Top Commitment

Message From the President

Kenichi Hori

As a responsible member of the global business community, we will continue to contribute to the creation of an eco-friendly, sustainable future.

Mitsui & Co.'s management philosophy is stated in its MVV (Mission, Vision, Values), in which we have affirmed "Build brighter futures, everywhere" as our corporate mission, and driven by this mission, we strive to realize a better tomorrow for earth and for people around the world. To that end, we will create and develop business applying the spirit of "Challenge and Innovation" ingrained in each of us, and provide solutions to societal issues while also driving our sustainable growth as a corporate group.

A major principle of ours, which courses through the entire company, is expressed by the saying, "Do not let short term profits tempt you – seek sustainable gains by embracing long-term ambitions." This means that in order to realize the growth of the company we must contribute to the long-term development of society through our business, without being swayed by short-term profits. Today, this mindset is also strongly reflected in our corporate mission in the MVV.

To ensure that Mitsui & Co. continues to serve society effectively, it is essential for all employees around the world to join forces to maximize teamwork, fulfill their individual responsibilities, pursue solutions to societal issues through business activities, and participate in creating a sustainable society in harmony with the environment. This is Mitsui's approach to sustainability.

In the Medium-term Management Plan, which is now in its second year, we have identified climate change, business and human rights, and the circular economy as the three priority themes for our sustainability management. These are matters that concern the entire world, and we will tackle these global issues together with our stakeholders, as responsible members of the global business community, to play our part in the creation of an eco-friendly, sustainable future.

August 2021

Kenichi Hori

President and Chief Executive Officer