Well-being, Occupational Health and Safety

Policies and Basic Approach

Since formulating the Mitsui Health Declaration in 2017, we have been engaged in health management to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our employees. In response to subsequent changes in people's health perspectives and working styles, in 2023 the Declaration was reformulated into the Mitsui's commitment to employee well-being. We aim to enhance the well-being of every individual employee so they can grow together with the organization. We will also continue to take measures to comply with the health and safety laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate.

Mitsui's Commitment to Employee Well-being

To fulfill Mitsui & Co.'s mission to "Build brighter futures, everywhere", we strive to be a company that enables diverse talent to come together, learn from one another, and achieve individual growth while contributing to the organization.

We consider "well-being" to be a state where each individual can embody our company's long-standing ethos of "Challenge & Innovation" with vigor and vitality.

Mitsui & Co. will enhance employee well-being by fostering a working environment where our people can be themselves, respect each other's values, and work energetically with a sense of purpose.

In doing so, we will put the utmost importance on the health and safety of all employees and everyone we work with around the world, as one Mitsui & Co. family.

Formulated in July 2023

Kenichi Hori
President & CEO

Health and Safety Policy

In conducting the business activities of the Mitsui & Co. group in countries and regions around the world, we will promote the development of workplace environments in which employees and officers can work to their full potential, and where each individual can work energetically, in good health, safely, in line with the Sustainability Policy and this Policy. To promote health and safety in our business activities, we will foster a culture in which each and every one of us can take responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and those around us.

Prioritizing Occupational Health and Safety
We will always place our highest priority toward the health and safety of our group employees and officers and all those involved with our businesses.
We will certainly promote measures based on the respective laws and regulations, as well as various initiatives to maintain and improve health, in order to enable creation of value at a higher level together with every employee and all our friends involved with our businesses.
We are dedicated to promoting the creation of workplaces and work environments where all employees and friends working together with them can work safely, free from occupational accidents, throughout the communities and regions where we conduct our operations. In pursuit of this goal, we will not only adhere to local laws and regulations but also strive for continuous improvement by incorporating best practices particular to each industry and providing necessary resources and training.

Formulated in August 2023

Yoshiaki Takemasu
Representative Director, Executive Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases

As a company with numerous overseas offices and branches, Mitsui recognizes the importance of responding to global health issues, such as Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV/AIDS. In addition to taking steps to protect employees working in locations where there is a high risk of infection, Mitsui also works actively to contribute to local communities, and provide periodic programs for them. Specifically, we run an in-house program that provides influenza vaccinations, for which approximately 2,000 employees apply every year. We also provide mouthwash and antiseptic solutions in every workplace as part of our efforts to prevent the occurrence and spreading of infections. In addition, we promote awareness-raising activities to make sure that employees can obtain in-depth knowledge of preventive methods for Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and dengue fever through providing related training and seminar programs. We also maintain a framework at the company level to ensure timely action through cooperation between workplaces and public health clinics, the Security Management Department, clinics, and industrial health staff, based on risk assessments and monitoring of the occurrence of infectious diseases while obtaining information about infectious diseases from overseas medical assistance firms and public health clinics.

In collaboration with Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society, we subsidize the cost of vaccinating children aged 13 and under against influenza, as children in this age group are regarded as having a high infection rate and the potential to develop serious diseases.

Business Continuity Management (BCM/BCP): Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Occupational Health and Safety in the Supply Chain

When dealing with new suppliers, we conduct a preliminary risk assessment covering various social issues such as occupational health and safety based on our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy and Procurement Policies for Specific Commodities and request that they understand these policies and implement them. For existing businesses and relevant suppliers, we conduct regular questionnaire surveys to gain an understanding of how their businesses are run with regard to occupational health and safety and other social issues such as safety in the event of a fire, use of personal protective equipment, and handling dangerous substances including chemical substances and pesticides. In addition to our initiatives to identify suppliers with occupational health and safety concerns, we carry out on-site inspections.

