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North America

The Mitsui USA Foundation

The Mitsui USA Foundation, established in 1987 in New York, is Mitsui USA's charitable arm for active, good corporate citizenship, running programs in U.S. communities where the Company does business. Historically, the Foundation has placed emphasis on higher education and employee participation. More recently, it has enhanced its giving to include the disabled community. Every year, the Foundation supports over 50 projects across the United States in four areas: education, community and disabled welfare, arts and culture, and action based on employee participation and corporate matching. Half of this budget is devoted to education-related activities, and there are many projects bearing the name of Mitsui USA.

The Mitsui USA Foundation : Community
The Mitsui USA Foundation : Lecture


Education is also a key area of activity for the Mitsui USA Foundation, as part of which it organizes Mitsui-Endowed Lecture Programs.
John Carroll University: begun in 1993, the Mitsui USA Distinguished Lecture series at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, is held at the opening of the university's East Asian Studies Program. This high-level lecture series hosts expert speakers on Japan and other Asian countries in areas including politics, economics, culture, and history. Baruch College, The City University of New York: begun in 1994, the Mitsui USA Lunch Time Forum is held six times a year and hosts speakers from academia and the business world. The panel discussions on global issues have been well received and the program has proved very popular, attracting an audience of almost 200 including not only leading members of the university faculty, but also New York City employees and business people.
Columbia University: inaugurated in 2000, the CJEB/Mitsui USA Symposium is held once a year and sees speakers and panelists engage with graduate students and experts in animated question and answer sessions on a wide range of subjects, from analysis of the global economy to cutting-edge hedge fund techniques. Including a reception, the event provides a forum for effective interaction.
Other activities include scholarship programs for approximately 60 university students at some 40 universities in the U.S.

Community and Disabled Welfare

Among our wide-ranging support activities are the following programs: Citymeals-on-Wheels, which delivers meals to elderly people; and Special Olympics NY, which offers a wide range of sports training and sporting events to people with intellectual disabilities.

Arts & Culture

Our activities here include support for Midori & Friends Foundation "Making Music" programs, which provide children in East Harlem, NYC. with flute, clarinet, saxophone, vocal and rhythm lessons.

Employee Voluntary Activities

Support for Mitsui USA VTF (Volunteer Task Force) activities; March of Dimes walker participation; "Matching Gift" Program, whereby employees' individual donations are matched with an equal donation from Mitsui.

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The Mitsui Canada Foundation

The Mitsui Canada Foundation was established in 1981 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. with the mission of promoting culture and education. In the field of Japanese language education, the Foundation donates to a Japanese speech contest, and Mitsui & Co. (Canada) provides judges for it. The Foundation also awards a scholarship to a University of Toront student who is going to study in Japan. In the field of community welfare, the foundation supports a Japanese Canadian Cultural Center and gives assistance to facilities providing nursing care to elderly Japanese Canadians and Japanese residents in Canada. It also provides donations to six major Canadian universities, (Alberta, Calgary, British Columbia, Regina, Queen's, and McGill).

The Mitsui Canada Foundation

Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation

Together with its local subsidiaries and associated companies, Mitsui Bussan do Brasil established the Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation in February 2008. The Foundation supports activities aimed at cultivating human resources able to contribute to the development of friendship and the expansion of cultural exchange between Japan and Brazil.

Mitsui Bussan do Brasil Foundation