Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Enhance quality of life

Contribute to the betterment of living standards and the development of local industries to realize sustainable societies globally.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Infrastructure development in developing and emerging countries
  • Aging infrastructure in developed countries
  • Health maintenance, provision of healthcare, nursing, and welfare services
  • Consideration for indigenous peoples in relation to resource development and other activities
  • Expanding responsibility and increasing importance of consideration for human rights in supply chains (e.g., labor practices and impact on local communities)
  • Contribute to community revitalization

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Reputational damage resulting from safety and health problems affecting infrastructure users
  • Decline in competitiveness due to the diversification of information dissemination methods and fund procurement means
  • Decline in service standards and other issues due to a shortage of healthcare personnel
  • Reputational damage resulting from human rights violations and environmental loads in supply chains


  • Development of sustainable infrastructure for improvement of living standards in developing and emerging countries
  • Changes in disease structure due to population growth/economic development and increase in healthcare needs due to aging
  • Creation of markets by promoting ICT-based business to build urban social infrastructure in response to the move toward developing smart cities
  • Market expansion by meeting diversifying consumer needs
  • Improvement of value and reliability across entire value chains through consideration for the environment, human rights, labor, and local communities in the entire supply chain

Materiality Action Plans

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Segment Business unit Business field Response to issues Target
(assuming a date by 2030)
Actions and performance indices
for achieving the target
Current status/progress
Mineral & Metal Resources Mineral & Metal Resources Mineral and metal resources business development We will contribute to the stabilization and development of local economies through sustainable resource development that takes local communities into consideration. Cooperate with our project partners and the local communities, contribute to the development of national and local economies. Conduct sustainable development by monitoring legal systems and continuing dialogue with project partners and local communities. We are continuing dialogue with local governments, project partners and local communities.
Energy Energy I, Energy II Energy development We will contribute to regional economic development through the promotion of our development projects. Through collaboration with local governments and communities, contribute to the development of national and regional economies associated with our development projects. Develop new regional infrastructure, create communities, and create local employment. We are working on infrastructure development based on the demands and potential needs of each country/region, and the creation of communities.
Energy Energy I, Energy II Energy supply Through the supply of relatively clean and competitive energy (gas, LNG), we will assist in the development of local economies and gradual energy transitions. Supply energy that supports the sustainable economic development of each country. Provide stable LNG supply, and supply and demand adjustment functions by strengthening portfolio and logistics functions. We are working to expand our portfolio to strengthen our supply of LNG, which has a relatively low environmental impact, to contribute to energy transitions around the world.
  • In December 2022 we agreed to an extension of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for Tangguh LNG Project in Indonesia to 2055.
Machinery & Infrastructure Infrastructure Projects Centralized renewable energy/distributed power generation We will contribute to improve living standards in developing and emerging countries through our efforts in the distributed power generation business. Provide sustainable and clean power generation centered on solar power in India and sub-Saharan Africa's non-electrified areas. Particularly in India, aim to supply electricity to 1.2 million people through OMC Power, and to expand to Africa and other countries. Build a sustainable mini-grid business business model centered on India and OMC Power. OMC Power is a leader in the distributed mini-grid business in India. In rural areas of India, where power supply is unstable, OMC Power combines solar power generation and storage batteries to provide stable, environmentally friendly, locally produced and consumed power to cell phone base stations, stores, and local communities.
Machinery & Infrastructure Infrastructure Projects General power/new areas/services We will work on infrastructure to solve social problems such as food supply, financial services, health promotion, population growth, urbanization, and digitization.
  • Expand production of crops in Africa and improve the quality of life for small-scale African farmers.
  • Establish a sustainable supply chain for agricultural products using DX.
  • Develop high-capacity communication lines.
  • Promote demonstration projects that aim to create SDG premiums by visualizing social and environmental impacts in the production process of African agricultural products, and ensuring traceability through supply chains.
  • Commercialize the establishment of a sustainable supply chain for agricultural products using DX (after assessing their feasibility).
  • Lay and operate international submarine communication cable systems.
  • We are engaged in an initiative to collect data on African agricultural products, and use that data to deliver global customers final products that come with the stories behind them, with the aim of generating value in that data and returning it to the farmers, thereby promoting the expansion of sustainable agriculture production. We are currently working on a pilot project for cotton in Zambia. In the future, we aim to expand the project to other agricultural products such as coffee and cacao.