Supply Chain Management


Goals and Targets

Health Performance Index and Progress toward Targets

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Health Performance Index FY Mar/2021 FY Mar/2022 FY Mar/2023
Percentage of employees undergoing health checks: 100% 99.8% 100.0% 100.0%
Reexamination rate: 100% 66.4% 65.9% 72.2%
Percentage of employees undergoing stress checks: 90%
(Number of employees undergoing stress checks)
Smoking rate: Reduction by 0.5% compared to the previous fiscal year
(Year-on-year change)

Personnel Affairs Data

Sustainability Governance and Oversight

Well-being Framework

Under the leadership of the Representative Director, the Executive Vice President, CHRO, serving as the Chief Health and Safety Supervisor, we have created the following framework for promoting the enhancement of every individual employee's well-being, including the establishment of the Well-being Promotion Committee, and have been promoting health management throughout the company. The Committee reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Director in Charge of Promoting Well-being Management Yoshiaki Takemasu (Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)), Chief Health and Safety Supervisor
Deliberative body Well-being Promotion Committee, Health Committee
Department in Charge Human Resources & General Affairs Div.

Well-being Framework

Well-being Promotion Committee

In February 2017, Mitsui established the Health Promotion Committee under the basic policy of (1) promoting "Health and Productivity Management," which regards health management as a management priority, and (2) maintaining and enhancing employees' health through the implementation of "Health and Productivity Management" and improving the company's productivity. In line with subsequent changes in general perceptions on health, the "Health Declaration" was reformulated into the "Mitsui's Commitment to Employee Well-Being" in 2023, and the "Health Promotion Committee" was renamed the "Well-Being Promotion Committee." Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis, and the minutes of each meeting are uploaded on the company's intranet for the purpose of sharing the information among all employees. As part of our "collaborative health" program, through which we aim to implement effective measures for enhancing employees' health under a partnership between the health insurance union and the company (with company representatives including the Representative Director, the Executive Vice President in charge, the General Manager of the Human Resources & General Affairs Division, the head of the Health Management Center & Medical Clinic Dept. of Human Resources & General Affairs Division, occupational physicians, and other healthcare professionals), Mitsui and Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society will continue to work together to plan and decide on policies aimed at maintaining and enhancing employees' health, and to execute these policies. Positioned as the foundation of our human resources strategy, the promotion of well-being will be led by the Human Resources & General Affairs Division under the supervision of the Representative Director, Executive Vice President, CHRO, in collaboration with the Health Committee, in which employee representatives participate, alongside the heads of divisional HR and overseas HR management.

Health Committee

The Hygiene Committee headed by the Chief Health and Safety Supervisor (a position held concurrently by the Representative Director, the Executive Vice President in charge), consists of occupational physicians, health officers, employees recommended by management, and employees recommended by the labor union. The committee holds monthly meetings and discusses ways to improve working environments, ways to develop an appropriate framework, and other related matters based on the advice provided by qualified occupational physicians and health officers. Topics discussed by the committee include the results of workplace inspections, countermeasures based on those results, regular reports on long overtime hours, as well as implementation of regular health checks and stress checks, and influenza vaccination programs. The committee reflects members' opinions in safety and health measures to ensure employees' health and workplace safety. The committee also communicates with employees by posting the minutes of the committee's monthly meetings on the intranet.


Strategy Map

We promote employee well-being with the aim of enhancing the well-being of every individual employee so they can grow together with the organization.

Strategy Map

In-house Medical Clinic

We have established a clinic in our Head Office building and a medical treatment room in the Osaka Office. The clinic in the Head Office building covers a diverse range of specialist areas, including internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, E.N.T., psychosomatic medicine, and gynecology, and is equipped to provide medical consultations for employees. It also provides medical checkups for employees who are about to travel overseas or have returned from overseas assignments, as well as inoculations. Consultant physicians are assigned to each office in Japan to provide health management for employees working in those locations.
The Head Office Medical Clinic also started sublingual immunotherapy to improve productivity of employees with allergies to cedar pollen and dust mites.

