conditions required for sustainable palm oil production (8 principles and 43 criteria) Malaysia Mitsui and Wangsa Mujur Sdn. Bhd. (our invested company)/Both Mitsui and Wangsa Mujur operate in accordance with its policy, and we aim to increase the ratio of sustainable certified palm oil (including RSPO-certified) that we procure to 100% by 2030. Specifically, we will promote procurement based on the NDPE (No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation) principle. In FY Mar/2022, RSPO-certified palm oil accounted for 11.2% of palm oil handled.
Rainforest Alliance Certified

Rainforest Alliance

Find out more at

Certificate is awarded to farms that follow more sustainable farming practices that protect forests and biodiversity, improve farm workers' livelihoods, and promote their human rights Brazil Mitsui & Co. Coffee Trading(Brazil) Ltda (Mitsui subsidiary in Brazil)/supplies coffee beans to customers
Japan Coffee Dept., Food & Beverage Materials Div., Food Business Unit, Mitsui & Co./supplies raw coffee beans to customers Confectionery & Dairy Products Dept., Food & Beverage Materials Div., Mitsui & Co./supplies accredited ingredients to confectioners
Mitsui Norin (Mitsui subsidiary)/sells tea and beverage products


A system that supplements the accreditation standards for food safety and quality control in the food chain as a whole (SQF accreditation) with the food safety and hygiene standard (TSA) established by the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Japan Prifoods Co., LTD. (Mitsui subsidiary)/(supplies major supermarkets with products made at 20 plantations and the Hosoya and Hosoda package plants)

Initiatives as Part of Business Activities

Striving for Better Nutrition — Initiative to Promote the Slow Calorie Projects to Slowly Digest Food

In Japan, lifestyle disease and unbalanced eating habits are becoming a problem, though the amount of calories and carbohydrates that people intake is decreasing. This could be due to an increase of processed foods that are soft and easy to chew with a higher degree of refinement, which speeds up digestion and absorption. At Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (Mitsui Sugar), an associated company of Mitsui, a focus is placed on carbohydrates (sugars) which have a characteristic of fast absorption and are the highest intake of human among energy producing nutrients. Mitsui Sugar named the slowing down of digestion and absorption of food (especially carbohydrates) as "slow calorie", and are conducting awareness-raising activities for "slow calorie", as well as development, support, and promotion activities for products utilizing "slow calorie" in order to materialize its slogan, "create a healthy and robust body".

Striving for Better Access to Healthcare — Improving Convenience for Patients through the Introduction of Telemedicine by IHH Healthcare

Virtual clinic services provided by IHH Healthcare Virtual clinic services provided by IHH Healthcare

With a growing number of patients wishing to avoid human contact amid the COVID-19 pandemic, IHH Healthcare Berhad ("IHH"), of which Mitsui is the largest shareholder, began offering telemedicine services in eight countries and regions from May 2020. IHH provides services tailored to the needs of each country, including online appointments and treatment with IHH doctors and home delivery of medicines. In March 2020, IHH invested in Doctor Anywhere Pte Ltd., a Singapore-based telehealth platform, and made an additional investment into the company in August 2021. We will continue to contribute to improving access to healthcare and patient satisfaction through digitalization.

Striving for Better Access to Healthcare—Filling in the Supply-Demand Gaps through Drug Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution

We have been engaging in the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceuticals needed by society, particularly in Russia, via JSC R-Pharm, which is the country's largest pharmaceuticals company, and in China through Shenzhen Main Luck Pharmaceuticals Inc. Through such business, we are seeking to improve access to healthcare and fill in the gaps between supply and demand in the medical field in countries/regions where medical systems are underdeveloped. In addition, we are working to improve access to healthcare in those countries/regions by ensuring each country/region's pharmaceuticals price-setting systems and regulations.

Our Approach for Effective New Drug Development—Efforts to Reduce Drug Development Costs

Mitsui has invested in TriNetX, LLC., which owns one of the world's largest collaborative research platforms that uses anonymized data from electronic medical records. TriNetX provides healthcare organizations and life science companies with services that help streamline clinical trial operations, analyze data, generate evidence, and optimize postmarketing surveillance of side effects. Mitsui continues to contribute to reducing total medical expenses by shortening the duration of new drug development via TriNetX's platform.

Our Approach for Effective New Drug Development—Efforts to Reduce Drug Development Costs  

Our Approach to Responsible Marketing

Responding to Consumer Needs with Video-Based Marketing by Tastemade

Tastemade's updated e-commerce site for 2022 Tastemade's updated e-commerce site for 2022

Customer preferences and consumption patterns are diversifying. Responding to these changing times, Mitsui uses U.S. company Tastemade, Inc. and its Japanese arm Tastemade Japan to disseminate information via new means desired by its customers rather than simply distributing the same information to the masses in a uniform manner.

Tastemade is a lifestyle media company. It streams video content about topics including food, travel, and homes to a monthly global audience of over 300 million people. It has built support among younger people, who are seen as less affected by advertising, by producing entertaining videos that make people want to try new things, while including sponsors' products naturally in the content.

In addition, we launched Tastemade's official e-commerce site in Japan, taking on the challenge of operating a new retail business using digital technology. In doing so, we are leveraging the strengths of both Tastemade's system—that enables the collection and analysis of the company's huge volume of viewership data—and Mitsui's existing capabilities in the field of logistics—including optimization and labor saving in logistics processes, supply and demand forecasting, and inventory optimization.

By working with Tastemade to identify consumer needs quickly and create services that truly match those needs, we hope to make consumers' lifestyles richer and more enjoyable.

Provision of Cutting-Edge Data Marketing Functions For Better Product Selection

Our subsidiary Legoliss Inc. ("Legoliss") helps companies to build and install Data Management Platforms (DMP) that can manage large volumes of data accumulated in day-to-day business operations and provides support for how to analyze and utilize this data. Legoliss has a brilliant track record as a leader in providing data marketing consulting and support services for many clients, including top B2C brands by planning and executing DMP strategy in online media buying and other execution channels.

Mitsui has been providing cutting-edge data marketing solutions with partners in the United States to Japanese companies. In recent years we have been focusing on marketing services that contribute to the sophisticated data usage in the cloud environment. Through our investment in Legoliss, we aim to build a structure capable of providing the best solutions to meet the client demands and deliver more advanced and comprehensive marketing support services.

Amidst the growing global trend of stricter regulation of the use of consumer data, Legoliss is currently working on advanced solutions in the United States (Zefr, Inc., which improves performance of video advertising without the use of personal data; cross-device business Tapad, Inc.; and location data-related business Foursquare Labs, Inc.). In addition, Legoliss has also begun handling services for Socialdatabase, a Dutch social media (Twitter) data-related company. We will continue to strive for sophistication in our data marketing support capabilities and answer diversifying consumer needs while considering global trends.

Diagrammatic representation of marketing using a data management platform Diagrammatic representation of marketing using a data management platform