Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd.


Sustainability at Mitsui & Co.

Companies can only be sustainable if the societies they operate in are sustainable, and unsustainable companies cannot fulfil their social responsibilities.

Mitsui & Co. Australia recognises the importance of speaking with one united voice. Our approach to sustainability is consistent with that of our parent company, Mitsui & Co.

Over time, Mitsui & Co. has developed an enduring set of values including challenge and innovation, freedom and open-mindedness, and nurturing human resources – all of which have helped shape the Mitsui & Co. of today. These values are incorporated into Mitsui’s Mission, Vision and Values. We strive to retain a strong awareness of our Mission, Vision and Values at all levels of the company and endeavour to ensure the activities of every person in the organisation reflects them in the work they do.


Strive to contribute to the creation of a future where the aspirations of the people can be fulfilled.


Aim to become a global business enabler that can meet the needs of our customers throughout the world.

  • Build trust with fairness and humility.
  • Aspire to set high standards and to contribute to society.
  • Embrace the challenge of continuous innovation.
  • Foster a culture of open-mindedness.
  • Strive to develop others and oneself to achieve full potential.

Based upon our management philosophy of Mission, Vision and Values:

  1. Mitsui & Co. Australia will conduct our business activities with honesty and integrity, make prudent efforts to understand the culture, traditions, and customs of countries and regions around the world, and reinforce the importance of sustainability with our employees. We will strive to enhance corporate value to stakeholders and to produce value for society.
  2. Mitsui & Co. Australia will make every effort to actively contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society through the promotion of sustainable development, as well as maintaining a strong awareness of the importance of preserving the global environment. We will also engage in interactive communication with our stakeholders to better understand their concerns.
  3. Mitsui & Co. Australia recognises the significance and importance of the human rights contained in the general principles of international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Across all business activities, we will give due consideration to basic labour rights.
  4. As a global company with operations throughout the world, Mitsui & Co. Australia will support Mitsui & Co. in the implementation of our sustainability strategies, and will seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners to support this initiative.

Participation in Initiatives

Mitsui & Co. Australia supports various initiatives in pursuit of global sustainability – in line with our parent company, Mitsui & Co.

Sustainability Governance

The foundation for effective sustainability management is robust and transparent governance. At Mitsui & Co. Australia, the Board of Directors is responsible for the overall leadership of Mitsui’s business in Oceania, including the alignment of Mitsui & Co. Australia’s culture to its sustainability strategy, activities and initiatives.