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Message From the Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee

Shinichiro Omachi

We will contribute to sustainable economic and societal development by nurturing people and businesses that can adapt flexibly to change.

Mitsui & Co. has identified our material issues ("Materiality") for the sustainable growth of both society and the company, with the aim of earning trust and meeting the expectations of stakeholders as well as pursuing our corporate mission, "Build brighter futures, everywhere." The five material issues are "Secure sustainable supply of essential products," "Enhance quality of life," "Create an eco-friendly society," "Develop talent leading to value creation," and "Build an organization with integrity," and they are the basis of all our business activities. This year, we aimed to further incorporate Materiality into each of our workplaces through the formulation of Materiality Action Plans, which includes the creation of policies and monitoring of progress by each organization for each material issue. We also link our Materiality with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to advance initiatives and activities that work towards the 17 SDGs.

In our Medium-term Management Plan 2023 released in May 2020, we have identified climate change, business and human rights, and circular economies as three priority themes for our sustainability management, and we have continued to build out initiatives that tackle these themes.

To address climate change, we have set the new goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and as a milestone for this goal, we aim to reduce GHG impact to half of 2020 levels by 2030. In addition to fulfilling the societal responsibilities expected of us as a company engaged in various activities globally, we are also working to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions around the world through our business activities and to reduce our own emissions through various reduction measures and optimization of our business portfolio.
For business and human rights, we formulated our Human Rights Policy in August 2020 and have been fostering the spirit of this policy throughout the group through practical training at workplaces, on-site surveys and a range of other initiatives. In July 2021, we also formulated and implemented specific procurement policies for natural rubber, palm oil, timber and paper products, which are materials associated with a high risk of deforestation and human rights issues.
We also recognize circular economy as a key global issue and are approaching this as a business opportunity in a similar manner to our efforts regarding climate change. In developing related initiatives, we are drawing on our extensive global networks and expertise.

Since the earliest days of our company, we have sought to resolve societal issues through our business activities. As a company that operates worldwide, we believe that businesses which contribute to the sustainability of society will also provide a sustainable future for Mitsui & Co. While we are facing constant change in the global business environment, the Mitsui & Co. group has achieved growth by nurturing people and businesses that can adapt flexibly to this change. Looking ahead, we will maintain our strong commitment to shaping our business activities to address climate change and other global societal issues that are critical for sustainable economic and societal development.

August 2021

Shinichiro Omachi

Representative Director and Executive Vice President,
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO),
Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee