Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.


One of the most important role of Mitsui Korea is to develop human resources for the Company to create new businesses all over the world. This means we are caltivating staffs who understand Korean way of business and culture deeply, and also has a strong will and ability to work in Global fields. For doing so, two types of staffs work together in Mitsui Korea as follows.

Business Staff
The role of the Business Staff is to create new business. It is required for them to propose and execute the service responsive to customer needs, by grasping the changes of the times. They also are required to have the capability to become active on a worldwide scale, and could be transfer to overseas.

Assistant Staff, Temporary Assistant Staff
The staffs are required to support the business created by Business Staff. It is required to them to perform business transactions successfully, and efficiently. By responding to customer demands rapidly and surely. Basically they will work at Korea Office.