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Mitsui E&P Australia

Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (MEPAU) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. We operate as regional headquarters for Mitsui’s oil and gas exploration and production business in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. We have 30 people working at our head office in Perth.

Since MEPAU was founded in 2004, the company has grown to become Australia’s seventh largest oil producer. MEPAU has four producing oil and gas assets in Australia. The company also has interests in 18 projects that are in exploration and development stages.

You can view a list of our current projects or download an asset map to see their locations.

We are seeking new business opportunities in Australasia, and aim to increase reserves replacement by establishing new exploration projects as well as acquiring additional oil and gas assets.

Australian Projects

Vincent and Enfield oil fields (production licence WA-28-L)

The Vincent and Enfield crude oil projects – located around 45 kilometres off Western Australia's North West Cape – are owned by a joint venture between MEPAU (40 per cent) and Woodside (60 per cent). The Enfield oil field began production in July 2006 and the Vincent project started in August 2008. Woodside operates both fields and uses floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels to gather, store and offload oil from both projects.

Ngujima-Yin FPSO of the Vincent oil field.Ngujima-Yin FPSO of the Vincent oil field. Photo provided courtesy of Woodside Energy Ltd.
Nganhurra FPSO of the Enfield oil field.Nganhurra FPSO of the Enfield oil field. Photo provided courtesy of Woodside Energy Ltd.

Greater Enfield Development (production licence WA-28-L, WA-59-L)

The Greater Enfield Development project is owned by a joint venture between MEPAU (40 per cent) and Woodside (60 per cent) and includes undeveloped reservoirs located within the same area as the Enfield and Vincent oil fields. The project will be operated by Woodside utilising the existing production facility at the Vincent oil field. The joint venture partners made a final investment decision in June 2016 and aim to commence production of crude oil by around mid-2019.

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Casino gas field (production licence VIC/L24) and Henry/Netherby gas fields (production licence VIC/L30)

The Casino gas project, including the Casino, Henry and Netherby gas fields, is located in the Otway Basin around 250 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. The project is owned by a joint venture between MEPAU (25 per cent), Cooper Energy (50 per cent) and AWE Limited (25 per cent). The Casino gas field commenced production in 2006 and the Henry and Netherby fields started in 2010. Raw gas from the project is transported by pipeline to Lochard Energy's onshore gas processing facility, and from there it is supplied to the Victorian gas network.

Casino gas field in drilling phase.Production testing for the Casino gas field.

Kipper gas and condensate field (production licence VIC/L25)

The Kipper gas and liquids project, located in the Gippsland Basin around 45 kilometres off the coast of Victoria, is owned by a joint venture between MEPAU (35 per cent), Esso Australia (32.5 per cent) and BHP (32.5 per cent). The field is operated by Esso Australia and began production in 2017. Raw gas is transported to the onshore Longford Gas Conditioning Plant owned by Esso Australia and BHP, and from there the gas and the processed products are supplied to customers.

Loading of subsea materials for the Kipper gas field.Loading of subsea equipment for the Kipper gas field. Photo provided courtesy of ExxonMobil Australia.

Meridian coal seam gas fields (production licence PL94 and ML gas rights)

The Meridian coal seam gas project – located in Queensland's Bowen Basin – is owned by a joint venture between MEPAU (49 per cent) and Westside (51 per cent). The field started production in 1999 and has been operated by Westside since its acquisition of 51 per cent in 2010. The project owns gas compression and pipeline infrastructure, which is connected to Queensland's commercial gas network and a trunk line of the GLNG Project, and holds a petroleum lease and gas rights in mining leases.

Drilling of a well at the Meridian gas field.Drilling rig at the Meridian gas field. Photo provided courtesy of Westside Corporation.

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