Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

Our Business


Business Fields

  • Automotive and Commercial Vehicles
    Logistics, sub-assembling, distribution / retail, leasing / rental / financing.
  • Construction & Mining Machine, Industrial Machine, Robotics
    IDistribution / retail and after-service, construction machine rental, factory-automation, industrial robotics
  • Aviation
    Leasing / financing, sale and purchase of aircraft and engine
  • Shipping
    Brokering of newbuilding / chartering commercial vessel
  • Land Transportation
    Leasing / financing of land transportation unit

Major Activities

Mitsui USA manages businesses related to motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction & industrial machines, mining machines, aviation, shipping & land transportation projects related to Mobility.
Mitsui USA deal with a wide- range of products and services that are connected to many industries especially where there are customers with transportation needs, which provides us with tremendous opportunities to work with other business units.
Based on the expertise accumulated through working in many areas of Mobility value-chain, from downstream to upstream, we are equipped with the ability of sub-assembling & automation in manufacturing, on-road logistics, distribution/retail sales and maintenance, leasing & rental and financing, operation of railroad and transportation systems.

Our strategic group companies include: Ellison Technologies Inc., Road Machinery Group Companies, Mitsui Automotriz S.A.