Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality

Secure sustainable supply of essential products

Ensure the sustainable and stable supply of resources, materials, food and manufactured products that are vital for the development of society.

Recognition of Societal Issues

  • Population growth and expanding demand for resources, energy, raw materials, food, manufactured products, etc.
  • Improvement of production and supply capacity to respond to climate change
  • Safety and security of food and manufactured products

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • Supply failures of resources, energy, raw materials, food, manufactured products, etc. caused by climate change, COVID-19, etc.
  • Reputational damage resulting from safety and health problems affecting the final consumers of food and manufactured products


  • Improvement of production and supply capacity through responding to the effects of climate change, COVID-19, etc.
  • Enhancement of competitiveness through the establishment of traceability, responsible marketing leading to demand expansion

Major Initiatives

Stable Supply of Resources, Energy, Materials, Food and Products

  • Stable and efficient supply of resources, raw materials, and manufactured products (such as metals, chemicals, energy, and food) through building optimal supply chains from upstream to downstream levels
  • Promotion of measures against climate change, abnormal weather events, and other disasters


  • Improvement of access to nutrition through the stable supply of food

Supplying Food and Products with Ensured Safety and Security

  • Provision of products in accordance with the Consumer Product Handling Policy, Consumer Product Handling Regulations, and detailed rules established by relevant business units
  • Traceability management in the food business area, and management of safety and security risks by holding regular food safety seminars
  • Promotion of responsible pharmaceutical marketing activities

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I am hoping for a future in which we are able to realize a world free from hunger through the effective use of biopesticides.