Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Enhance quality of life

Contribute to the betterment of living standards and the development of local industries to realize sustainable societies globally.

Recognition of Societal Issues

Mitsui recognizes the importance of creating a global sustainable society through our contributions to the improvement of living standards, community development, sustainable infrastructure development, the transition to a sharing economy, the improvement of educational environments, and the creation of employment opportunities in the countries and regions where we engage in business. We also place great importance on the creation of society in which people can enjoy healthy and psychologically fulfilling lives. Furthermore, as a company that has built diverse value chains in countries and regions throughout the world, we recognize respect for human rights under international standards as the foundation for sustainability management.

  • Infrastructure development in developing and emerging countries
  • Aging infrastructure in developed countries
  • Transition to the sharing economy
  • Health maintenance, provision of healthcare, nursing, and welfare services, consideration for indigenous peoples in relation to resource development and other activities

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Reputational damage resulting from safety and health problems affecting infrastructure users
  • Decline in competitiveness due to the diversification of information dissemination methods and fund procurement means
  • Decline in service standards and other issues due to a shortage of healthcare personnel


  • Development of sustainable infrastructure for improvement of living standards in developing and emerging countries
  • Business expansion through the development of the sharing economy and healthcare eco-systems
  • The creation of social infrastructure development markets based on ICT use in response to the trend toward smart cities
  • Development of new business based on the utilization of alternative financing methods, such as crowd funding and block chain systems
  • Service improvement through the securing of healthcare human resources
  • Market expansion by meeting diversifying consumer needs


Mitsui & Co.’s Approach

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Theme Related SDGs Initiatives by Mitsui & Co. Related policies and guidelines Identifying material topics in GRI
Enhancement of Quality of Life and Social Infrastructure GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGCLEAN WATER AND SANITATIONAFFORDABLE AND CLEAN ENERGYDECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHINDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURESUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIESPARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS As a company engaging in business operations in various countries and regions worldwide, we continue contributing to the enhancement of quality of life through the development of local and social infrastructures that are essential for sustainable growth and development, promotion of various projects in relation to, in particular, electric power, water treatment, water supply and sewerage, logistics, railroads, communications, and a shift to a sharing economy.   Indirect Economic Impacts
Local Communities
Responding to Health Needs and the Needs of an Aging Society ZERO HUNGERGOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEINGSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES Mitsui has responded to the global trend towards the aging of the population by developing senior housing business and providing basic healthcare and other services geared toward a changing disease structure. In Asia, where healthcare demand is expected to expand rapidly due to population growth, economic expansion, and demographic aging, we are strengthening our business base centered on hospitals, which we see as core elements in the healthcare eco-system. Other priority areas include building up of hospital ancillary service business, an area with strong growth potential, and development of new business, such as prevention, disease management, remote healthcare and personalized medicine through digital transformation and introduction of innovative technologies. We will contribute to the advancement of healthcare from the perspectives of accessibility, quality and efficiency.
In Japan, lifestyle disease and unbalanced eating habits are becoming a problem, though the amount of calories and carbohydrates we intake is decreasing. This could be due to an increase of processed foods that are soft and easy to chew with a higher degree of purification, which speeds up digestion and absorption. At Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd., an associated company of Mitsui, we focus on carbohydrates (sugars) which have a characteristic of fast absorption and are the highest intake of man among energy producing nutrients. We name the slowing down of digestion and absorption of food (especially carbohydrates) as "slow calorie", and are conducting awareness-raising activities of “slow calorie”, as well as development, support, and promotion activities of products utilizing “slow calorie” in order to materialize our slogan, “create a healthy and robust body”.
  Indirect Economic Impacts
Local Communities
Responding to Increasingly Diverse Consumer Demand ZERO HUNGERRESPONSIBLE CONSUMPITION AND PRODUCTION With new needs and markets emerging along with a growing population and diversification of life styles, and global, diverse consumers gaining more power and their way of thinking being personalized in various ways, we are providing products and services that meet diverse consumer needs.   Indirect Economic Impacts
Local Communities
We strive to build better mutual understanding between Mitsui and the young people who will lead the next generation in various countries and regions where Mitsui operates its business by providing Mitsui-endowed lecture programs at universities and training programs in Japan, as well as through provision of scholarships. In addition, we engage in activities to allow these young people to broaden their horizons and knowledge as next-generation global leaders, and to build various networks.
In Mitsui’s forests at 74 locations (approximately 44,000 hectares) throughout Japan, we implement multifaceted initiatives under our Forest Management Policy.
Furthermore, we operate the Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund to support university research, and NPO/NGO activities targeted toward solving environmental problems.
  • Social Contributions Policy
  • Forest Management Policy
Economic Performance
Local Communities
Public Policy
Respect for Human Rights DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTHPEACE, JUSTICE AND STRONG INSTITUTIONS As a company engaging in business activities in many countries and regions around the world, we set our basic CSR policy as “to strive to understand the culture, traditions, and customs in each country and region and respect human rights based on international standards.”
As an example of our initiatives regarding indigenous peoples, in Japan we have signed an agreement in relation to Mitsui’s forests with the Biratori Ainu Association and the town of Biratori in Hokkaido, providing for cooperation in protection and fostering of Ainu traditional culture for future generations.
To raise the awareness of the management and employees regarding respect for human rights, we conduct e-learning and seminars, and implement measures to spread understanding of the UN Global Compact throughout the organization.
  • Basic CSR Policy
Security Practices
Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Human Rights Assessment

Our stories

Our stories

Our healthcare ecosystem project is a business for realizing sustainable healthcare development.
We aim to provide the best possible medical treatment for as many people as possible.