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Mitsui Australia's Chemicals division imports and supplies commodities to large Australian chemical companies, and to organisations in other industries.
Our Chemicals division is committed to maintaining its reputation for high standards and building new relationships with Australian companies for future developments, including export projects.

Supplying essential chemicals for Australian industries

Supplying essential chemicals

We handle a wide range of commodities, from raw materials to finished products in:

  • Basic Materials: Olefins, chlor-alkali, methanol, ammonia, aromatics, industrial chemicals, and coating materials.
  • Performance Materials: Performance/advanced materials, green biochemical, and specialty chemicals.
  • Nutrition & Agriculture: Agrochemicals (fertilizers and pesticides), food products, and nutrition science.

Our Chemicals Division also provides:

  • agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers and crop protection chemicals
  • additives for the food industry
  • raw materials for the adhesives and synthetic rubber industries
  • resins, films and additives for the plastics and packaging industries
  • various materials used in the pharmaceutical industry
  • base oil and additives for lubricant oil market
  • detergent intermediates such as LAB/LABSA/SLES
  • inorganic chemicals including caustic soda
  • plastics and polymers including commodity plastics such as PVC
  • engineering plastics and specialty polymers (such as ADMER, EVAL and MS Polymer)
  • synthetic rubbers including Denka Chloroprene and TAFMER
  • Yokohama Rubber conveyor belts, marine hoses and marine fenders