Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.


Human Resources Development

The fundamental policy of Human resources development in Mitsui Korea is OJT(On the Job Training) through experiences of high quality businesses.
However, the Company runs various training courses, including overseas program to caltivate staffs to become active on a global scale.
The Company expects them to be grown as key persons not only for Mitsui Korea but for all Mitsui & Co. Group through the OJT and training course at Korea and abroad.

Mitsui Fundamental Training
To respond to broad business areas, the Company executes the education for basic knowledge required for the business of Mitsui & Co. Group such as trading, accounting, finance, legal, IT, and risk management. The training course for strengthening English ability (practical speaking & writing) are also prepared.
Regional Training Program (Camp training)
Young staffs in Asia regional offices will study the basic knowledge of trading and investment at Singapore, Shanghai, and Bangkok.
Japan Trainee Program (Camp training and OJT)
Junior staffs in Global office of Mitsui & Co. Group will be trained for business case study, etc. at the camp in Japan, and then receive OJT training at Tokyo Head Office of Mitsui for some weeks or some months.
Japan Business Integration Program
It is to be in charge of 2-year duty at Tokyo Head Office of Mitsui to learn wide views and service execution ability.

[The Image of Human resources development]

The Image of Human resources development