Mitsui & Co. Korea Ltd.

Our Business

Performance Chemicals Business Ⅱ

We are dealing with a variety of plastics, synthetic rubber, additives and composite materials. Also, we are working to establish new investment project with Korean customers.

Business fields

Performance Chemicals Business Ⅱ
    Plastics, Synthetic rubber, Additives, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber, Composite material

Major activities

  • Commodity trading
    We are supporting the growth of domestic industries by importing functional products that have no suppliers inside Korea. We are also exporting plastics and synthetic rubber produced in Korea on a global scale by utilizing network of Mitsui & Co. Group.
  • Developing new investment project with Korean partners
    We are pursuing new investment project in Korea and abroad with Korean customers. Especially, we are focusing the development of composite materials by targeting aerospace, automotive and other transportation equipment fields for which growth is projected in the future.