Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.

Privacy Policy

Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd. (hereinafter, Mitsui Korea) observes, the law of personal information protection and legislation concerned, managed personal information provided by customers appropriately, and handles it as follows:

1. Purpose of using personal information

Mitsui Korea will make use of the provided personal information, in whole or in part, for the purposes set forth below:

  • Provision of registered or applied service (including notice/greeting according to social customs, and correspondence to the person concerned for providing service).
  • Decision or notification of success or failure in the recruitment application.
  • Incidental service relevant to the above services.

2. Provision of personal information

Mitsui Korea does not disclose personal information to any third party, unless agreed by the providers or specified in the legislation.

3. Entrusting personal information

To attain the purpose of the usage mentioned on the above item 1, Mitsui Korea may entrust the customers' personal information to its entrusting institution. In that case, Mitsui Korea will designate appropriate entrusted institution and clarify the obligations and responsibility of the entrusted institution for proper supervision under the agreement for safe management of personal information.

4. Handling personal information by external link

This Website may include external link. Mitsui Korea is not responsible for handling personal information, management situation, or the content published by the external site. Please make inquiries to directly linked external site.

5. About using Cookie

The Website of Mitsui Korea uses Cookie in part to provide optimal service to customers. But, Mitsui Korea does not collect any information to identify personal information through the Cookie.

6. About acquiring access history

The Website of Mitsui Korea may acquire access history for the purpose of statistics/analysis of the situation of customer's site use. But, Mitsui Korea does not collect any information to identify personal information through the acquisition of access history.

7. About the preventive measures against tapping by the third party

The Website of Mitsui Korea executes encoding of personal information by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so that the personal information provided by customers cannot be tapped and is made efforts to secure security corresponding it.

8. About announcement, correction, or suspension in use for registered content

If customer wants to request the announcement, correction, suspension in use, deletion of his or her personal information, or the announcement or suspension in providing to the third party, please get in touch with Contact Us. We will respond to it as fast as possible after identifying the person in question.