Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Build an organization with integrity

Strengthen our governance and compliance as a corporate group trusted by society.

Recognition of Societal Issues

Mitsui aims to achieve sustainable growth as a company that is trusted by society by continually contributing through the realization of business that has value for society. To achieve this goal, we recognize that it is vital to raise awareness of integrity among all officers and employees (including ensuring compliance), as well as the enhancement of corporate governance structures and reinforcement of internal control.

In supply chain management, we recognize the growing importance of consideration for human rights and labor, safety and health, business ethics, environmental management, and other aspects, to ensure the sustainability of procurement, production, logistics, sales, and consumption.

  • Raising integrity awareness, including ensuring compliance among all officers and employees
  • Reinforcement of corporate governance and internal control
  • Expanding responsibility in supply chains in terms of the environment and society
  • Increasing importance of consideration for human rights in supply chains (e.g. labor practices, and impact on local communities)

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Compliance violations, including anti-competitive actions, corruption, and bribery, resulting from a lack of integrity awareness on the part of officers and employees
  • Business stagnation, scandals, and other situations resulting from dysfunctional corporate governance and internal control, leading to a failure to take appropriate management decisions, and the loss of stakeholder confidence as a consequence of such situations
  • Reputational damage resulting from human rights violations and environmental loads in supply chains


  • Organizational revitalization and improvement in the company’s reputation through initiatives to raise the integrity awareness of officers and employees, including measures to ensure compliance
  • Sustainable improvement of corporate value through achievement of highly effective corporate governance and the continuous review
  • Improvement of value and reliability across entire value chains through consideration for the environment, human rights, labor, and local communities in the entire supply chains


Mitsui & Co.’s Approach


  • Achievement of 100% awareness of our Supply Chain CSR Policy among new suppliers

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Theme Related SDGs Initiatives by Mitsui & Co. Related policies and guidelines Identifying material topics in GRI
Integrity and Compliance GENDER EQUALITYREDUCED INEQUALITIESPEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS To maintain its reputation as a company that is truly trusted by society, the Mitsui & Co. group is working at the global group level to ensure the compliance awareness of its employees and build an organization with integrity.
  • Mitsui & Co. Group Conduct Guidelines “With Integrity”
  • Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
  • Code of Conduct in relation to the Prevention of Cartels
  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Global Tax Management Policy
Anti-competitive Behavior
Socioeconomic Compliance
Corporate Governance & Internal Controls PEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS In structuring the corporate governance framework, Mitsui & Co. places emphasis on “improved transparency and accountability” and “clarification of the division of roles between management oversight and execution.” In the construction of internal control processes, various systems are implemented in accordance with the basic framework of the internal control indicated by the Business Accounting Council, an advisory body to the Financial Services Agency of Japan.
  • Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Corporate Governance and Internal Control Principles
Economic Performance
Risks Management GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGCLIMATE ACTIONPEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS Business areas affected by high qualitative risks relating to the environment, society, governance, and other aspects are classified as “specially designated businesses,” and business initiatives in these areas are implemented under the specially designated business management system.
  • Specially Designated Business Management System
Economic Performance
Human Rights Assessment
Local Communities
Customer Health and Safety
Information is a vital business asset. Mitsui recognizes the importance of appropriate information management and implements measures to protect personal information and cyber-security measures.
  • Rules on Information Management
  • Rules on Information System Management
  • Rules on IT Security
  • Information Security Policy
  • Personal Information Protection Guidelines
  • Rules on the Protection of Personal Information
We regard business continuity in the event of disasters as an important priority. Under our business continuity management (BCM) system, we formulate and regularly review a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure that we will be able to maintain effective management structures.
  • Business Continuity Management Policy
  • Rules on Emergency Business Continuity Management
Promotion of Supply Chain Management ZERO HUNGERGOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGCLEAN WATER AND SANITATIONAFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGYDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHREDUCED INEQUALITIESRESPONSIBLE CONSUMPITION AND PRODUCTIONCLIMATE ACTIONLIFE BELOW WATERLIFE ON LANDPEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONSPARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS Mitsui has built diverse supply chains throughout the world to provide a wide range of functions and services. In order to find solutions to various issues in supply chains, we place focus on complying with laws, respecting human rights, maintaining safe and sanitary working conditions, reducing environmental load, and ensuring consumer safety and confidence in relation to products and services. Together with our business partners, we endeavor to meet society’s expectations. Specifically, we conduct supplier surveys based on our Supply Chain CSR Policy every year to monitor the status of our suppliers’ sustainability measures, and conduct on-site surveys with certain suppliers.
  • Supply Chain CSR Policy
Supplier Environmental Assessment
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Child Labor
Forced or Compulsory Labor
Human Rights Assessment
Supplier Social Assessment

Our stories

Our stories

Integrity can be thought of as thinking for oneself about what is right, in light of one’s own conscience and dignity, and then acting accordingly