Examinations at the Head Office Medical Clinic

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(Unit: persons)

  FY Mar/2019 FY Mar/2020 FY Mar/2021 FY Mar/2022 FY Mar/2023
Examinations (total number of people examined) at the Head Office Medical Clinic 14,541 12,567 4,895 4,024 5,462

* Due to the effects of COVID-19, restricted clinic visits in FY Mar/2021 to prevent the spread of infection resulted in a significant decrease in the number of examinees

Medical Examinations

We provide multiple regular in-house medical examination opportunities per year, and employees are able to view the results of their own examinations on the intranet. Mitsui and Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society are also working collaboratively toward the prevention and early detection of lifestyle diseases and other conditions, and the provision of enhanced health advisory services, through the implementation of the following measures:

  • Provision of opportunities for employees aged 35 and over to undergo comprehensive health examinations at external medical institutions, and all payment of the expenses of such examinations.
  • Provision of subsidies for employees aged 35 and over who undergo brain checkups, lung cancer screenings, gastroscopic examinations, colorectal cancer screenings, and H. pylori tests.
  • Provision of subsidies for employees aged 50 and over who undergo pancreatic cancer screenings.
  • Provision of specific health advisory services for employees aged 40 and over.
  • Provision of subsidies for uterine cancer screenings for female employees aged 34 and under.
  • Provision of subsidies for breast cancer (mammography and ultrasonography) and uterine cancer screenings for female employees aged 35 and over.
  • Provision of opportunities for new hires to undergo a pylori infection test and medical interview at the medical checkup before employment.
  • Provision of all payment of the expenses of dental checkup.

Health Guidance

We implement the following health promotion measures to help employees avoid lifestyle diseases and metabolic syndrome.

Measures Target Group Guidance Provider
Designated health guidance
(active support, motivational support)
People aged over 40
Current or potential metabolic syndrome sufferers
Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society
Individual health guidance People aged over 34
Potential metabolic syndrome sufferers
Public health nurses from the Health Management Center & Medical Clinic Dept.
Dietary advice People affected by obesity, lifestyle diseases, or metabolic syndrome Registered dieticians

Supporting the balance between medical treatment and work

Due to medical advances and changes in work styles, an increasing number of employees are able to work while undergoing medical treatment. At the request of the employee, medical and workplace personnel work together to provide support to enable employees to balance medical treatment with their work in a way that best suits the status of the treatment they are receiving.

Mental Health

At Mitsui, we have established multiple consultation counters focused on ensuring that employees can easily seek advice when they need to. Our mental health consultation service uses occupational physicians and health nurses to provide employees with support relating to mental health issues. A psychosomatic medicine department has been established at our Head Office Medical Clinic.

In May 2023, we began offering counselling by a licensed psychologist and have established a system for employees to feel free to receive counseling at any time. Other services include an external consultation service on mental and physical health provided by the Health Insurance Society, which enables employees, including those working overseas and family members of employees, to receive consultations without notifying the company or the Health Insurance Society.

When an employee takes a temporary absence from work, occupational physicians and health nurses continue to provide care to ensure that employees can feel confident about returning to work. After their return to work, occupational physicians, health nurses, company doctors, and other personnel work together to ensure recurrence and help to manage the employee's health condition through follow-ups and support from managers and supervisors, alongside various other employment measures as necessary.

We are also working to deepen understanding of mental health through training for managers and other initiatives. Since the fiscal year ended March 2017, we have been implementing stress checks with employees in Japan, including those who have been seconded, and from the fiscal year ended March 2023, employees working overseas will also be able to take these checks. We provide those suffering from high stress with opportunities to have interviews with occupational physicians at the request of the employee, and give feedback pertaining to the group analysis results to the workplace, for the purpose of improving the working environment.

Health Management for Employees Working Overseas

Approximately 1,200 of our staff are stationed overseas, accompanied by around 1,400 family members. We regard health management for not only employees working overseas but also their families as an important priority, and we have established systems to ensure that advice is available at any time if employees or family members suffer physical or mental illness. Specifically, in cooperation with local personnel, occupational physicians at the Head Office provide support for employees assigned overseas via email, telephone, and interviews using a videophone system.

