Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Enhance quality of life

Contribute to the betterment of living standards and the development of local industries to realize sustainable societies globally.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Infrastructure development in developing and emerging countries
  • Aging infrastructure in developed countries
  • Health maintenance, provision of healthcare, nursing, and welfare services
  • Consideration for indigenous peoples in relation to resource development and other activities
  • Expanding responsibility and increasing importance of consideration for human rights in supply chains (e.g., labor practices and impact on local communities)

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Reputational damage resulting from safety and health problems affecting infrastructure users
  • Decline in competitiveness due to the diversification of information dissemination methods and fund procurement means
  • Decline in service standards and other issues due to a shortage of healthcare personnel
  • Reputational damage resulting from human rights violations and environmental loads in supply chains


  • Development of sustainable infrastructure for improvement of living standards in developing and emerging countries
  • Changes in disease structure due to population growth/economic development and increase in healthcare needs due to aging
  • Creation of markets by promoting ICT-based business to build urban social infrastructure in response to the move toward developing smart cities
  • Market expansion by meeting diversifying consumer needs
  • Improvement of value and reliability across entire value chains through consideration for the environment, human rights, labor, and local communities in the entire supply chain

Major Initiatives

Enhancement of Quality of Life and Social Infrastructure

  • Contribution to the enhancement of local and social infrastructures that are essential for sustainable growth and development, particularly through promotion of projects in relation to renewable energy, water treatment, water supply and sewerage, logistics, railroads, and communications
  • Promotion of sustainable development and community investments aimed at creating employment at the regional level in developing and emerging countries where population growth and economic development is significant

Health and Aging Society

  • Contribution to the advancement of healthcare in terms of access, quality, and efficiency by responding to diverse medical needs due to population growth and aging

Increasingly Diverse Consumer Needs

  • Provision of products and services that meet diverse consumer needs

Respect for Human Rights

  • Respect human rights in its activities as a group and also aim to promote respect for human rights in collaboration with our business partners
  • Formulation of a human rights policy and implementation of human rights due diligence
  • Provision of human rights training programs aimed at raising awareness among officers and employees

Supply Chain Management

  • Meeting society's expectations together with business partners by complying with laws, respecting human rights, maintaining safe and sanitary working conditions, reducing environmental load, and ensuring consumer safety and confidence in relation to products and services
  • Conducting surveys to monitor the status of sustainability measures in supply chains (supplier on-site surveys)


  • Achievement of 100% awareness of our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy among new suppliers

Social Contribution Activities

  • Promotion of initiatives that are aimed at local community revitalization in partnership with local communities
  • Implementation of multifaceted initiatives at 74 locations of Mitsui’s Forests (approximately 44,000 hectares) throughout Japan
  • Provision of opportunities to allow young people to broaden their horizons and knowledge as global leaders, and to build various networks, through Mitsui-endowed lecture programs at universities and training programs in Japan, as well as through provision of scholarships in countries and regions where Mitsui operates its business
  • Operation of the Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund to support university research, and NPO/NGO activities targeting solutions for environmental problems

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