Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd.

Mitsui & Co.'s Materiality - Key Sustainability Goals

Develop Talent Leading to Value Creation

Respect diversity and develop human resources with the competence to create innovation and new value.

We recognise, to create new business and value for society in a sustainable manner, it is essential to develop the people who are key to our business activities. To do this we need to attract a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive work environment and encourage their creativity through workplace innovation.

Our Activities in Oceania to Contribute to SDGs

Our activities are covered under the relevant focus areas below, and are linked to the SDGs to demonstrate our efforts on tackling the SDGs’ 17 goals.

1.Recruitment of Human Resources

Mitsui & Co. is committed to fair recruitment practices.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH In accordance with our policy on equal employment opportunity, we aim to ensure that all staffing and personnel decisions are made solely on the basis of merit, taking into account relevant skills, qualifications, experience and ability, and without bias or prejudice. This includes all decisions relating to recruitment, remuneration, the provision of training, transfer, promotion, terms of employment or engagement, or dismissal.

2.Human Resources Development

The main sources of competitiveness for the Mitsui & Co. group is its human resources.
The company’s priority is to develop individuals who can create new value through business activities based on their expertise and broad knowledge.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
  • In accordance with our policy on human resources development, we support learning and development activities that provide our employees with the right combination of knowledge and skills to enable them to improve their capability and efficiently support the short and long term business plans of the division or company. This should also support the overall career and prospects for advancement of staff within the organisation, as well as being central to the success of the business. We encourage each supervisor to continually assess both the current and future needs of their division and the ability of their employees to meet those needs.
  • In accordance with our policy on performance management, we value integrity, high performance and a sense of purpose and accomplishment in our employees. As part of our culture, we encourage employees to take a greater degree of ownership of and involvement in their future with regard to the way in which work is performed and their career development.
  • As part of the global Mitsui & Co. group, our management teams participate in the Mitsui Management Review (MMR). Carried out once every two years, the MMR provides an opportunity for the managers to reflect on his or her own performance based on the results, and to implement management style improvements. Workplace meetings are held to give direct feedback to members of the organisations about the insights gained through the MMR. The MMR is leading towards the creation of more open and communicative workplaces where discussions contributing to the improvement of management are actively carried out.

3.Appropriate Appointment and Allocation of Personnel

We practice appropriate allocation of human resources in order for our people to achieve their full potential, and to maximise our strategic goals as an organisation. We aim to create a cycle in which our employees achieve personal growth through a wide range of experience, grow their personal networks, and create opportunities for positive experiences.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
  • In accordance with our policy on employee position transfers, all vacant positions within Oceania are advertised internally in the first instance, and our employees are encouraged to apply provided that they have spent a minimum of 12 months in their current position. Selection of an employee for transfer to another position is based solely on merit and the ability of the person to perform the duties of the new position.
  • To facilitate appropriate allocation and personal growth of our employees, we actively refer to the individual career plan Sheet, whilst giving due consideration to the business needs.

4.Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

We foster a culture where individuals of all backgrounds feel included and their talents are nurtured, empowering them to contribute fully to Mitsui’s vision and goals.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
QUALITY EDUCATIONGENDER EQUALITYDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHREDUCED INEQUALITIES Our workplaces are made up of diverse individuals. We promote diversity and inclusion through the activities covered in the Focus Areas 1-3 above, as well as continuous consultation and engagement with the employees i.e. Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

5.Creating an Environment in which Every Individual can Achieve their Full Potential

We aim to strengthen our overall competitiveness as a company by creating environments in which individual employees can reach their full potential. We have policies in place to create a workplace in which individual employees can work in diverse ways and manage both work and family obligations.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania

To create a workplace to support diverse work style:

  • Our policy on annual, sick or carer’s leave entitles our employees to take leave in hourly units to attend to ad-hoc commitments and responsibilities.
  • Through our policy on working from home, we recognise the potential benefits of working from home for our employees to balance the demands of work with their family and/or responsibilities, and to increase their productivity on certain activities.
  • Our policy on flexible working arrangements provides flexibility to support work-life balance and to accommodate individual needs such as commuting, personal and family care commitments.

To promote a healthy and supportive workplace for all employees:

  • Our policy on carer’s leave supports our employees who need to provide care or support to their family due to an illness, injury or emergency.
  • Our policy on compassionate leave supports our employees who need to spend time with their family who have sustain a life-threatening illness or injury, or who need to deal with death of their family.
  • Our policy on unpaid parental leave supports our employees who have care-giving responsibilities in relation to a birth or adoption of a child.
  • Through our policy on family and domestic violence, we are committed to supporting our employees who are experiencing family and domestic violence. The policy provides the framework and outlines how employees may access support if they are experiencing domestic violence.

6.Health Management, Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Mitsui & Co. aims to develop safe, healthy working environments in which every individual employee can work with peace of mind. We see this as essential to enabling each employee to work at his or her full potential, and to continuing to strengthen the competitiveness of our business.

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Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
  • Through our policy on occupational health and safety, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. This policy recognises that it is the responsibility of management working in cooperation and consultation with employees to ensure ongoing active prevention of injury and illness in our workplace.
  • Through our policy on occupational rehabilitation, we recognise and accept our obligation to assist in the rehabilitation of employees who are injured or ill as a result of their work. We are committed to ensuring employees are restored to the fullest physical, psychological, social, vocational and economic usefulness of which they are capable.
  • As part of our Wellbeing Program, we proactively encourage employees to look after their physical and mental health – through ongoing programs, promotions and information sessions.

7.Creating New Value

Mitsui & Co. aims to achieve sustainable growth by applying its strengths and, capabilities to connect to create business that are important for society. Traditionally, the purpose of a general trading company was to create value by connecting various industries, companies and products. Going forward, we will work to evolve beyond these roles and functions into an entity capable of taking the lead in creating new business.

Target SDGs (Target Numbers) Mitsui & Co. Activities in Oceania
  • Mitsui & Co. has established Moon Creative Lab (Moon) to develop and incubate new business for the Mitsui & Co. global group. Moon’s mission is to create a future vision for Mitsui by building new business from the ground up – by tapping into the creativity of the 44,000 Mitsui & Co. group employees.
  • In Oceania, Mitsui & Co. group companies are actively encouraging our employees to challenge their creativity to develop new business ideas.