Mitsui & Co.’s Materiality 2015-2018

Stable Supply of Resources & Materials

Recognition of societal issues

The establishment of supply sources for resources, such as energy, metals, water, food resources, chemicals, and materials, as well as the stable supply of these resources and materials have become important social priorities because of demand expansion driven by population growth and the desire for a better standard of living, especially in emerging countries.

  • Population increase and expansion of demand for resources and materials
  • Expanded responsibility for environmental and social aspects in supply chains

Main risks and opportunities


Suspension of business operations and instability in the supply of energy and food resources because of climate change and population growth.


Sustainable resources development and food supply, reinforced competitiveness through consideration for the environment, labor and social aspects, and measures to ensure traceability across entire supply chains.


Mitsui’s Approach

We work with suppliers, users, and business partners in Japan and overseas to engage in resource development, production, product distribution, processing, and recycling initiatives in various parts of the world. We also strive to build optimized supply chains through the improvement of infrastructure and logistics, including the development of railroad transportation and port facilities. At the same time, we work to identify sustainability priorities and achieve comprehensive improvements and solutions across the supply chain as a whole.

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Theme Related policies and guidelines, and targets set Identifying material topics Boundary
Within the organization Outside the organization
Resource Development, and the Securing and Stable Supply of Materials and Food, and Improvement in Access to Nutrition Improvement in access to nutrition through stable food supply Indirect Economic Impacts Target Target
Promotion of Supply Chain Management Supply Chain CSR Policy Supplier Environmental Assessment Target Target
Supplier Social Assessment Target Target
[Targets set]
 Ensuring that 100% of new suppliers are aware of the policy
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Target Target
Child Labor Target Target
Forced or Compulsory Labor Target Target