Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.

Our Business

Mitsui Korea works for the business in broad areas from materials to products through its 9 sales divisions such as Iron & Steel Div., Mineral & Metal Resources Div., Infrastructure Project Div., Mobility Div., Basic Chemicals Div., Energy Div., Performance Chemicals Business Div.(1st & 2nd), and Food and Retail Project Div.
As a member of Mitsui & Co. Group the general trading company, we aim at creating new businesses with the challenge to new area in accordance with our customers' needs, expanding the business areas up to investment undertaking with business partners home and abroad, including trade deals of export/import for commodities.

Iron & Steel

We are in charge of iron and steel of Korea as a member of Mitsui & Co. Iron & Steel Div. to provide new value for world iron & steel industries focusing on high-functional service and investments.

Mineral & Metal Resources

We supply and trade raw materials for steel companies and nonferrous metal companies in Korea.

Infrastructure Project

We are undertaking the development of infrastructure necessary for economic and social development and creation of better environments, in cooperation with Korean leading partners.


Conjointly with Head Office’s Mobility Div., we promote business in various mobility-related areas, such as shipping, railway, industrial machinery, aerospace and automobile, in Korea and around the world.

Basic Chemicals

We are dealing with a variety of chemical products from upstream to mid-stream products, while playing an important role for Mitsui's global operation and its handling volume reached 3 million metric tons in 2010.


We actively supply various petroleum products, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and coal etc. to meet the Korean energy market’s abundant demand.

Performance Chemicals Business Ⅰ

We are undertaking the excavation and trading service of high-technology such as print circuit boards, displays, and secondary batteries industries with agricultural business and its fertilizer related materials.

Performance Chemicals Business Ⅱ

We are dealing with a variety of plastics, synthetic rubber, additives and composite materials. Also, we are working to establish new investment project with Korean customers.

Food and Retail Project

Through the global network of Food and Retail Business Unit, promoting mainly the long term stable supply of safe and security foods to the Korean market, the export of the Korean food products to the world makret, the food associated project investment in the region, and the overseas project development with the Korean food companies.