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Jun. 3, 2024

Green Finance in Latin America: Current Status and Challenges — Growing Expectations for the Development of Green Taxonomies —

Apr. 17, 2024

The Current Landscape for Climate Tech Startups — Insights from the Global Cleantech 100 List —

Apr. 16, 2024

Trends in US-China Battery Material (Lithium) Supply Chains ― Actions Required of Japanese Companies ―

Apr. 16, 2024

Five Perspectives on the Relationship Between Geopolitical Risks and ESG — Three Developments to Watch in 2024 ―

Mar. 27, 2024

Hydrogen Hub Strategies in the US and Europe —With European Hubs Serving Primarily as Import Sites, and US hubs as Production Sites, What Are the Implications for Japan?—

Mar. 26, 2024

EU Enters Election Season amidst the Rise of Right-Wing Populism — Policy Implications and Future Challenges —

Mar. 6, 2024

Electricity Outages Hindering Bangladesh’s Robust Economic Growth ― Need to Promote Renewable Energy Use and Power Grid Development ―

Feb. 22, 2024

Mechanisms of Marine CO2 Absorption and CDR Technologies ― Potential Solutions for Climate Change and Biodiversity ―


Dec. 6, 2023

Seaweed: A High-Profile Material for Decarbonization — Signs of Supply Chain Transformation —

Oct. 3, 2023

EU Accelerates the Transition to Renewable Energy and Looks to Reduce Dependence on China — The Critical Raw Materials Act and the Net Zero Industry Act —

Sep. 19, 2023

Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) Batteries Receiving Renewed Attention in China― Expected to Be Installed Mainly in Middle-Class EVs ―

Sep. 19, 2023

Analysis of the Theory That Latin America Is Turning Into “China’s Backyard” and the Outlook for the Future

Aug. 24, 2023

Reevaluation of Nuclear Power Begins around the World — Prospects for New Nuclear Reactors under Development —

Aug. 7, 2023

An Encouragement of Water and Land Sustainability Assessment — Next Set of Corporate Actions Required, Following the Calculation of GHG Emissions —

Jul. 21, 2023

Middle East and North Africa under Pressure to Prepare for CBAM in Two and a Half Years — Efforts in Turkey and Egypt —

May 26, 2023

Post-Brexit Britain at a Turning Point ― Signs of Embryonic Change and the Future Prospects ―

May 24, 2023

France Driving Europe’s Nuclear Power Renaissance ― Looking To Secure Clean Energy Supply and Export Nuclear Power Plants ―

Mar. 28, 2023

Rise of Carbon Farming in India ― World’s Largest Agrarian Country Expected to Become the Leading Market for Carbon Farming Credits ―

Mar. 20, 2023

Technologies to Watch in 2023

Feb. 7, 2023

Russia’s Climate Change Strategy after the Invasion of Ukraine — No Change in Targets, but Decarbonization Stalls —

Jan. 24, 2023

Transition to EVs Gaining Momentum in the US ― US Auto Industry Reaching a Turning Point ―

Jan. 18, 2023

Carbon-Neutral Industrial Complexes Advancing in Europe — Dutch and Belgian Case Studies Suggest Potential for Development in Japan —


Dec. 12, 2022

Changes in the Air Conditioning Market Brought about by the Energy Crisis and Decarbonization—Growth Opportunities Created by Addressing Environmental Challenges —

Nov. 4, 2022

The Evolution of the Sustainable Consumption Market toward 2030 — Three Factors Accelerating the Transformation of Consumer Behavior —

Sep. 21, 2022

Geopolymer Technology and Prospects — Low-CO₂ Concrete That Does Not Use Cement —

Jul. 22, 2022

Decarbonization in Japan’s Trucking Industry — A Turning Point for Labor and Environmental Solutions —

Jul. 20, 2022

China’s Na-Ion Battery Industry Rushing to Mass Production Stage — Making Preemptive Moves to Gain the Upper Hand in Global Competition —

Apr. 21, 2022

Initiatives and Challenges on India's Transition to Green Hydrogen— Green Hydrogen Can Be the Trump Card in India's Quest for “Energy Independence” —

Apr. 15, 2022

Three National Oil Companies in Latin America with Management Policies That Differ on Decarbonization

Apr. 6, 2022

Technologies to Watch in 2022

Mar. 28, 2022

Decarbonization Initiatives by Oil Majors — Different Approaches between Europe and the US —

Mar. 23, 2022

Germany’s Biogas Industry and the Prospective Business Opportunities — Use of Biomethane and Bio-LNG to Grow in the Transportation Sector —


Dec. 14, 2021

The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism — CBAM Draws Strong Oppositions, but It Also Pushes Some Non-EU Countries To Take More Climate Action —

Dec. 14, 2021

Brazil Seeking to Attract Environmental Conservation-Oriented Investment ― Initiatives in the Agricultural Sector Are a Start to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 ―

Nov. 11, 2021

Russia’s Climate Change Measures Entering a Transitional Period — Analysis in Terms of Increase and Decrease —

Sep. 14, 2021

Resource-Rich Canada Strengthens Its Climate Change Initiatives — A Focus on Implementing Initiatives Specific to the Industry of Each Province —

Sep. 14, 2021

A New Ecosystem for the Manufacturing Industry Presented by the Circular Economy — LCA Is a Key to Its Formation —

Sep. 14, 2021

The Future Prospects of CCU Technology Revealed by Patent Analysis – Noteworthy Technologies and Companies Contributing to Decarbonization –

Aug. 12, 2021

Why Is the Chinese Communist Party Taking Environmental Issues Seriously? — Five Strategic Implications Related to Stable Governance —

Jul. 13, 2021

Commercialization of Floating Offshore Wind Power Speeds up in Europe – Expectations Are Also High in Japan, Which Aspires To Deploy up to 45 GW of Offshore Wind Power by 2040 –

Jun. 15, 2021

Initiative Toward Bolstering Electric Power System Resilience — Stepping up Distribution Voltage from 100V to 230V in Japan —

Apr. 15, 2021

Accelerating the Use of Renewable Energy in India —Structural Problems in the Power Industry Hamper Efforts to Achieve This Goal—

Feb. 18, 2021

Thermal Energy Storage Developing for a Decarbonized Society