Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

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Business Fields

Focus Areas for New Business Development of Mitsui Americas
  • M2M
    We aim to create value-added services in M2M (machine-to-machine) related business fields and are now pursuing investments in companies that will be essential in order to realize our strategies. For the new business development, we will conduct a feasibility study with partner companies that intend to expand their businesses globally.
  • IT Service
    We believe that advanced SaaS (software as a service) providers lead changes/reforms on various industries globally. We aim to deploy the advanced IT service businesses, principally in Japan and APAC countries, through strategic partnerships with US-based advanced technology companies.
  • Healthcare and Big Data
    We believe that “Big Data” technology could fundamentally change the healthcare industry. We aim to develop partnerships (investment, business/technology partnering, etc.) with leading players in the US healthcare industry.
  • IT for Brazilian Industries
    We aim to develop innovative new businesses utilizing cutting edge IT in Brazilian industries, principally through collaboration with Japanese technology partners. Our primary focus areas include the leading industries in Brazil, such as agriculture, public infrastructure (energy, transportation, etc.) and healthcare.
Main Business Domain of IT Business BU (Global)
  • IT Innovation (Medical/Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy Management)
  • Internet/Mobile, IT Securities, Data Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Electronic Payment, e-Commerce, BPO, System Integration, Electronics Devices

Major Activities

Major Activities

We are taking initiatives in developing new innovative businesses that utilize state-of-the-art IT. To realize these initiatives, we are enhancing our business networks in various industries and deepening the industry expertise. Our focus areas for new business development are: M2M (Machine-to-Machine), IT Service (SaaS and Marketing Intelligence), healthcare and Big Data and IT for Brazilian industries.

We are also supporting further growth of the existing IT-related businesses of Mitsui’s global headquarters by researching cutting edge technologies / advanced services in the US. The current IT business portfolio includes: Internet/mobile marketing, electronic payment services, e-books, e-commerce, electronics devices, business process outsourcing, energy management, IT security and systems integration, among others.