Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Develop talent leading to value creation

Respect diversity and develop human resources with the competence to create innovation and new value.

Recognition of Societal Issues

We recognize that, in order to create innovations and new value for society through our business activities in a sustainable manner, it is essential to develop the human resources who are key to all business activities, and at the same time, prepare the environment in which every individual can achieve their full potential with strong motivation. We also recognize the need to recruit and foster diverse people on a global scale and improve their creativity through workstyle innovation, as well as through the promotion of “diversity & inclusion” as the basis for the creation of new value through reciprocal stimulation among people with diverse backgrounds such as nationality, gender, and values.

  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Improvement on creativity through workstyle innovation and career development for diverse human resources
  • Innovation platforms

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Decline in the quality and competitiveness of human resources due to market and environmental changes
  • Outflows of employees due to the loss of career development opportunities for diverse human resources


  • Improvements in productivity, efficiency, and motivation along with accelerating workstyle innovation
  • Recruitment of competitive people through selection processes centering on abilities and personal qualities, and fair and diverse recruitment activities
  • Fine-tuned human resources development with an increased emphasis on diversity
  • Appropriate appointment and deployment of personnel on a global consolidated basis
  • Improvement of corporate competitiveness by creating innovations through diversity management promotion
  • New value creation initiatives


Mitsui & Co.’s Approach

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Theme Related SDGs Initiatives by Mitsui & Co. Related policies and guidelines Identifying material topics in GRI
Recruitment of Human Resources DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Our commitment to recruiting diverse people who can succeed in a global environment is reflected in our basic policy, which calls for fair recruitment without limitations based on age, gender, nationality, university background, or other attributes. We provide opportunities to apply for positions in Japan and overseas. In our selection processes, we do not take into account attributes that have no bearing on an individual’s abilities and aptitude, such as country of origin and religion, but focus on the individual’s ability and personality.
  • Mitsui & Co. Global Business Management Guidelines
Human Resources Development QUALITY EDUCATIONDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Our goal is to foster diverse and strong individuals who can contribute to the management of our global group and create new value. Centered on the OJT programs for gaining practical experience at workplaces, we also provide wide-ranging off-the-job training with various training courses. Training and Education
Appropriate Appointment and Allocation of Personnel QUALITY EDUCATIONDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHREDUCED INEQUALITIES We pursue appropriate allocation of human resources in order for our diverse professionals to achieve their full potential, and to maximize our strategic potential as an organization. We aim to create a cycle in which our employees achieve personal growth through a wide range of experience, deepen diverse personal networks, and create themselves opportunities for further positive experiences. Training and Education
Promoting Diversity & Inclusion QUALITY EDUCATIONGENDER EQUALITYDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHREDUCED INEQUALITIES We promote diversity management, in which reciprocal stimulation among people with diverse backgrounds, such as nationality, gender, and values, drives creation of innovations. We are working to raise awareness and develop an environment for cultivating a corporate climate and culture of “diversity & inclusion.”
  • Action plan for the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in Workplace
  • Voluntary action plans on promotion of women to managerial and board position
Training and Education
Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Creating an Environment in which Every Individual Can Achieve Their Full Potential GENDER EQUALITYDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH We aim to strengthen our overall competitiveness as a company by creating environments in which individual employees can enhance their efficiency and productivity and reach their full potential.
Through our workstyle innovation initiatives, we are modifying traditional approaches to work and introducing flexible, diversified workstyles that are not confined in terms of time or location. In addition, we promote initiatives to create an environment in which individual employees can work in diverse ways with a sense of high motivation, including support for people to manage both work and childcare or family care obligations.
  • Work Style Innovation Action Plans
  • Mitsui & Co. action plans under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Health Management, Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Our awareness that employee health is a vital asset for the company is reflected in our ongoing initiatives to create safe and healthy working environments in which our employees can achieve their full potential and continue strengthening our corporate competitiveness. In addition to measures required under laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we have business operations, we have established systems to ensure an effective response to emergencies, such as accidents and disasters, and promote various initiatives to maintain and enhance health of the employees.
  • Health Declaration
  • Mental Health Promotion Plan
  • Health Performance Index
Occupational Health and Safety
Creating New Value QUALITY EDUCATIONDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Mitsui aims to achieve sustainable growth by exerting its comprehensive strengths, its capabilities to connect, to create, and to realize business that is meaningful for society. Traditionally, the main strength and roles of a general trading company was to create value by connecting various industries, companies, products, and other elements. Going forward, we will work to evolve beyond those roles and functions into an entity capable of taking the lead in creating business.    

Our stories

Our stories

To create a new business, you need to come up with creative business ideas and make them come to life. This is what is meant by starting a business from scratch.