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I am Shinsuke Kitagawa, and I have been President and CEO of Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute since July 2020.

The Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute was established in 1999 as an in-house research institute of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Its mission is to make an intellectual contribution to the business activities of Mitsui & Co. by carrying out our wide-ranging surveys and research from a global perspective in such fields as politics, economics, industry, society, technology, and innovation.

Since the knowledge pursued by Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute is obtained through the collection and analysis of various types of information and data, it is in some senses similar to scholastic knowledge. The recipients of the information that we disseminate are the people of Mitsui & Co., who apply our knowledge in their business fields with the aim of bringing business initiatives to fruition.

The challenge that arises in relation to scholastic knowledge is how it can be linked successfully to practical matters and put to use. If the entity that receives knowledge and the entity that puts knowledge into practice are the same person, the convergence of knowledge and practice will be achieved naturally within that person’s character. In modern society, however, the entities that pursue knowledge and the entities that put it into practice are often organizations. Tasks are divided among different organizational units, which work together to achieve the corporate goal. That is why this challenge is critical. In addition to deepening objective analyses of the business environment in which Mitsui & Co. works, the question is how we can establish effective links between the resulting scholastic knowledge and practical knowledge and disseminate it in a way so that it is ready to be utilized. We aim to achieve the intellectual convergence by applying ingenuity and dialogue in each process of analysis and dissemination.

The world situation is changing at a dizzying rate. We will refine our ability to understand the significance of phenomena in fields ranging from international politics to economics, industry, society, and technology. We also need to sharpen our ability to forecast the direction of trends in the world, in industry, and in technology. We will continue to pursue knowledge resolutely by deepening our analyses, and by fostering close communication and dialogue with all concerned. We look forward to working with you.

July 1, 2020

Shinsuke Kitagawa
President & CEO
Mitsui & Co. Global Strategic Studies Institute