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Message from the President

President & Chief Executive Officer

Katsurao Yoshimori

I was named President and CEO of Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. in April 2018. I look forward to leading Mitsui USA as we continue to grow and develop innovative and ground-breaking businesses across the U.S. and the Americas, as well as reinforcing our existing businesses, cultivating new areas, and addressing key solutions to the needs of our customers.

Mitsui USA is proud of the numerous, excellent partnerships we have forged throughout the region and across business areas. We are committed to “360° business innovation” that creates new investments and businesses in line with our mission to lead to a future where the aspirations of people are met.

By combining the unique capabilities of a strong local presence with our comprehensive global network, Mitsui USA is meeting the challenges of today and creating the opportunities of tomorrow.