  • We are currently working with NTT Group and JA Mitsui Leasing on the installation, operation and sale of a new submarine cable system between Japan and the U.S.
Machinery & Infrastructure Mobility I Transportation infrastructure We will contribute to the sustainable growth of emerging countries through the development and expansion of transportation and infrastructure for daily life. Contribute to the sustainable growth of emerging countries through local employment and improvement of local living standards after completion of construction accompanying our transportation infrastructure operations. Promote projects through dialogue and harmony with local communities.
Strengthen supply chain management when ordering project materials and equipment.
We are working on a project to build a dedicated freight rail line to enhance freight transport capacity between Delhi and Mumbai, India's largest industrial zone.
Machinery & Infrastructure Mobility II Shipping We will provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, competitive ships and services to meet the ever-expanding demand for marine transportation as the world economy grows. Use DX to select the optimal shipping routes to save fuel and use new technologies such as new kinds of fuels to help reduce the environmental burden of shipping and enable sustainable growth of maritime industries. Increase our efforts with global partners in each area of the world (shipyards, shipowners, shipowners). Showcase initiatives for utilizing the technological capabilities of Japanese manufacturers. With emission reduction in the shipping industry becoming a global issue, in April 2021 we became a strategic partner of the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping (MMMCZCS), a not-for-profit international research and development center dedicated to the decarbonization of the shipping industry. From May 2022, we dispatched a secondee to work with other partners to solve technical and commercial issues in the use of low-carbon fuels for marine vessels.
Chemicals Basic Materials Performance monomer We will contribute to improve the world's QOL by demonstrating our material design capabilities. Establish new businesses and new business groups in the specialty chemical field, as one part of the growth driver of our Basic Materials Business Unit. Promote business strategies and manage milestones for materials-related businesses such as high-performance resin raw materials and coatings, as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical raw materials. We are expanding our business development in each area by leveraging our deepening partnerships with Honshu Chemical Industry, Kansai Paint and others.
Chemicals Performance Materials Consumer products business Through our consumer products business (personal care products, hygiene products, cosmetics, etc.) we will improve quality of life. Procure products and raw materials based on consumer needs. Conduct development and marketing in this field. Develop products utilizing unique Japanese technologies and execute overseas activities with deep market analysis and digital marketing approach.
  • We are promoting new high-quality skincare products for U.S. consumers.
  • We are establishing a business base aimed to promote high-quality skincare products in Brazil.
Chemicals Nutrition & Agriculture Wellness business We will respond to the increasing added value of food and health needs as the middle class grows and the population ages through science. Establish a business base that responds to wellness, mainly in Japan and Asia.
  • Establish a food science business base in the Japanese and Asian markets.
  • Establish a business base to provide personalized pre-illness solutions to consumers in the Japanese and Asian markets through the provision of health checks/medical forecasts/and high value-added supplements.
  • We are enhancing and promoting the expansion of our subsidiary BFS (Bussan Food Science) and Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd., our investee, into Asia.
  • Through our investment in Thorne Research of the U.S., we are expanding into the wellness field.
  • We have invested in a business engaged in the manufacturing and sales of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Singapore, pursuing synergies with Thorne Asia.
  • We operate a business in Japan providing solutions for preventive health.
Iron & Steel Products Iron & Steel Products General infrastructure maintenance We will contribute to lengthen the service life of existing infrastructure. In collaboration with partners who possess high technological abilities, contribute to spread the preventive maintenance business that uses Japan's excellent maintenance technology throughout the world, to build environmentally friendly infrastructure. Expand services, products, and areas provided for in the general infrastructure maintenance business. We are currently promoting our maintenance business in Thailand together with Sho-Bond Corporation, a general infrastructure maintenance company. We will extend the life of infrastructure through preventive maintenance such as repair and reinforcement.
Iron & Steel Products Iron & Steel Products Structural steel production We will contribute to the construction of environmentally friendly infrastructure in emerging markets. Create a recycling network through the recycling and production of environmentally friendly materials. Use new sources of energy, set up production and supply systems that have a low environmental burden, and expand the supply areas in Asia for products that are environmentally friendly. As an initiative in the electric furnace business that can reuse iron scrap to produce steel, we have invested (20% ownership) in Thai electric arc furnace steel manufacturer/Siam Yamato Steel.
Lifestyle Food Trading We will further strengthen our efforts to eradicate child labor and respect human rights in our supply chains.
