Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Develop talent leading to value creation

Respect diversity and develop human resources with the competence to create innovation and new value.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Innovation platforms
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Improvement of creativity through work-style innovation and career development for diverse human resources
  • Nurture the next generation of talent

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Decline in the quality and competitiveness of human resources due to market and environmental changes
  • Outflows of employees due to the loss of career development opportunities for diverse human resources


  • New value creation initiatives
  • Improvements in productivity, efficiency, and motivation along with accelerating work-style innovation
  • Recruitment of competitive talent through selection processes centering on abilities and personal qualities, and fair and diverse recruitment activities
  • Fine-tuned human resources development with an increased emphasis on diversity
  • Appropriate appointment and deployment of personnel on a global consolidated basis
  • Improvement of corporate competitiveness by creating innovations through diversity management promotion

Materiality Action Plans

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Segment Business unit Business field Response to issues Target
(assuming a date by 2030)
Actions and performance indices
for achieving the target
Current status/progress
Corporate Staff Corporate Staff Workforce management (managing workplace environments) We will create frameworks for new value creation through the advancement of work style innovation. Aim to raise the competitiveness of the entire group and provide new value to society by cultivating environments that enable each employee to become more productive, handle the uncertainty generated by constant environmental changes, and demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest.
  • Correct long working hours.
  • Constant achievement of the percentage of annual leave taken to over 70%.
  • Average annual paid leave taken: 13.8days.
  • Average annual paid leave usage ratio: 71.4%.
Corporate Staff Corporate Staff Diversity management Our aim is for each of our employees, regardless of employment location, gender, or any other individual characteristics, to recognize and fully leverage each other's diverse backgrounds and abilities to bring new value to our business. Realize diversity and inclusion.
  • Grow into an organization that thrives on diversity (implement the Mitsui Engagement Survey, monitor the results, and utilize them for organizational development)
  • Promote diverse human resources
    —Achieve a 10% ratio of female managers by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025 (Japan)
    —Achieve internal KPIs for internally promoted line managers at overseas subsidiaries by 2025 (not disclosed) (Global)
  • Continue to Challenge and Innovate through our diverse workforce
    —Leverage our Values in competency evaluations (global)
  • Promote independent career support by reviewing human resource systems (Japan)
  • We have measured the level of employee engagement and employee enablement, and used the results to make organizational improvements.
  • We reported the results to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors and used them to formulate human resource strategies.
  • Results of the Mitsui Engagement Survey 2022: Employee Engagement was 72% (+1% vs previous year), and Employee Enablement was 69% (unchanged from previous year).
  • Women Leadership Initiative: We strengthened the development of female leaders, including support activities by female outside directors (with 48 employees taking part in total).
  • Sponsorship Program: Executive Committee members provided advice and guidance on careers for female senior leadership candidates (with 16 employees taking part in total).
  • Change Leader Program: We implemented a program for prospective leaders that were hired overseas (with a total of 55 employees taking part in total).
  • Mitsui Leadership in Action: We introduced standards of conduct based on Mitsui's Values at the Head Office and overseas subsidiaries. The program is being utilized as part of hiring, training, evaluation, and appointment decisions.
  • We introduced the following new systems: (1) Business Manager Incentive Plan, and enhanced Succession Management, (2) Career Challenge System, (3) Share-Based Compensation Plan for Employees, and (4) Expert Band.
  • We conducted HR Strategy Meetings where the President, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), the General Manager of the Human Resources & General Affairs Department, and the COOs of each Business Unit and General Managers of each Corporate Division discuss succession plans for key positions.
Corporate Staff Corporate Staff Human resources development We will place the Mitsui & Co. global group's diverse pool of competent individuals into the right positions at the right time and cultivate and utilize business management talent. Cultivate personnel who can take on global group management and facilitate change and growth.
  • Implement human resource development programs.
  • Realize 100% fulfillment of internal English-speaking requirements.
  • We have implemented the Global Training Program (dispatching 159 employees to 30 countries in FY Mar/2023).
  • We have carried out training to cultivate personnel who can take on global group management.
Corporate Staff Corporate Staff Health management,Occupational Health and Safety We will develop workplace environments in which employees can continue to work healthily and safely, without falling into patterns of chronic overwork, so that they can fully demonstrate their capabilities and continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the Mitsui & Co. group. Steadily promote occupational health and safety and health management throughout the global group.
  • Percentage of employees undergoing health checks in FY Mar/2022: 100%.
  • Medical questionnaire response rate in FY Mar/2022: 100%.
  • Percentage of employees undergoing stress checks in FY Mar/2022: 90% or higher.
  • Smoking rate: Reduction of 0.5% compared to the previous FY.
  • Work place accidents and fatal accidents: Zero.
  • Promotion of Mitsui Health Report:(100% of the employees underwent health checks, 83.0% underwent stress checks, and 91.6% responded to a medical questionnaire in FY Mar/2023).
  • We have held anti-smoking seminar programs.
  • Smoking rate: Reduced 0.5% compared to FY Mar/2023.
  • Zero Workplace Accidents and Fatal Accidents