Message from the CEO of Mitsui & Co. Australia


"Build brighter futures, everywhere" as our corporate mission, we will create and grow businesses while addressing material issues for sustainable development.

COVID-19 has underlined the importance of strong environmental, social and governance principles and the need for sustainable and resilient solutions. Amid the disruption brought on by the pandemic, we must continue to focus on how our business can move forward, invest for growth and prosper in the broader economic context. Ensuring that we will be here in the long-term and we will be sustainable in the long term.

Working closely with our parent company, Mitsui & Co. Australia’s goal is to embed sustainability into everything we do. We recognise that our success is linked to meeting the needs of the present in a way that helps future generations. As society’s expectations of businesses continue to evolve, it is by focusing on delivering long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders that we can make the greatest impact.

Our vision is to build a mindset of integrity, sustainability and compliance in our employees. Our management style and board structure emphasises solid governance, fairness and transparency, empowering us to deliver.

We take this vision seriously – because it is the right thing to do and because it is integral to our collective success. Over the years, we have brought it to life through effective and lasting initiatives. We continue to explore opportunities to provide energy solutions, and invest in our employees and young Australians through our training and educational programs.

As we advance, we will continue to progress the positive social and environmental impact of our business. Mitsui & Co. Australia is committed to not only comply with the Australia’s Modern Slavery Act but to understand the human rights risks relevant to our business, and to take actions to address these risks. We are committed to continue to work closely with our parent company to address climate change issues relevant to our investments towards our goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

We are dedicated to working closely with our group companies to engage them in our sustainability efforts. I look forward to continuing to advance our endeavors in Australia and across the region for the benefit of the environment, our partners and society more broadly.

Masato Sugahara

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

* There is no legal continuation between the former Mitsui & Co. and the current Mitsui & Co.