Vaccinations and health checkups are provided for employees assigned overseas and their families. They also receive overseas health management training covering physical and mental health and other aspects, as well as information about how to obtain medical information and access support systems while overseas. We also provide health management support for employees working overseas and their families in partnership with emergency medical service contractors.

In the fiscal year ended March 2023, we introduced stress checks for overseas employees, and provided a web interview with an occupational physician if requested.

Medical Support System (Mutual Aid Association)

This system supports association members and their families in Japan and overseas by covering medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance in the event of illness or injury.


Since the fiscal year ended March 2020, we have visualized the results of a variety of initiatives carried out to promote employee health, such as the ratio of employees receiving health examinations, the prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases, and data on smoking and alcohol consumption-related measures and stress checks. We aim to raise individual awareness of health and improve behavior. We have posted data in comparison with countrywide data, data by department, and chronological changes on the company intranet to communicate such information to Mitsui employees.

Provision of Healthy Menus in the Employee Cafeteria

At the Head Office staff cafeteria MEETS/EATS we have set up six main-dish corners, including the "SPECIAL" which offers servings in small quantities but with many items. Our concept behind this is the promotion of employee communications and support for their health.

In cooperation with our subsidiary, AIM SERVICES CO., LTD., we held online seminars to promote vegetable intake for the purpose of preventing lifestyle-related diseases, introducing seasonal vegetables and recipes. Tie-up menu items were also offered at the company cafeteria. In addition, we held an event at the company cafeteria that enabled employees to measure their estimated vegetable intake, to encourage employees to reflect on their daily vegetable intake and make changes to their eating habits.

Example of SPECIAL Example of SPECIAL

Use of Outside Fitness Gyms, Exercise at Work

Use of Outside Fitness Gyms, Exercise at Work

Employees can use outside fitness gyms at corporate rates.

Furthermore, we have also introduced the "Round Refresh" program, under which trainers lead employees in stretching exercises. By standing up at their desks and performing light exercises, employees can relax their muscles, and alleviate shoulder stiffness and back pain. This not only helps to restore their concentration and creativity, but also improves the workplace atmosphere by providing a chance for communication. Employees feel mentally and physically refreshed and are able to reduce stress.

In a follow-up survey, 85% of participants indicated that physical exercise during the Round Refresh program helped them feel refreshed and increased their productivity.

Videos on how to limber up and stretch are shown via digital signage installed on each floor, and videos are distributed via our intranet and apps for teleworkers, to promote employee physical refreshment.

Smoking Reduction Measures

All spaces at our companies and branch office are smoke-free. There are no "smoking rooms."

We are implementing the following measures to help employees to quit smoking, with a goal of a year-on-year reduction of 0.5% in the percentage of smokers:

  • Provision of a counseling room for those wishing to quit smoking
  • Creation of a smoking cessation support page on the intranet (Interview articles with those who have successfully quit smoking, recognition of successful quitters)
  • Provision of seminars on passive smoking and smoking cessation
  • Implementation of a smoking cessation program using a quit-smoking app

As part of measures to reduce cancer, lifestyle diseases, and other health problems, Mitsui, in cooperation with Mitsui Bussan Health Insurance Society, pays subsidies to employees who successfully quit smoking through smoking cessation therapies provided under the health insurance scheme.

Smoking Rates at Mitsui

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  FY Mar/2019 FY Mar/2020 FY Mar/2021 FY Mar/2022 FY Mar/2023
Males 18.4 17.3 15.1 14.6 14.1
Females 2.0 2.7 1.5 1.5 0.6
Total 13.4 12.9 10.8 10.5 10.0

Alcohol-Related Measures

We hold training for newly hired employees which includes genetic susceptibility testing for alcoholism, to prevent health risks and accidents by raising awareness of alcohol issues. Learning about one's own physical traits has led to a decrease in the volume and frequency of drinking, helping to improve the physical condition and performance of employees.

