Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.

Our Business

Infrastructure Project

We are undertaking the development of infrastructure necessary for economic and social development and creation of better environments, in cooperation with Korean leading partners.

Business fields

Infrastructure Project
  • Power generation/Renewable energy
    Thermal and hydro power stations, transmission and substation facilities, and renewable power generation such as wind farms and solar power facilities, etc.
  • Energy, mineral resources and basic industrial infrastructure
    Energy resource facilities, iron mills and non-ferrous metal smelting plants, chemical plants, etc.
  • Offshore oil and gas infrastructure
    Floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) systems, etc.
  • Water
    Water treatment and supply Desalination facilities, wastewater treatment and recycling facilities, water supply and sewage facilities, etc.
  • Project development
    Business fields other than above fields, including logistic and social infrastructure, and cooperative projects with other business units that require project development capabilities.