Activities by Region


China: Lecture Program at Peking University (Peking University/Mitsui Innovation Forum)

In 2006, in conjunction with Peking University, we established an endowed lectureship called the Mitsui Innovation Forum at Peking University. This program brings in leading Japanese and Chinese company executives and distinguished scholars to present their views on "innovation" to an audience of young people who are poised to forge China's future. During the 16 years up to 2022, a total of 67 lectures were held. Of the special lectures delivered by Japanese lecturers, three were also delivered by successive presidents of Mitsui & Co. All of the lectures have attracted audiences numbering between 200 and 300 people, comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, graduates of the university, as well as individuals affiliated with leading corporations, and students from neighboring universities. Moreover, the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the Chinese youth attending the lectures has been clearly apparent, with some post-lecture question and answer sessions running for almost a full hour. The decision has been taken to extend this program for another five years after 2022, and we will make every effort to ensure that it continues not only to help foster the leaders to build China's future, but also to deepen reciprocal understanding between Japan and China and encourage interaction between the two nations.