Top Commitment

Message From the President

Kenichi Hori

By providing solutions that effectively meet the expectations of our diverse stakeholders, we will build brighter futures, everywhere.

Mitsui & Co. recognizes the increasingly growing relevance of sustainability issues, such as human rights, climate change, and biodiversity, in corporate management. Meanwhile, business environments are dramatically changing as evidenced by supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 and intensifying concerns over energy security associated with rising geopolitical risks. These social issues are interlinked with one another through a complex web of factors affecting society on a global scale. In light of this, we need to carefully blaze a path for solving said challenges while rigorously weighing variables and balancing timelines. Taking such global perspectives into account, Mitsui strives to devise workable, real solutions tailored for each industry and region. I believe that will lead to the embodiment of our corporate mission, "Build brighter futures, everywhere".

We pursue value creation by addressing various social issues. This is also essential for the company to achieve sustainable growth. Mitsui prides itself on having deep insights and extensive partner networks built up over years across regions and industries around the world. By connecting these invaluable assets based on our cross-industry engagement, listening sincerely to our diverse stakeholders, and pursuing optimized solutions that adeptly accommodate environmental changes, we will continue to contribute to realizing a better tomorrow for the earth and for people around the world.

August 2022

Kenichi Hori

President and Chief Executive Officer