  • Make our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy gets through to our suppliers.
  • Hold regular dialogue through supplier questionnaires and on-site inspections.
Report the completion of sending the policy to all suppliers of our business units and consolidated subsidiaries and disclose monitoring implementation status. We have sent the policy to all suppliers of our business unit and consolidated subsidiaries. In addition, some suppliers have been sent supplier questionnaires, and we have conducted on-site inspections and other human rights due diligence.
Lifestyle Retail Fashion/textiles We will carefully consider the environment and human rights throughout the business value chain in this area, and are improve the value and reliability of the entire value chain. Disseminate our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy and raise awareness for the environment and human rights in our business supply chain.
  • Send our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy to all suppliers and make them aware of it.
  • Work hard to improve the traceability of the products we handle.
Our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy has been sent to all suppliers and been made known.
Lifestyle Wellness Hospital/clinic business To meet the rapidly increasing demand for medical care in countries centered on Asia, against a backdrop of population growth, expansion of middle-income group, aging population, changes in disease patterns, etc., we will strive to improve people's health through improved access to medical care. By achieving value-based healthcare*, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the medical system.
* In value-based healthcare, each stakeholder aims to maximize outcomes and optimize costs to provide high-value medical care to patients.
Improve access to quality medical care in countries centered on Asia, and achieve Value-Based Healthcare.
  • Introduce digital technology and AI to improve medical access and efficiently allocate medical resources.
  • Rationalize group-wide procurement to help control medical costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Build a healthcare data platform with the aim of maximizing outcomes and optimizing costs by utilizing data.
  • In collaboration with the government, we are providing infrastructure for accepting new COVID-19, PCR tests, and vaccination.
  • We have introduced an online medical care service to quickly respond to the non-contact needs of patients. Partial cost reductions have begun to be realized by rationalizing procurement across the group.
Innovation & Corporate Development IT & Communication IT Service and Cyber Security We will contribute to the creation of prosperous and safe lifestyles through the utilization of ICT in fields such as DX and cybersecurity. Expand existing businesses, including realizing DX for customer companies and providing cybersecurity services. Expand the scale of business and create new businesses.
  • Through Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (MKI), a subsidiary, we are providing consulting, building, and operation services for IT systems, data center and cloud services, and the sale of IoT devices and manufacturing equipment.
  • Through Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc. (MBSD), a subsidiary, we are providing diagnostic, oversight, and consulting services related to cybersecurity.
Innovation & Corporate Development IT & Communication Healthcare utilizing DX We will contribute to the creation of prosperous and safe lifestyles through healthcare IT business. Provide advanced healthcare IT services by expanding current businesses. Expand the scale of business and create new businesses.
  • Through iMedical Inc., an affiliated company, we operate a remote diagnostic imaging business for attending physicians that uses remote medical imaging technology in which medical images are read and diagnosed remotely by specialists.
  • north star Co., Ltd., an affiliate company in which we invested in February 2021, operates "Kids Doctor", which offers pediatric health consultation services, and appointment services of online diagnosis and home visit. Leveraging the knowledge of this business, we released "Pet Doctor," an online pet consultation service, in November 2022.
  • Xeureka Inc., a subsidiary of the Company established in November 2021, provides AI drug discovery support services and conducts drug discovery R&D through joint research. In March 2023, the U.S. supercomputer giant NVIDIA and Xeureka announced the "TOKYO-1" project, which aims for full-scale transformation of the overall healthcare industry, centered on drug discovery. As a Mitsui subsidiary, Xeureka will be responsible for the actual operation of the project.
  • Innoxia Inc., also a subsidiary of the Company, established in November 2021, is engaged in business providing various DX solutions to medical institutions, mainly hospitals.
Innovation & Corporate Development Corporate Development Real Estate asset management We will provide solutions for longstanding social issues in the U.S., where the aging and nuclearization of society is reaching an advanced stage, through the ownership and operation of senior living properties. Raise awareness of our senior living properties as an option for U.S. seniors to spend an enriching old age and contribute to build pleasant regional communities.
  • Continue to raise the quality of the main business' services and properties.
  • Increase the scale of the business and work together with various partners to develop properties that offer high added value.
  • We have advanced a senior living properties business for over 30 years, particularly in the west of the U.S. We currently manage 38 properties offering around 4,200 rooms.
  • We are aiming to attract large amounts of pro-social investment from the capital markets through JV projects with Japanese investors, and the creation of private placement funds so that we can operate excellent assets and provide high-quality services.