Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Build an organization with integrity

Strengthen our governance and compliance as a corporate group trusted by society.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Raising integrity awareness, including ensuring compliance among all officers and employees
  • Reinforcement of corporate governance and internal control

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Compliance violations, including anti-competitive actions, corruption, and bribery, resulting from a lack of integrity awareness on the part of officers and employees
  • Business stagnation, scandals, and other situations resulting from dysfunctional corporate governance and internal control, leading to a failure to take appropriate management decisions, and the loss of stakeholder confidence as a consequence of such situations
  • Information security problems
  • Loss of customers and damage to our corporate reputation resulting from the suspension of important business processes in the event of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, epidemics, or other contingencies


  • Organizational revitalization and improvement in reputation through initiatives to raise the integrity awareness of officers and employees, including measures to ensure compliance
  • Sustainable improvement of corporate value through achievement of highly effective corporate governance and continuous review

Major Initiatives

Integrity and Compliance

  • Efforts at the global group level to build an organization with integrity to maintain its reputation as a company that is truly trusted by society
  • Establishment and enhancement of the compliance framework and provision of compliance education/training to further ensure the compliance awareness of our employees
  • Facilitating communication and fostering a "speak up" culture

Corporate Governance & Internal Controls

  • Emphasis on improved transparency and accountability, and clarification of the division of roles between management oversight and execution
  • Implementation of various systems in accordance with the basic framework of the internal control indicated by the Business Accounting Council, an advisory body to the Financial Services Agency of Japan

Risk Management

  • Cautious execution of business initiatives under the specially designated business management system for business areas exposed to high qualitative risks relating to the environment, society, governance, and other aspects that are classified as "specially designated businesses"
  • Implementation of measures to protect personal information and cyber-security to appropriately manage information, our vital business asset
  • Formulation and periodic review of the business continuity plan (BCP) under the business continuity management (BCM) system

Our stories

I believe that the interaction between companies and employees mutually acting with integrity leads to sustained growth for the group.