Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

Our Business

Iron & Steel Products

Since the 1960s, Mitsui USA has been a leading value chain provider, specializing in trading of steel products, streamlining processes at each step of the value chain, managing inventory, process coordination, as well as focusing on further value creation through steel related investment activities.

Mineral & Metal Resources

Specializing in the mining, distribution and recycling of iron ore, aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, titanium, manganese, petroleum coke, direct reduced iron, etc., as well as recycling of e-waste and municipal recyclables.

Infrastructure Projects

Mitsui USA provides total project development and management services supported by decades of collaborative experience with regional and global customers and partners.


Mitsui USA works closely with U.S. and Japanese automobile and parts manufacturers, car dealership groups, auto finance providers, Japanese construction machinery manufacturers, major oil and shipping companies, and regional airline companies.


Specializing in a broad range of chemical product chains, from upstream, such as basic raw materials associated with petrochemicals, to mid-stream product categories, including plastics, inorganic chemicals, agricultural chemicals and specialty chemicals.


Pursuing the development of a well-balanced energy resource portfolio to enhance our trading and marketing activities in order to meet customer energy needs, as well as focusing on environmental business development for the forthcoming low carbon society.

Foods & Retail

Operating in four business areas: food resources, food manufacturing, food retail and fashion/textile; Our global network covers the foods value chain from up-stream to down-stream.

Wellness Business

Operating in wellness field, which broadly covers the healthcare, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries.


Specializing in digital displays, computers, mobile products, network products, electronic component materials, IT software, IT solutions, consumer services and IT technologies for the green IT field.

Financial & New Business

Working closely with Mitsui's business areas and extending Mitsui's knowledge and strategic reach by focusing on the creation and execution of innovative investment opportunities through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and equity or debt placement.

Transportation Logistics

Coordinating sound supply chains and insurance practices, in addition to supporting the development of new transportation modes.