Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.


Job Vacancies

Please pay special attention to the qualifications for the position that you are interested in. Attach or insert your resume to a cover email which explains your qualifications for the position and any other related information. We cannot accept any telephone calls relating to career opportunities.

Mitsui USA does not accept telephone solicitations from employment agencies or any other organizations representing products or services in the recruiting area. Individual applicants will be notified by telephone should there be an interest. All resumes which do not fit the current needs of Mitsui USA are kept on file for a period of one year.

Mitsui USA will consider an individual as an applicant if the two following criteria are met:

  1. an applicant is someone who applies for a specific open position for which Mitsui USA is actively seeking candidates. These individuals must meet the pre-defined documented minimum requirements outlined in the position description.
  2. an applicant is any individual who applies for the position during the period that the application process remains open.

If an individual meets the requirements outlined, he/she will be considered an applicant, and the resume will be reviewed and remain on file for a minimum of one year. If the individual is not considered an applicant based on the criteria above, the resume will not be considered or retained.