Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Develop talent leading to value creation

Respect diversity and develop human resources with the competence to create innovation and new value.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Innovation platforms
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Improvement of creativity through work-style innovation and career development for diverse human resources

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Decline in the quality and competitiveness of human resources due to market and environmental changes
  • Outflows of employees due to the loss of career development opportunities for diverse human resources


  • New value creation initiatives
  • Improvements in productivity, efficiency, and motivation along with accelerating work-style innovation
  • Recruitment of competitive talent through selection processes centering on abilities and personal qualities, and fair and diverse recruitment activities
  • Fine-tuned human resources development with an increased emphasis on diversity
  • Appropriate appointment and deployment of personnel on a global consolidated basis
  • Improvement of corporate competitiveness by creating innovations through diversity management promotion

Major Initiatives

Creating New Value

  • Initiatives through Moon, an innovation lab aimed at new business development and business incubation
  • Advancement of business models in the digital economy area through digital transformation (DX), such as use of Mitsui's own data assets, creation of added value using AI and IoT, etc.

Human Resources Management

Personnel Management in the Medium-term Management Plan 2023
  • Deployment of diverse professional talent to the right positions on a global group basis as a human resource strategy, one of the six corporate strategies that realize "Transform and Grow" under the Medium-term Management Plan 2023
Human Resources Development and Allocation
  • Basic policy of fair recruitment, purely based on an individual’s abilities and aptitude
  • Respect for diverse individuals and fostering of personnel who can contribute to the management of our global group and create new value
  • Appropriate appointment and allocation of personnel
Career Development Initiatives for Our Diverse Human Resources
  • Promotion of management to realize the concept of "Diversity & Inclusion" so that it embraces true diversity
Creating an Environment for Taking on Challenges and Driving Creation
  • Rollout of the "Work-X" initiative, which embodies new work styles at Mitsui to create an environment in which employees work energetically so that both employees and the company can grow sustainably
  • Work-style innovation to review existing ways of working and realize flexible and priority-focused work styles that are unconstrained by spatial or temporal restrictions
  • Support for "work-life management" so that every employee is able to fully meet life’s responsibilities, while pursuing career development by displaying their potential in the workplace to the full
Health Management, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Creation of safe and healthy working environments in which employees can continue to work with confidence
  • Implementation of measures required under laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we have business operations
  • Establishment of systems to ensure an effective response to emergencies, such as accidents and disasters


  • Action Plan Related to the Promotion of Women's Empowerment
  • Voluntary Action Plan on Promotion of Women to Managerial and Executive Positions
    • Achievement of a 10% ratio of female managers by the fiscal year ending March 2025
  • Work-Style Innovation Action Plan
    • Reduction in the number of employees working more than 620 hours of overtime per year (statutory calculation) to zero by the fiscal year ending March 2021 by supporting individual employees' efforts to improve productivity and efficiency through a priority-focused work style
    • Increase of the percentage of annual leave taken (including leave taken in half-day and hourly units) to 70% by the fiscal year ending March 2021 by supporting individual employees' efforts to improve productivity and efficiency through a priority-focused work style
    • Increase of the percentage of employees giving positive answers to questions on work styles in in-house surveys, such as whether the workplace environment is suitable for the maximization of productivity, and whether there are no obstacles to work in the workplace, to 60-70% of all employees by the fiscal year ending March 2024
  • Health Performance Index
    • Percentage of employees undergoing health checks: 100% by the fiscal year ending March 2021
    • Medical questionnaire response rate: 100% by the fiscal year ending March 2021
    • Percentage of employees undergoing stress checks: 90% or higher by the fiscal year ending March 2021
    • Smoking rate: Reduction by 0.5% compared to the previous fiscal year
  • Mental Health Promotion Plan
    • The following targets have been set to be achieved in the five-year period up to the fiscal year ending March 2021.
    • All employees, including managers, shall understand mental health issues, and become able to fulfill his or her own role in promoting mental health
    • Fully establish and permeate the stress check system
    • Achievement of a 100% response rate in the regular medical questionnaire
  • Workplace Accident Targets (FY 2021)
    • Zero workplace accidents
    • Zero fatal accidents

Our stories

The relocation of our Head Office was just the catalyst.
The fundamental goal of Work-X is the transformation of behavior throughout the global group.