Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd.

Mitsui & Co.'s Materiality - Key Sustainability Goals

Secure Sustainable Supply of Essential Products

Ensure the sustainable and stable supply of resources, materials, food and manufactured products that are vital for the development of society.

We recognise our role in serving society. The sustainable supply of resources, energy, raw materials, food and manufactured products essential for social development and greater prosperity. We will continue to identify new opportunities to integrate sustainable, stable supply structures capable of responding to the effects of climate change and environmental protection into the work we do.

Our Activities in Oceania to Contribute to SDGs

Our activities are covered under the relevant focus areas below, and are linked to the SDGs to demonstrate our efforts on tackling the SDGs’ 17 goals.

1.Sustainable Supply of Resources, Energy, Materials, Food and Products

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania More Information
  • Mitsui has investments in gas/LNG projects to secure a stable supply of energy resources for Australia and Asian markets.
    • For example, Mitsui E&P Australia (MEPAU)(*1) is a joint venture partner in several projects supplying gas in Eastern Australia. In addition, MEPAU produces and supplies gas for industrial and retail clients based in Western Australia.
    • Through our investment in Japan Australia LNG (MIMI)(*2), we participate in production and export of liquefied natural gas to the East Asian region.
  • Looking ahead towards realisation of a low-carbon society, Mitsui continues to explore the field of next-generation energy sources such as hydrogen. Our strategic alliance with Hiringa Energy (*3) will play an integral role in developing the market and supply chain for green hydrogen in New Zealand and globally.
  • Managed through Mitsui Iron Ore Development(*4), Mitsui Iron Ore Corporation(*5), and Mitsui Resources(*6), we actively participate in the development of iron ore and coking coal to secure a stable supply of raw materials for steel production in Australia and Asian countries. Mitsui Australia procures and supplies other mineral resources such as copper, lithium and cobalt for markets in Australia and Asian countries.
  • Mitsui Australia procures and supplies steel products for a wide range of sectors in Australia – including line pipes for oil and gas, rails for transportation of iron ore, structure steel for construction, as well as tin plate for cans. We mainly deal with the Tier 1 steel manufacturers with high environmental performance.
  • At Mitsui Australia, we are also aiming to build a metal and steel scrap supply network in preparation for the global recycling society of the future. Mitsui has also invested in Sims Metal Management, a leading collector, processor and supplier of recycled metal in Australia.
  • Mitsui Australia imports and supplies a diverse range of chemical commodities for Australian industries. Some examples include:

    • fertilisers and crop protection chemicals for the agriculture industry;
    • additives for the food industry;
    • raw materials for the adhesives and synthetic rubber industries;
    • resins, films and additives for the plastics and packaging industries;
    • various materials used in the pharmaceutical industry;
    • base oil and additives for lubricant oil market;
    • detergent intermediates;
    • inorganic chemicals including caustic soda for the mining and metal processing industry;
    • plastics and polymers including commodity plastics such as PVC;
    • engineering plastics and specialty polymers for construction the construction industry; and
    • synthetic rubbers for production of conveyer belts for the mining industry.
  • Mitsui Australia exports agricultural produce to countries in Asia and Far East such as meat, dairy products and juice concentrates. To help meet increasing global demand for food due to population growth and economic development, we are seeking new food investment opportunities and alliances with reliable partners in Oceania.
  • Mitsui Bussan Woodchip Oceania(*7) manages our plantation business in Australia with a scale of approximately 7,000 hectares with a goal to ensure stable supply of paper resources.
  • Shark Bay Salt Group(*8) produces some of the highest quality sea salt in the world. Salt is a fundamental material for chemical industries, food manufacture and human consumption. Our operations are ideally located to export bulk shipments to the growing Asian markets to ensure a steady supply of highest quality salt to meet the market’s requirements.
  • Through our investment in the Yuri project (*9) being developed to supply green hydrogen to existing ammonia plants, we aim to contribute to accelerating the upscale of the hydrogen industry in Australia.