Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

Our Business

Mineral & Metal Resources

Business Fields

  • Steel Making Raw Materials
    Iron ore, coal, petroleum coke, ferrous scrap, pig iron, DRI (Direct Reduced Iron)/HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron), ferroalloys, etc.
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
    Copper, nickel, cobalt, alumina, aluminum, etc.
  • Metal Recycling and Environmental Solutions

Major Activities

Mitsui USA engages in iron ore, coal, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, aluminum, copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, petroleum coke, direct reduced iron businesses.

Mitsui USA pursues business opportunities in the exploration, development and production of various mineral resources. Activities in the commodities and environmental business areas include trading, investment and providing relevant business solutions. For example, we coordinate the supply of mineral/metal resources to various markets such as United States, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries, as well as engaging in supply chain management (SCM) of petroleum coke from refineries to end customers, including domestic transportation and transoceanic distribution.

As a reliable supplier, Mitsui USA is committed to enhancing supply stability for our customers by investing in up-stream operations such as mines, providing ample supply of natural resources.

In order to maintain the sustainability of these industries, environmental awareness and protection is essential. This awareness underlies Mitsui USA's continuous efforts to contribute to developing metal recycling and e-recycling in the mineral and metal business field.