Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

Our Business

Consumer Service Business

Business Fields

  • Services
    Outsourcing Services: Contract Food, Facility Management, Biomedical Engineering and other non-clinical Healthcare related services
    Human Capital Management Services: Staffing, Education and Training services
  • Real estate
    Senior Living Properties, Single Family Home and Multi-family Apartment Development, other Real Estate related services
  • Medical and healthcare
    Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical manufacturing support services, pharmaceutical distribution activities, product and company investment
    Healthcare: ambulatory healthcare service and innovative hospital management services
  • Fashion
    Brand Management and Marketing, Apparel and Textile sourcing, Fashion E-commerce.
  • Housing and Industrial Materials
    Value Chain Management of Housing Materials, Woodchip to Paper, Tire and Glass, etc.

Major Activities

Major Activities

Mitsui USA's (MUSA) Consumer Service Business Division operates in the following four areas:

  • Real estate: MUSA's growing real estate development arm, MBK Real Estate LLC ("MRE"), headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a full-service real estate development company with operations throughout the Western US. The company's core activities are undertaken through its two wholly-owned operating divisions: MBK Homes, which is engaged in building award-winning single family home as well as multi-family apartment residential communities; and MBK Senior Living, with expertise in senior living facilities.
  • Services: MUSA is actively seeking investment opportunities in the Outsourcing and Human Capital Management domains. MUSA owns a minority stake in Synergis Education Inc., a provider of on-line, on-ground and hybrid program management services to Universities across the country. In the healthcare staffing sector, Mitsui owns The Delta Companies as well as a minority stake in the CSI Companies.
  • Healthcare: With the changing environment in the U.S. healthcare system – a growing elderly population, skyrocketing medical expenditures, and recent regulatory reform – Mitsui USA is developing businesses to help achieve higher quality and more efficient care that truly reflects consumer needs. Examples of Mitsui USA group companies include Sanderling Renal Services in dialysis services and Pipeline Rx in telepharmacy staffing and IT system service to hospitals.
  • Lifestyle: We offer a variety of products in the textile field such as industrial fibers and fabrics and fashion brands, as well as housing and industrial materials and pharmacy automation devices, focusing on value-addedand differentiated products from and to Japan and Asian countries. In the area of fashion brand management, Mitsui owns a luxury men’s apparel, Paul Stuart Inc.

Mitsui USA also targets new investments and businesses that contribute to better living in all aspects of consumers' lifestyles and that respond to emerging consumer trends, not only in the U.S. but in Japan, Europe and Asia as well.