Moreover, the director and health nurses of Mitsui's Head Office medical clinic have given seminars to all employees and at the same time provided an opportunity for employees to receive optional genetic susceptibility testing for alcoholism. We have set up an "Alcohol and Health" site on our intranet to spread information to all employees about the importance of responsible drinking.

Alcohol-Related Measures
Alcohol-Related Measures

Health Support for Female Employees

To provide support for female employees, we established a gynecology department at the Head Office Medical Clinic, as well as a consultation desk to offer advice on women's health and maternal health through individual consultations with health nurses. Useful health-related information is provided via the intranet, together with notices on the availability of various types of health advice.

Since the average BMI of our female employees is lower than the national average and is on a differing trend from that of male employees, we conducted a survey of our Japan-based female employees with the aim of understanding their specific health issues. Of the 1,397 eligible employees, 765 responded. In response to many requests, we established a gynecology department at the Head Office Medical Clinic, and are working to address other issues.

We also hold online seminars to disseminate correct information about women's physical and mental health issues, as well as ways to address them.

We also provide uterine cancer screening for female employees under the age of 34. For female employees aged 35 or over, we offer breast cancer screening (mammography + ultrasound) and financial assistance for uterine cancer screening.

Training and Seminars on Health and Safety

In addition to mental health training and labor management training for line managers, training for health and safety management overseas, and health management training for new-graduate employees, we also hold other health and safety seminars as part of our efforts to build an organization with a high level of health literacy.

Results of Training Activities in FY Mar/2023

(Unit: persons)

Training Program Number of sessions per year Participants
Training before overseas assignments: Overseas risk management (overseas health and safety management) for general employees 12 318
Training before overseas assignments: Overseas risk management (overseas health and safety management) for overseas trainees 1 16
Training for new line managers: Mental health, labor management Year round 106
Introductory training for new employees: Health management as a working professional 2 111
M/M Leader (employees in charge of supporting new employees) Training
(Online training/prior viewing; "Alcohol-Related Risk Training")
1 54
Alcohol risk training for all employees: Alcohol Seminar   Approx. 1,400
Mental health, line care enhancement program 1 74
Health seminars / "Vege online seminar (presented by a Nutritionist, Vegetable Sommelier)" 3 Approx. 450
Health seminars / "An abnormal posture can cause back pain and stiff shoulders" 1 Approx. 90
Health seminars / "Health examination measures" and "Early detection of cancer" 1 Approx. 90
Mental health seminars / "How to communicate effectively when working remotely" 1 Approx. 40
AED training - Chest compressions and AED operation training 1 Approx. 100

In addition to the above seminars and programs, we aim to raise awareness for health among employees through lectures by occupational physicians and health nurses at the Hygiene Committee and by regularly uploading "Messages from Occupational Physicians" and "Health Nurse Column" on the intranet to enable all employees to obtain health information.

Healthy Working Environment

We have implemented the measures detailed below at the new Head Office building to develop a safe working environment for employees.

Safe Working Environment Initiatives Description of Initiative
Ergonomic workplace
  • We have introduced a group address system and free address system, in order to improve productivity through agile teaming in line with work and project needs, and to realize a pleasant office environment.
  • Once a month, occupational physicians, health nurses, and other medical personnel visit each workplace to examine whether a safe working environment for employees is being maintained, and to identify and respond to safety and health problems in order to ensure a healthy work environment.
Illumination We have introduced luminance sensors and motion detectors to control illumination levels and lighting equipment in an appropriate and efficient way. In addition, by using circadian lighting, which takes biological rhythms into account, we have improved both energy savings and comfort.
Noise By using double structure airflow windows for the building, we have reduced noise and improved the effectiveness of insulation. Walls in meeting rooms have been fitted with soundproof structures that prevent sound from being audible outside the rooms. On the office floors, we have introduced sound masking equipment to reduce discomfort caused by surrounding noise.
Indoor air quality
  • Effective air conditioning is provided by a system with outside air intakes. This lowers the CO2 level while reducing the air-conditioning load. The environment within the building is monitored every other month.
    Moreover, the air in the air conditioning system in the conference rooms around the studio / camp / core areas on the office floor is completely ventilated twice an hour.
  • The ventilation rate for the air conditioning system serving the conference rooms on the east side of the office floor is four changes an hour.
  • The ventilation rate for the air conditioning system serving the conference rooms on floors 8 and 9 is four changes an hour.
  • We maintain internal humidity at an appropriate and comfortable level above 40%, even during winter when the air tends to be drier, by introducing water vapor through the use of variable air volume (VAV) control/a district cooling and heating system.
  • We have introduced a radiant air-conditioning system at the company medical clinic in order to increase comfort and sound control, while preventing airborne infections by suppressing the occurrence of viruses and dust in the air.
  • On the office floors, we have introduced a user-input-based air-conditioning system linked to the building's internal location positioning system, enabling fine-tuned temperature control.
  • We maintain a comfortable working environment by setting the air conditioning at 26°C in summer and 24-25°C in other seasons. A relaxed dress code has allowed a comfortable workplace environment to be maintained throughout the year, while also reducing the air-conditioning load.
Free drinks and food As part of measures aimed at promoting communication, in shared spaces (camp areas), there is a cafe counter that serves coffee, soft drinks, tea, water, tea drinks, nuts, and other snacks. Employees can use these freely at any time.
Shower booths We have a corporate contract for a shower booth with the Raffine Running Style Otemachi One store on the B1 floor of the Head Office, which employees can use when returning to Japan from a business trip.
Relaxation Room Employees can receive massage and massage with acupressure once a month (for 40 minutes).
Prayer rooms We have separate prayer rooms for men and women that can be used regardless of religion.
Aroma for relaxation
  • We have developed an original aroma from hinoki cypress scraps produced from our company-owned forests. We release this aroma at our reception room on the 8th floor and in the lounge on the 9th floor, to create a relaxing space.
  • In addition, from 2022, we have begun introducing aromas on a trial basis in the common spaces (camps) on the office floors to promote communication and concentration.

Evaluation by Society

Health & Productivity Stock Selection

Health & Productivity Stock Selection

The Health & Productivity Stock Selection recognizes TSE-listed companies that strategically make efforts with respect to their employee health from a management perspective. We promote health management so that every individual employee can work healthily and safely, harnessing their full talent and potential. We have also implemented measures to spread diverse working styles, enhance engagement, and improve the office environment, among other purposes. Mitsui was listed in the Health & Productivity* Stock Selection for the first time in 2023.

Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program "White 500"

Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program "White 500"

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi jointly implement the health and productivity management organization program "White 500". Mitsui has been recognized as one of the Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations under the White 500 initiative for six consecutive years.

Performance Data

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  FY Mar/2021 FY Mar/2022 FY Mar/2023
Employees maintaining an appropriate weight (BMI 18.5 to 25) 66.4% 67.2% 67.1%
Employees suffering from high stress 4.4% 5.0% 5.1%
Employees absent from work due to mental health problems (%) *1 0.84% 1.06% 0.98%
Employees absent from work due to illness (%) *1 0.38% 0.39% 0.46%
Absenteeism (days) *2 - 2.83days 2.58days
Presenteeism (%) *3 - 12.5% 12.6%

*1 Measurement method: Number of employees absent from work due to personal injury or illness for at least one consecutive month ÷ the number of employees working in Japan
*2 Measurement method: Total number of days of personal sick leave of at least 7 consecutive days due to personal illness or injury ÷ the number of employees working in Japan
*3 Measurement method: Single-Item Presenteeism Question, 100% - Results of responses to the question: "Rate your own work performance for the past 4 weeks on a scale of 0 to 100% (excluding times of illness or injury)"

Occupational Safety

Goals and Targets

Occupational Safety

Mitsui respects the health and safety of all employees in the global group and those with whom they collaborate. We aim to improve health and safety in all our business activities and to prevent occupational accidents (*1).

Mitsui & Co. as a non-consolidated entity (Targets for FY Mar/2024)

  • Zero Workplace Accidents
  • Zero Fatal Accidents

Personnel Affairs Data: Occupational Health and Safety Data (Non-consolidated)

Global Group (*2) (Targets for FY Mar/2024)

  • Fatal accidents: Zero
  • Serious injuries: Reduction from the previous year

*1 : Excluding commuting accidents and personal injuries and illnesses
*2 : Un-incorporated JVs with main subsidiaries and operatorships with production sites
*3 : Non-fatal accidents involving serious injuries not recoverable within 6 months

Personnel Affairs Data: Occupational Health and Safety Data (Mitsui as global group)

Sustainability Governance and Oversight

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion Framework

Under the guidance of the Representative Director, Executive Vice President, CHRO, who is also serving as the Chief Health and Safety Supervisor, the Human Resources & General Affairs Division leads the company's overall efforts, while each individual unit promotes specific measures tailored to the unique characteristics of their respective businesses, with a focus on the business frontline.

Chief Health and Safety Supervisor Yoshiaki Takemasu (Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)), Director in Charge of Promoting Well-being Management
Department in Charge of Promotion Human Resources & General Affairs Div.

Occupational Health and Safety Promotion Framework

ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Status

ISO 45001 is an international standard for managing occupational health and safety risks. As of March 31, 2023, two of our environmental priority management subsidiaries in Japan or overseas (accounting for 10% of our consolidated subsidiaries that need environmental priority management) had acquired ISO45001 certification.

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment of Business Investment Projects

In our businesses, we have systems in place that give maximum consideration to the environment and society, not only at the starting new business but also during operation and at withdrawing from the operation. Regarding environmental and social risks (including labor issues and occupational health and safety related to existing projects and business operations) the Sustainability Committee regularly revises risk assessments, discusses response policies and measures, reports them to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, and then implements them following approval.

ESG Risk Management: ESG Due Diligence Checklists and the Sustainability Advisory Board


Working Hours Management

Based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we urge employees who have worked overtime in excess of the specified standards for working hours and intervals between work to consult with our occupational physicians, and suggest to them measures for reducing excessive working hours and preventing health problems.

From the perspective of consolidated management, we have been preparing standards for labor management at our affiliated companies to suit the business models of the respective companies. Under these circumstances, we have implemented the following measures at our affiliated companies in Japan with the aims of promoting the understanding of laws applicable across all Japanese companies, and ways of responding accordingly, as well as developing appropriate labor management systems by sharing approaches and know-how in relation to working hours:

  • We hold regular meetings with the aim of exchanging information and strengthening relationships between the personnel staff at our affiliated companies. At these meetings, we share Mitsui's policies in relation to workstyle innovations, and give updates on the details of any legal amendments.
  • We have created a checklist of 56 items related to labor management in general, including the management of working hours. We make use of the checklist when developing labor management systems at affiliated companies as part of governance by the supervisory divisions, as necessary.

Regarding overseas branches, working hours are properly managed so as to comply with related laws and regulations in each country.

Occupational Safety

Mitsui takes various measures to protect its employees (including contract employees) from workplace accidents, including periodic inspections by occupational physicians, in order to ensure their safety and security. We have established mechanisms to make sure accidents are promptly reported to the Human Resources & General Affairs Division. When accidents occur at Mitsui or its affiliated companies, reports are immediately submitted in accordance with our compliance-related procedures and a structure is set up to take the appropriate actions, and, at the same time, we strive to prevent recurrences.

Business Continuity Management (BCM/BCP)

Security Management

Mitsui promotes various kinds of business through its 128 points of global operations (as of April 1, 2023).

Ensuring the security of employees and their families is one of our most important tasks for the company. In cooperation with relevant divisions, offices, and security companies in Japan and overseas, Mitsui obtains and analyzes the latest information on the political situation, security situation, and so on, and shares such information with related staff in order for the employees to be able to raise their safety awareness. Mitsui has also prepared systems to handle situations such as accidents, injuries, and diseases, in cooperation with emergency health care service companies.

When employees are to be assigned overseas, we provide training on expatriate safety to them and their spouses.